When the unemployment rate dropped to 8.9% MSNBC and the networks when long on the significance of getting below the “psychological” 9% barrier and as the rates dropped to 8.8% it kept up the patter.

Today the news is the unemployment rate is back to 9% and look at the headline at the HuffPo:

Unemployment Rate Rises In April, U.S. Economy Adds 244k Jobs

Note that it doesn’t include the figure, Let’s look at Bloomberg

U.S. Payrolls Grew 244,000 in April; Unemployment at 9%

That’s how you report it.

Note that neither story used the word “unexpectedly” I’m sure it will be coming shortly.

I only caught parts of yesterday’s debate in SC but Frank Luntz’s focus group caught the whole thing and they decided that Stacy McCain was right.

This result should not surprise anyone who has actually met and talked to Herman Cain. Cain is a person who is never been afraid to speak directly. One thing you often find with people who have survived cancer is they are less likely to be shaken by other things. There is nothing like facing death to put things into actual perspective.

As I type this (6:19 a.m. EST) Mr. Cain has just appeared on Fox and Friends. The Key answer he gave was his statement that it serves no purpose to release the Bin Laden photos.

The clips from the debate were significant, the reason why he didn’t support Romney this time (Romney Lost) was a great line.

Stephen Green liked Cain while drunk while Steve Foley enjoyed Cain while sober showing Herman has crossover appeal.

Also on the Minority Report (and RedState) fmaidment names the winners and losers:

Tonight’s big winner?

Herman Cain.

The loser(s)?

Gary Johnson and every candidate who didn’t attend.

Why did Herman Cain win? Because the “front-runners” weren’t there. He got his message out. He made a good impression (Fox’s focus group had several people say he made the most sense and that his business background really showed through). While others stayed away, Cain showed people he was a serious candidate. He proved he could hold his own with the established, polished politicos.

Actually Romney is very smart to not show up, the last thing he needs is to be on stage next to Herman Cain and have a direct contract with him without a Palin, Bachmann and Newt to contrast himself with.

MSNBC’s only comment on yesterday’s debate was about Huck not being there, they totally ignored it, of course they did, how can you paint republicans as a bunch of racists when a Black Businessman is winning the debate and getting applause from the GOP? Can’t have that can we?

Cain’s win means that if I am correct about Palin running there will be at least three strong candidates with high appeal to social conservatives (Palin, Bachmann and Cain) all running at the same time. Do the math:

(Social Conservatives+Tea Party) / (Sarah Palin+Michelle Bachmann + Herman Cain) = Romney wins in early primaries

This is the math that got us John McCain in 2008. If it doesn’t scare you it ought to.

Update: Jazz Shaw has a different, but not unreasonable take

if we absolutely must pick winners and losers in these things, in the most unsurprising conclusion of all time I’d say round one went to T-Paw. But if Cain can keep turning in performances like that consistently, the rest of the pack may need to start keeping an eye over their shoulders.

It’s a lot more respectful than the unsurprising snark from the Frum Forum.

Update 2: Doug at Outside the beltway calls it the Clash of the Pygmies, I’m sure many an explorer laughed at “pygmies” right up until they got a spear in their gut. Somehow that right wing outfit CBS news has the same conclusion