Headline on CNN Money: Oil prices: back up a week after SPR [Strategic Petroleum Reserve] release.

On Thursday, West Texas Intermediate crude edged lower to $94.27 a barrel. But that’s still nearly $5 higher than last week, when prices fell over 4% following the oil release announcement.

As the article notes, the weakening value of the dollar is causing an increase in gas prices: it takes more American dollars to buy the same amount of oil, since those dollars are worth less.  Given that the Federal government has monetised over a trillion dollars since Obama took office, it should come as no surprise that the American dollar is weak. Furthermore, the United States needs a strategic petroleum reserve, so investors and speculators believe that the government will simply re-purchase the oil that it is putting out onto the market right now – therefore negating the increased supply.

The bigger issue is the anti-energy Obama Administration polices.  Obama’s moratorium on deepwater drilling resulted in a loss of 360,000 barrels of oil per day, according to the Institute for Energy Research; once the moratorium was partially lifted, it resulted in a loss of 150,000 barrels per day. Pro-energy groups have been encouraging development of AWNR since the 1970s and 1980s.  Had we developed that area in the 1980s, it would have been producing oil for the last fifteen or twenty years. Alaskans support development of ANWR by a margin of almost four-to-one. At a minimum, ANWR contains twenty times the petroleum as was released from the SPR.

Ultimately, the blocked production far eclipses anything that could be released from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, which is why the price of oil will not go down and why we will continue to be dependent upon foreign nations for our oil  Further, the SPR is functionally borrowed oil – oil borrowed from future consumers.

When you spend more time flooding the market with currency that is not backed by value than by increasing oil production, the price of oil will go up.  No surprise to anyone except for the people who thought that the SPR would create a magical reduction in gas prices.

Update (Hat tip: Da TechGuy himself!): Drill, baby, drill!  Alaska Governor Sean Parnell, aka Sarah Palin’s successor of “pass the basketball” fame, announced that Alaska will open up state-owned land for drilling.  The state owns three miles of ocean along the Arctic Coast, near ANWR, which could allow access to the oil deposits in the field.  The procreating caribou were too busy emulating rabbits to be reached for comment.

To be serious: Alaska has long used its Tenth-Amendment given powers to produce energy.  Energy production in the lower 48 is regulated by the federal government (through FERC); the rationale is that since electricity passes through state lines, it’s an element of interstate commerce.  That rationale doesn’t apply to Alaska and Hawaii; free from onerous federal oversight, Alaska has become one of the nation’s leaders in traditional and renewable energy.

Stephen Colbert decided in his running gag about forming his own PAC to highlight both Turn Right USA and their initial Janice Hahn video. (Note I am breaking my own rule concerning this ad because it is only a brief clip within the Colbert Report.)

His own priorities not withstanding thanks to Colbert, the play count for the ad and the hit count for Turn Right USA should soar. I’m sure the Hahn campaign will love the attention. In fact let’s take a look at what happens when you search for “Janice Hahn” on Youtube as of 7 a.m. this morning EST:

Count da hits

Count the hits, that adds up to 700,000+ including the MSNBC report which played the entire ad. That’s sure to keep people unacquainted with the charges in the ad.

And it gets worse for Hahn. If you look at the top 10 results only two of them are not directly speaking to the ad and one of those is the initial news report that the ad is based on.

Now I object to the ad because I consider it (and still do) sexist and I don’t care for the language, but idea that Stephen “I’m whiter than wonder bread” Colbert is accusing two black rappers of racism against blacks is rather interesting.

At least one of the rappers in question Uncle Head, objected on twitter.



Splack Pack btw is the name of the Rap group in the video.

So the end result of all of this is:

A whole new set of people not acquainted with the ad or the charges have been introduced to it.

The primary association for Janice Hahn on YouTube is this video.

Turn Right USA has been granted instant national credibility by one of the left’s attack organs and will likely result in an influx of contributions

And of course I’m sure the both the Hahn campaign and Turn Right USA are absolutely thrilled that Colbert has done this the day after Turn Right USA released this follow-up video:

With a 75%-25% advantage D vs R in the primary, the odds of Hahn losing her special election in CA-36 are long, but she is damaged and democrats have been forced to use resources, including money and national airtime to counter that damage. What do you think will happen if Ladd Ehlinger and/or Turn right USA is turned loose on a closer campaign?

If the left is not worried, they ought to be, and if Ehlinger wasn’t stopped by death threats like this, what will they end up doing next?

Update: Colbert was granted his PAC by the government today on two votes 6-0 & 5-1. Turn Right USA couldn’t buy this kind of publicity.

