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And if you didn’t join us at Linguine’s after the show for a great meal, this is they type of stuff you missed:

Tom Wesley and some great seafood

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So the most powerful person in the world in front of a group of some of the most famous names in the press spends all his time joking about Donald Trump.

Does anyone seriously believe that Trump considers this a bad thing? Ann Althouse doesn’t

Hey, it’s a victory for Trump that the President talked about him at all, and he talked about him a lot. And all these stories about how grim and grumpy Trump looked? Trump always has a grumpy expression on his face. I detected more of a shadow of a smile than usual.

The Big Man says this:

You don’t punish Donald Trump by giving him attention. A more experienced politician would know that. Nor is building Trump up good for Obama — Trump has actually hurt him more than all the others combined. Because, you know, Trump has actually been willing to criticize him without being afraid of the Big Media retribution. The various traditional GOP candidates still have the old cringe-reflex where Big Media criticism is concerned.

He is right about Trump hurting him but wrong about the build up, as long as Trump is the news other GOP candidates can’t break through.

I don’t think Trump is planning on running I think he’s much too smart to believe his own hype. I do however think his weakness is his ego and the White House intends to use this against him. Even if he damages the president it won’t matter if a 3rd party run allows him to win with a minority of the vote.

A Trump 3rd party run would draw chiefly from people who are not paying attention but are hurting, these are exactly the people Obama needs to keep away from the Republican column.

It could backfire but since I see it as Obama’s best shot.

The start of the episode certainly caught me by surprise.

Classic line #1: “OK that’s him.”

Classic line #2 “She’s packing sir”

I like the idea that specific adventures such as the Orient Express in space are not broadcast. It leaves room to shoehorn stuff in. Such as Dr. Song’s adventures with the Doctor

I’m presuming this episode takes place in Dr. Song’s timeline between the Pandoraica and Time of the Angels.

Some of the US promos are really parodies of the worst of infomercials, and really stink.

This is the most sympathetic portrayal of Richard Nixon I’ve ever seen in fiction.

Classic line #3 “…I was looking for the Oblong Room”

Last night as the family gathered around the set to watch the show, DaWife cringed at the action figures offered for sale offered mainstream. Both I and my son commented they are not restricted to Dr. Who geeks. ( I don’t do action figures, I always considered them just small “dolls”.)

That’s a quick good side for places like Mike’s Comics, but once they are available in nationwide department stores it is a world of trouble for them.

I’m not only pleased that Arthur Darvill gets an opening credit but I Really like him as Rory. I have concluded that he is my favorite companion of the new series hands down.

It’s also worth noting that he is “Older” than the doctor since he has lived for 2000+ years because of the events of The Big Bang and Moffat is writing him with that kind of perspective, that’s very good.

(Oh and BTW The doctor is at least as old if you follow the big finish stuff)

Moffat has been brilliant but a few critiques. Does the entire series have to be paradox city events solved out-of-order, it is getting overdone.

As someone who has followed the series since the mid 70’s one of my the things I’ve always liked about it is how it doesn’t play anachronistic games with the historical social timeline. There is no way that Peterson, Nixon’s head of security in 1969 is black and the odds of Canton getting into the agency in the first place during the Hoover Era (historical revisionism not withstanding) is so close to zero as to be not worth considering.

And I really hoped we were going to get off of the gay marriage nonsense once Russell T was gone, but I guess not. The concept of it was nonexistent in 1969. I guess as hinted by Eccleston you can’t escape it without leaving the series…

…those are pretty much nitpicks, both episodes were very good and otherwise Canton is a pretty good character.

And the visuals were spectacular.

Classic Line #4 “There’s always a bit left over”

This episode was very 4th doctory in several ways:

The White Dwarf star alloy bit is the same as the lead relief work in the Doctor’s quarters (Invasion of Time)

The amount of shooting that goes on and the Doctor’s willingness to accept it harkens back to Leela’s time.

The swimming pool was first mentioned with the 4th doctor (Invasion of Time)

The re-arranging of the interior so the door is over the swimming pool harkins to the Architectural configuration bit explicitly mentioned in Logopolis and hinted to again in Invasion of time.

The solution isn’t something the 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th or 10th doctor would have approved of.

I suspect 1482 is significant.

Classic line #5 “Say Hi to David Frost for me.”

I doubt it but I’m hoping the last scene of the episode means we will see more of the old characters from the the 63-89 series back.

If there were any more red herrings in this episode for the rest of the series Moffat could open up a fish stand.

Line I wanted most to hear that wasn’t there: “I wear a beard now, beards are cool.”

And I’d like to see a pure historical episode.

And lets end with an Image you KNEW we were going to see, I’m just surprised that Moffat and co didn’t do it first:

…although the Onion played the Dr. Who. card too.

Update: Cool lines “You have to tape everything that happens in this office, every word…” The Doctor to Richard Nixon.”

“Welcome to America.” Canton to one of the Silence as he shoots him.