35% Dem + 18% GOP = Great Poll Results for Democrats

Today the AP released yet another poll declaring that the Republicans are in trouble and the public doesn’t believe that Medicare and Social Security the cuts are not necessary

They’re not buying it. Most Americans say they don’t believe Medicare has to be cut to balance the federal budget, and ditto for Social Security, a new poll shows.

The Associated Press-GfK poll suggests that arguments for overhauling the massive benefit programs to pare government debt have failed to sway the public. The debate is unlikely to be resolved before next year’s elections for president and Congress.

And in this same poll the president has a 63% of those responding with a favorable opinion of him. Sounds pretty ominous for the GOP doesn’t it?

Unfortunately for those who actually like to be informed when reading what is supposed to be a news story you have to go deep into the AP numbers (not included in the story) to discover that the AP polled almost 2 democrats for every 1 republican (35% vs 18%). That’s not a poll that’s Psy-ops!

So lets ask the question: In a poll where the ratio of republicans to democrats are 2-1 how would you expect President Obama to do?

While you’re considering lets ponder something else: Including leaners Republicans made up 29% of this poll. That being the case if I’m the White House I’d think I’d be worried with 52% of respondents thinking the country is going in the wrong direction, wouldn’t you? With 29% of a sample being Republicans and 39% percent of the people asked disproving of the president that’s an awful lot of non-republicans disapproving isn’t it?

And with a sample at best a 3-2 democratic ratio and at worst a 2-1 we should expect democrats in this poll over republicans by at least a 60-67% shouldn’t we? Yet in this poll less than half the respondents trust democrats to manage the Deficit, Taxes, the Economy or protecting the country.

And with those same advantages what are the Trust numbers over 50% for dems in the poll? Social Security and creating Jobs 52%,Healthcare 53%, Medicare 54%.

If this is the best Democrats can do with a 2-1 or a 3-2 margin in polling what will they do in an actual election when the proportions will not be so favorable? Cripes George Bush has a 50% favorable rating in this poll!

If the MSM has to skew poll samples this badly to get the results they need, how confident must they be?

So when the MSM throws this poll in your face as part of their Psy-ops campaign there is only one answer:

Ride Right Through them They’re Demoralized as hell!