…and they were right:

with apologies to Glenn Reynolds who invented the meme

Update: Added the link to the entire “if I voted for John McCain” collection

Update 2: Take a look at the video and make note of this. He didn’t say it off the air and didn’t mean to say it off the air. He meant to say it on the air and be seen saying it! That speaks volumes

Update 3: They told me if I used the “If I voted for John McCain” meme concerning this Morning Joe business I would be able to snarf an instalanche and they were right!

Update 4: They told me if I voted for John McCain reporters who dared insult the president would be suspended and they were right

“Mark Halperin’s comments this morning were completely inappropriate and unacceptable. We apologize to the President, The White House and all of our viewers. We strive for a high level of discourse and comments like these have no place on our air. Therefore, Mark will be suspended indefinitely from his role as an analyst,” said the network in a statement.

Ed Morrissey comments before the news of the suspension news came out

the fuss seems a little overblown. “Dick” isn’t a word that needs to be censored; for one thing, it’s a proper name used by a number of politicians, including Dick Durbin, who’s second in Democratic leadership in the Senate. It’s also a playground word for “jerk” or “penis,” but hardly an obscenity. Either way, the producer shouldn’t be blamed for missing the delay button.

Halperin should be apologizing for a lack of imagination. He’s right in that the President acted like a pouting, sullen adolescent during the press conference

Hey insulting the president on MSNBC is VERBOTEN even if almost nobody watches it.

Update 5: Just saw the Halperin suspension reported on CNN (11:54 a.m. EST), they said it was a “word beginning with D”. Can somebody tell me how many people at CNN or MSNBC were suspended for calling Tea Party members “Teabaggers”?

Update 6: Stacy McCain notices that the left has decided it’s proof of conservative media bias:

Benen expects Democrats to employ class-warfare rhetoric, and expects liberal journalists to praise Democrats who do so. And while Halperin is a liberal in good standing, his accurate assessment of Obama’s press-conference performance — which was off-putting, in that the president seemed peevish and petulant — permits the Left to renew their bizarre claim that the media has a right-wing bias.

Of course why didn’t we think of that before!

Update 7: How crazy is this punishment? So crazy that even Greg Sargent gets it

Of course what Halperin said is inappropriate. Of course it’s inevitable that MSNBC had to mete out some kind of punishment. But it could have been a three-day suspension or on-air rebuke or something. To be clear, I don’t really care about Halperin’s fate. The point is that an indefinite suspension obscures the fact that crass and dumb and “uncivil” statements aren’t the real problem here.

Most of his piece if nonsense but he is right that the punishment of Halperin is excessive.

So says the Huffpo:

The passage of historic legislation legalizing same sex marriage in the state of New York last Friday was owed in large part to a compelling political motivator: money.

Although New York’s legislators were already disposed to approving gay marriage because of the more progressive disposition of the state and a major grassroots campaign in support of the bill, LGBT activists from both parties turned to a simple, poignant argument: Lawmakers not only stood to gain the support of well-funded gay-rights supporters if they backed the bill, they would suffer if they opposed it or shied away from the spotlight.

As a catholic I remember Matthew 6:24 on not being able to serve God and Money but for those on the left who don’t like that example let me tweak an old David Frye Joke:

I’m a liberal and I believe the use of money to influence our elected officials by activists groups is wrong, but in this case I’m willing to make an exception.

If nothing else the vote in NY seems to have taught Tim Muldoon the error of his ways. Too bad he didn’t come to his new conclusion when it might have done some good.

Turn Right USA has a new entry in the HahnsHomeboyz video collection from a genre that you might be familiar with

Personally I think the “Downfall” collection has been done to death but I love the reminder of that it was National Socialism not National Capitalism

We can expect to see the condemnations from the Hahn campaign any minute I’m sure

According to the Alaska Daily News, Alaskans are more likely to vote for Barack Obama than for Sarah Palin.  As Allahpundit explains, the polling company does not have the most reputable record for polling accuracy:

The poll, incidentally, was conducted by Hays Research, whose final poll of the 2008 presidential campaign put John McCain just three points ahead of Obama in Alaska notwithstanding Palin’s presence on the ticket. The actual result on election day: McCain 59, Obama 38.

How do polls get to be so wrong?  According to the polling company, 500 likely voters (who voted in at least two of the last four elections) were surveyed and were called several times to ensure that the results were not skewed by absence from home.  Hays Research explicitly accounts for the “working telephone number” part of this, which may matter more in Alaska than in, say, Massachusetts or New York City.  Hays then claimed that the numbers are within a 4.4% confidence interval.

