The Price of Global Power

One of the arguments that you hear over and over again in the budget debate is the cost of the US military. Our country spends more on its forces then all of Western Europe combined and in terms of quality and reach we certainly have gotten our monies worth. Our bases span the world. The … Continue reading The Price of Global Power

Simple questions for Oliver Willis

Since that paid arbiter of moral truth Oliver Willis has set himself as the judge establishing that an unwillingness to consider a Muslim for a Cabinet position makes one a bigot, I have some questions for him: 1. To my knowledge no president has appointed a member of the Muslim faith to a cabinet post … Continue reading Simple questions for Oliver Willis

Cain, Daniels and Krauthammer

"Coincidence is the thread that binds the universe together." The Phantom Stranger Thread 1: PBS's Mark Shields on Friday advanced the typical liberal media line that there's a danger to the GOP if it nominates a presidential candidate that is too conservative. When he finished, his "Inside Washington" co-panelist Charles Krauthammer marvelously responded, "What Mark … Continue reading Cain, Daniels and Krauthammer