Peter Durant Wins!

For my zeroth post at DaTechGuyBlog, I'm happy to announce that Peter Durant won his election for state rep in the 6th Worcester district. In November, Durant won the election by four votes.  His opponent, Alicea, contested the count.  Upon recount, Durant was up by one vote.   Rather than concede, Alicea sued.  Under Massachusetts law, … Continue reading Peter Durant Wins!

Bin Laden’s sons are shocked SHOCKED…

...anyone could condone the killing on an unarmed man (Warning put down anything you are drinking before you read on): The adult sons of Osama bin Laden have lashed out at President Obama over their father’s death, accusing the United States of violating its basic legal principles by killing an unarmed man, shooting his family … Continue reading Bin Laden’s sons are shocked SHOCKED…

Soldiers, Hookers, what’s the difference?

As I was driving today I caught the start of Michael Graham's show, He was wondering why we don't have any new patriotic songs that are not written by "rednecks"? About two hours later I tuned in again and he had a caller who was calling in on a topic concerning proposed rules where a … Continue reading Soldiers, Hookers, what’s the difference?

A flood of price increases on food?

On additional side effect of the floods the midwest likely to be on the prices of food and fuel: Gasoline futures advanced, extending the biggest one-day gain in more than two months, amid concern that the flooding will disrupt fuel production and distribution. Futures rose as much as 3.1 percent, adding to a 6.1 percent … Continue reading A flood of price increases on food?