The only issue I see here is this:

The survey sample used was a computer generated random list derived from a database of all households within the State of Alaska with working telephone numbers who have at least one member who has voted in at least two of the last four local or state elections. The sample frame was designed to accurately reflect the actual population percentages.

Define.  Does that mean that if 65% of Alaskans are conservative and 35% are liberal, that 65% of those surveyed were conservatives?  Or is there some sneaky “actual population percentages… of Berkeley, California” in there?  What about accounting for households versus individual voters?  If you call during the day, you often get women or young people, who tend to be liberal.  So if a Republican husband is married to a Democrat wife, and they always end up talking to the wife, well, yeah, your surveys are going to come out badly.  Now, maybe talking to “households” is fine, but, the way I was trained in canvassing, you talk to voters.

This email landed in my inbox just now:

Friend —

We’re closing the books on the first fundraising quarter of the 2012 race at midnight tomorrow.

A lot of folks will be interpreting our numbers as a measure of this campaign’s support.

They’re not wrong, but they are wrong about why.

We measure our success not in dollars but in people — in the number of everyday Americans who’ve chosen to give whatever they can afford because they know we’ve got more work to do.

I’m asking you to be one of them. Please donate $5 or more before midnight tonight (….)

Thank you,


Translation: Our numbers really suck this year, but we’re going to spin it and pretend that we still have support. Because let’s be real: the guy who lead the first-ever billion dollar campaign doesn’t measure support in anything besides gigantic piles of cold, hard cash.

Four-dollar a gallon gasoline?  The extra $50 a week that households spend on that isn’t going into his coffers.  Onerous regulations that hurt small businesses?  Comments about pitchforks?  Sorry, Obama, but people don’t want to give you their hard-earned money anymore.

I remember this line from an old justice League comic with a hero from the future called Booster Gold (pretty lame character actually) who while fighting a group of villains encounters a shapely enemy that strikes a pose asking: “You wouldn’t hit a girl would you?” he answers “Well…” you see a panel with the giant word BAM! and then the line about equality above.

I couldn’t help but think of it when looking at the Althouse, The Conservatory, Ed Morrissey it’s simply amazing to see what is going on.


There follows a tirade about what we teach our sons about violence against women, as if, in a face to face physical encounter, the man is always wrong. So, as a woman in the work place, can I get right up in any man’s face, get as angry as I want, shake my fist right by his big old glasses, and the moment he flinches, if his hand touches me, I get to shout “violence against women” and he’s the one who’s screwed? As a feminist, I would just love to have power like that. That’s sarcasm, I hope you’re not too far gone to realize.

Althouse asks the question: How is it that our friends on the left, champions of they type of feminism that felt insulted if you held a door with your fedora off, can believe in this?

At the Conservatory part of the answer comes from Joy McCann:

But of course, this isn’t all a gender-relations issue, because if Michelle Bachmann or Sarah Palin had charged someone with their fists raised, there would not be this notion that the blows must be blocked without making contact with the woman’s neck at all. (And the idea that one can defend oneself against strikes without touching the assailant’s neck is honestly bizarre anyway.)

Some of this, in short, has less to do with the male-female double standard than it has to do with the liberal-conservative double standard.

She gets another piece of the puzzle there, their belief is dependent on the target because as the Reclusive leftist has pointed out the left’s support of what they call “feminism” can be very selective.

So we’ve established the what (the left playing the defenseless woman game) the how (twisting it only for these particular women on the left) but it’s Ed Morrissey who finishes the trifecta by establishing the WHY

Bradley and Abrahamson didn’t think they could win in a criminal complaint or a demand for a restraining order (which would make Supreme Court sessions rather difficult), and so chose to leak the story to political allies in order to pay back Prosser

Why didn’t they think they could win? The answer is back on paragraph in the post.

Prosser would have his due-process rights, including taking depositions, evidentiary hearings, and the like.

When you accuse someone of a crime you have to back it up with something called evidence so Bradley and Abrahamson decided to play the old game, let the left and the blogs play attack dogs, but with a thin amount of actual facts to back them up they are playing the only game they think they can win, counting on the old protective instinct to support them.

I think they are going to be burned badly.

I’m likely the only blogger on the right who hasn’t written on project gunrunner but now we have the final parallel to watergate:

The agent, Vince Cefalu, who has spoken out about the ATF’s so-called “Project Gunrunner” scandal, says he was served with termination papers just last week, and he calls the move politically motivated.

It gets worse:

And two days before Cefalu was served with termination papers, Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, sent a letter to the ATF warning officials not to retaliate against whistleblowers.

