Granted his troubles are of his own making but at some point it’s just overdone.

Of course it would be very smart if his people would just be quiet.

The problem for him now is how do you successfully fund raise after this? I think he doesn’t. I can’t see it I just can’t see it.

Look for him to stay for at least a single debate and then decide to drop.

John Farmer tell about the Veterans Brick Memory Walkway in Fitchburg.

Remember he will be happy to take labor as well as cash. BTW he is also involved in Wreaths Across America another worthy cause.

Here is the Sentinel & Enterprise story on the day.

…a tea party candidate when they see one and it ain’t Jack Davis.

“Jack Davis is no more ‘Tea Party’ than Barack Obama,” said Amy Kremer, chairwoman of the Tea Party Express. She was flanked by members of TEA New York. “Jack Davis is a phony who has run three times as a Democrat and has endorsed and supported Nancy Pelosi and Charlie Rangel.”

Funny that the left is trying to mislead tea party voters when they insist they don’t matter. More media psy-ops.

Via The Lonely Conservative who is exactly right:

There’s only one conservative candidate in the race, and that’s Jane Corwin. Kathy Hochul and Jack Davis are two big government liberal peas in a pod.

Oh and expect the media to decide on the National Significance of NY-26 depending on the outcome. It will be something like this from Mary Katherine Ham on Wisconsin:

Small, state-wide election with vital national implications soon to have no national implications whatsoever.

If the democrats win the networks will trumpet the national significance of this race, if Jane Corwin wins it will be a one line story.

Update: Stacy McCain comments as well

if Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) can trick enough idiots into voting for Crazy Jack, that result will be headlined as evidence that the Paul Ryan budget plan is a political liability for Republicans.

He doesn’t mention the converse.

…was made by Tina Brown when she said this about Newsweek:

but when will the operation be profitable?

The Daily Beast, Brown reminded her questioner, was conceived in 2008 on a five-year business plan, “on which we are very, very handsomely along the way.” Newsweek, meanwhile, “is an iconic global brand,” one that landed 40 new ad campaigns in 40 days earlier this year, she said, “so we have absolute confidence, given this new world we’re in, given the energy of the Daily Beast digital brand, that we can reactivate Newsweek.”

And now for the short answer: “In the next two to three years,” she said. Kelly repeated her response for confirmation; Brown nodded.emphasis mine

Tina Brown is going to make Newsweek profitable? the lady who managed to lose a combined 122 million between the New Yorker and Talk in 5 years, (that’s an average of over 24 million a year of other people money)

Stacy McCain reminds of us the track record here:

The New Yorker reportedly lost $42 million in three years (1995-97) under Ms. Brown’s editorship. Talk lost an impressive $80 million during its two-year existence.

And makes this prediction:

Brown’s business model is obviously the same as Arianna Huffington’s: An updated online version of the old reliable pump-and-dump. Carve out a slice of online readership, then sell those “eyes” to some larger entity.

Arianna sold HuffPo to AOL. To whom will Tina sell Newsbeast?

In my Opinion both Stacy’s suggestion and my own suggestions are likely to bring you are better cash return than Tina Brown. That is a given but what Stacy isn’t taking into account is profit is not the goal of those who invest with Tina Brown….
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