Here is an interesting quote from the Foreign Secretary of Pakistan and the search for Bin Laden:

Mr Bashir said the search for bin Laden was ‘a priority for everyone, including Pakistani intelligence’.

He also claims they tipped up off on this joint in 2009. Yet the PM says this:

Through the BBC, Prime Mister Yousuf Raza Gilani said, “We have intelligence failure [with the] rest of the world, including the United States.”

All these statement seem to contradict so who should I believe, well it’s pretty hard to believe any of them when you read this:

Until he was finally hunted down and killed by U.S. special forces on Sunday, the world’s most wanted man lived in the garrison city of Abbottabad with his various wives for an incredible six years.

Further embarrassment followed yesterday when the BBC interviewed a 12-year-old boy who said he used to visit the building where Bin Laden had died and had met the Al Qaeda leader’s family.

‘I used to go to their house. He had two wives, one spoke Arabic, and the other one spoke Urdu. They had three children, a girl and two boys. They gave me two rabbits. They had installed a camera at the outer gate so they could see people before they entered the house,’ Zarar Ahmed said.

Ace thinks it might be a little unfair to imply the kids knew who he was. I don’t. This is supposed to an intelligence agency. This is single most wanted man in the world and his family in the town where the military academy is and the PM’s excuse is: Our intelligence agencies aren’t smarter than a 5th grader? C’MON! Lawrence O’Donnell wouldn’t try to sell that to liberals!

Betting on human stupidity is usually a safe wager but I’ll take my chips off the table for this one.

The news that the president waiting 16 hours before pulling the trigger on this mission has come out.

OBL had been there for months I don’t have the problem with the wait per-se (although it violates Nelson’s “Lose not a moment.” meme.) I don’t share Ace’s “anybody would have done it” meme either, I think what was done was done and anything else is speculation.

What is more significant is the title 7 Minutes Vs. 16 Hours: How The Media Reports Delay.

Consider: the administration rightly deserves praise for this mission but if the media was any more excited in their reaction to this president right now you would need to tell them to get a room. It’s all the more amazing considering the tactics. It’s a stark contrast to what we have seen before. As Ron Futrell asked at the Minority Report

Where are the activist old media members nowadays complaining about the methods used? They could even blame Bush, if they wanted to—but they even refuse to go there because Obama benefits from this great news, and they want nothing to distract from that.

Now when it comes to wars I’m very pragmatic, The Goal was to keep the win in Iraq, Get the win in Afghanistan and to nail Bin Laden. I’m not as concerned about the details of the mission as I am with the success. The media feels the same way about the democratic/liberal agenda.

That’s why for the media CrossHairs in maps can be beyond the pale one day and OK the next, that’s why vacations in Crawford are a sign of laziness but frequent Golf trips aren’t a problem, that’s why Navy Seals can be critiqued as “assassination squads” during one administration and celebrated as heroes in the next.

Sam Rayburn once said: “There is no limit to the amount of good you can accomplish if you’re willing to let someone else take the credit.” When it comes to the media the saying is “There is no limit to the amount of good you can get the media to support as long as you’re willing to let them give liberals credit for it.”

If you keep that in mind then it will all make sense.

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