ATF spokesman Drew Wade denied in a statement to FoxNews.com that the bureau is retaliating, but he declined to comment about Cefalu’s case. “ATF will not comment on specific, ongoing personnel matters. It is illegal to use disciplinary actions to retaliate against employees, and ATF does not engage in such improper reprisals.”

I’m unsure if it took place on a Saturday Night.

As Peg of What if would surely tell you, the secret of being a good bridge player is being able to take into account all the factors when bidding and see several tricks ahead of the one you are currently playing.

Lee Fang is apparently not much of a Bridge player as he hits Rick Santorum on his statements in Egypt at “Think” Progress

it’s good to know that despite all of Santorum’s talk of freedom and liberty, apparently that rhetoric doesn’t extend to the people of Egypt. And it appears that if he were to become president, he would stand with the world’s most autocratic regimes as long as they’re pro-U.S.

Alas for Fang, he blindly leads his Ace oblivious to what is actually happening on the ground as the LA Times reports

The pressing concern among independents and secularists is that the Brotherhood, the nation’s largest and best-organized party, may win about 25% of the seats in parliament and control even more through a coalition. This could give the organization the power to infuse the new constitution with conservative Islamic ideals to limit rights for women and non-Muslims.

well hey it’s not like we are seeing a repeat of 1979 with a radical Iman returning to influence the political situation…oh wait:

A case in point: Egyptian Islamic theologian Yusuf al-Qaradawi was welcomed back to Egypt after a 50-year hiatus and a 30-year ban from leading weekly Friday prayers. Best known for his program ash-Shariah wal-Hayat (“Shariah and Life”), broadcast on Al Jazeera and Islam Online, Qaradawi has long played a prominent role within the intellectual and spiritual leadership of the Brotherhood. His obscurantist philosophy, support of terrorism, and advocacy for killing the Jews have been judged so harmful – socially, economically and culturally – that countries such as the US and the UK have prohibited him from entering. Even many Muslim academics in Saudi Arabia, Iraq and the Palestinian territories have condemned him for giving sacred Islam “a bad name.”

How about that? It would appear that Santorum has a better grasp of all the cards in the deck, while Fang as usual appears not to be playing with a full one.

Liberals in Wisconsin should be very worried about the “investigation” concerning the Supreme Court business in Wisconsin.

Why, because As I’ve already pointed out if Justice Bradley was actually assaulted by Justice Prosser then she would have already filed charges against him. The fact that instead we have an investigation undertaken by the Capital police suggests she realizes that such charges would not be supported.

The “investigation” meme gives our liberal friends a few days more of cover but sooner or later they will have to risk filing an actual complaint or drop the matter entirely.

My prediction is when the “investigation” fails to find evidence of an assault by Prosser the left will fall back on “corrupt” capital police covering things up and will use this as a meme to excuse the lack of charges. This will of course not fly with the general public but will fly with the “true believers” whose hatred of the GOP in Wisconsin has become religious belief.

One is forced to conclude that we are dealing with people either dishonorable or irrational.

…are likely to get very little attention because they involve race and religion and contain templates that the MSM media does not want to touch

#1 From Andrew Breitbart’s Big Peace:

It’s also hard to sell the women of Norway on the claim that “Islam is a religion of peace!” since every “assault-rape” that took place in their country in 2010 was carried out by a Muslim. (83 such rapes in total.) In some cases the rapist actually told the victim that his religion allowed him to rape her.

It’s also growing increasingly hard to tell members of our military that “Islam is a religion of peace!” because more and more Muslims are taking it unto themselves to attack our stateside military facilities as a way to show whose side they’re on in the War on Terror. It was just this past week that two Muslims were arrested in Seattle for their plan “to attack a military processing center…using machine guns and grenades.” And it was just the week prior that a Marine Corps reservist named Yonathan Melaku was arrested for suspicious activity around the Pentagon and thereafter found to have a video in his possession that showed him driving by the National Museum of the Marine Corps, shooting his pistol at the museum, and chanting “allahu Akbar.”

If that paragraph doesn’t give you pause it ought to.

#2 From the American Thinker.

My colleague, Alan Kornman, and I were both shooting videos of this simmering situation when he was surrounded by a group of cursing young men. They started screaming at Alan that he should stop filming them. Alan responded (correctly) that they had no right or expectation of privacy in a public place. One of this group, a truly ugly, sloppy fat guy, was getting agitated. I have video of this brave young worthy sliding behind his friend before he lets loose with a volume of spit aimed at Alan, and then slithering away immediately thereafter. Another brave young Muslim then hit Alan, and immediately disappeared.

