But I suspect this story and others like it might be used as a pretext to delay independence for the south.

Sudan’s army spokesman Sawarmi Khaled said northern troops were ambushed by the southern army Thursday and suffered “huge losses.” He said his side reserves the right to retaliate.

A spokesman for the south’s Sudan Peoples’ Liberation Army, or SPLA, denied that, saying the northern forces provoked the fighting in at attempt to seize the disputed area.

This has great potential to cause an awful lot of trouble in the region.

Update: Right on cue

South Sudan has denounced as an act of war the takeover by North Sudan forces of the contested border town of Abyei.

Here it comes.

is now available here.

Little Miss Attila promised our listeners a series of links on dressing for the Modesty movement and she has delivered.

This is not a guide for starting your career and acquiring a work wardrobe, which is a more specialized subject. Rather, we’re talking about what they call “sportswear,” which has become, in department-store speak, a term for casual clothing. This is also not a resource for how you should dress at church, or in your temple or mosque. (Although I would double-check the cut of your slacks, and put an overshirt or silk cardigan over that tank top; if the air-conditioning is working, there’s no reason to show a lot of skin during a church service. You know what I’m sayin’?)

Read the whole thing as they say.

It’s one thing to be critical and point out the theological errors but I think the general mocking of Christ and Christians I’ve been hearing and seeing has been rather distasteful.

Bottom line, if you’re a Christian it’s part of the job description to be ready for the end of the world EVERY DAY because if the world lasts a million years or tomorrow YOUR world will end someday so:

Love God

Love Neighbor

Avoid Mortal sin

And Confess it if you fail

Put simply what she said

Before Today’s Show Coach Dan Duddy have a word with me about his book:

After the show the Coach spoke at the Il Camino about his upcoming book
Batman didn’t have a game date. American boys need mentoring not coddling.
his appearance was arranged by some of the same folks developing Catholic radio for Fitchburg.

He talked about how his mentor always taught him you have to stop your opponents three best plays. As he put is Satan’s three prime targets are the family, the young and the clergy. Without strong families the young are not taught properly, weakness in the clergy discourages the young from choosing the priesthood and without the priesthood there is no sacrament of Holy Communion and that is as he put it the Atom bomb to Satan.

He reminded all that Saints are just sinners who kept trying, I spoke to him after his appearance on my radio show where he stressed that it is not a question of being perfect, we all fail, but it’s a question of getting right back up and going on. That is the message he gives to his young men if they fail on the football field or in life.

His message about mentoring and responsibility has advice that can of course apply to the secular minded. He reminding his listeners that your young men today live better than royalty of years past. He pointing out that in doing and service men find their way and become themselves: “It is in our generosity that we find our true calling as men.” He reminded the attendees that we are all born to die and “A man’s last words or actions are his legacy.” and it is those actions that define how we are remembered and the legacy and inspiration we leave behind.

We hope to have Coach Duddy back when his book is released, meanwhile you’ll want to see him if he appears anywhere nearby.

Let’s see Mitt get 10,000 people to show up for an announcement that everybody knows is coming

Fox just cut away thanks an awful lot Fox, of course they cut to the Pope so I can’t complain much about that.

12:45 p.m. “I stand here as the son of a chauffeur and a domestic worker…”

“We’re gonna change the minds of a lot of folks in America.”

Staying at the studio to live-blog the Cain announcement, he’s running kinda late

Ted Rall yesterday:

…they continue to stand by him. Which means that, in effect, they are not liberals at all. They are militant Democrats. They are Obamabots.

As long as Democrats win elections, they are happy.

The Washington Examiner yesterday:

Democrats care more about Obama’s presidency than they do about the rule of law: Democrats should be the most vocal opposition to a President who is prosecuting a war in violation a law that they wrote and passed not even 40-years ago. But it is a Democrat President breaking that law, not a Republican. Outside of true-believers like Rep. Dennis Kucinich, D-Ohio, expect Democrats to remain silent.

George Orwell:

“Comrade Napoleon is always right”

This is VERY scary.