On Saturday, Alan conducted an interview that lasted almost 30 minutes with a young woman who was behind a booth selling “Palestinian” doodads (shawls, olive wood candlesticks, etc.), and peddling “Palestinian” propaganda. Among other interesting things, Alan got her to say, twice, that she herself would have killed Anwar Sadat. Watch www.theunitedwest.org for video of that interview, which will be online soon.

On Saturday evening we came across a man who was quietly standing on a corner holding a sign proclaiming Jesus as Messiah. He was not taunting anyone. Instead, he was available to speak to anyone who chose to speak to him. Not long before we met him, he had been attacked by a group of boys, who threw a variety of things at him, and shouted vile epithets at him. We started to interview him when, suddenly, a swarm of boys started buzzing around again, with an older boy obviously directing their activities.

The location Dearborn Michigan his conclusion is rather horrible.

3. And now for Problems in Peoria:

Tonight, around 11 p.m., a group of at least 60-70 African American youth marched down one of the side streets (W. Thrush) to the 4 lane main drag (Sheridan). They were yelling threats to white residents. Things such as we need to kill alll the white people around here. They were physically intimidating anyone calling for help from the police. They were surrounding cars. Cars on the main drag had to slam on their brakes to either avoid the youth blocking not only all four lanes, but a large section of the side street as well. fights were breaking out among them. They were rushing residents who looked out their doors, going on to porches, yelling threats to people calling the police for help.

Cars were doing U turns on the streets just to avoid the mob, mostly male. One youth stated his grandfather was white and several assaulted him on the spot.

The initial blog that reported this went down due to a drudge link so I found it from a secondary site.

The cast of characters of all three incidents are different as are the locations, but the source of the problem is identical, lack of cultural assimilation.

The genius of America has always been that one can be “American” no matter what culture race or national origin you come from. My grandparents came from Sicily, and my thoughts and ways are still influenced by that culture but I am completely American as are my children.

When instead people choose to remain outside, and encourage others to do so for their own gain it creates Balkanization which is a cancer on society.

It is that, the underlying danger of Balkanization that has the best potential to bring us down. The US is the choice of those “yearning to breathe free” for a reason, if we don’t take care of this problem it will not only be disastrous for us but for millions who would come here to make a better life for themselves.

Because of the races and religions involved our media will ignore and deny these stories (if the races or religions were reversed this would be headline news) but if we ignore this problem it will not go away.

Update: Make it four, look what is happening in Holland:

The new integration policy will place more demands on immigrants. For example, immigrants will be required to learn the Dutch language, and the government will take a tougher approach to immigrants to ignore Dutch values or disobey Dutch law.

The government will also stop offering special subsidies for Muslim immigrants because, according to Donner, “it is not the government’s job to integrate immigrants.” The government will introduce new legislation that outlaws forced marriages and will also impose tougher measures against Muslim immigrants who lower their chances of employment by the way they dress. More specifically, the government will impose a ban on face-covering Islamic burqas as of January 1, 2013.

If necessary, the government will introduce extra measures to allow the removal of residence permits from immigrants who fail their integration course.

Via Thomas Lifson comments who notes this is a story… :

..that has gotten almost no notice from the American media, which wishes to pretend that multiculturalism works just fine

Of course it hasn’t doesn’t fit the template.

…as the Justice now makes a public charge to the press but not to the police?

Justice Ann Walsh Bradley told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that Justice David Prosser tried to choke her during an argument in her office on June 13, the day before the court handed down a decision upholding a new law eliminating most public employees’ collective bargaining rights.

Let’s forget for the moment that none of the other side of the story is of interest to MSNBC et/al and focus on this:

A woman who is an officer of the court, a Justice whose job is to protect the rights of citizens has publicly accused a sitting member of a physical assault against a woman. This charge has been repeated nationwide by a media who hold Justice Prosser responsible for the upholding of a law unpopular with the media/left.

Yet that same justice Bradley, that defender of goodness and champion of the left chooses not to press formal charges.

How is that consistent with justice? After all just one week ago Ladd Ehlinger called the authorities over the gasoline and lighter incident. If a man goes around physically assaulting women and even more so goes around choking Justices of the Wisconsin Supreme Court wouldn’t you think that be worth a call to the police and the filing of a report?

Yes, just as you would have thought a sitting congressman and his friends who accused Andrew Breitbart,a man hated by the media and the left, of “hacking” him, would have been anxious for a police investigation.

Yet she did not, as in the case of Anthony Weiner the Liberals didn’t bark.

We now of course know why Anthony Weiner declined to call police and file a report. I would be delighted to discover why Justice Bradley did not as well.

…asks Morning Joe this morning? Well he will be happy to answer if you re-elect him.

As for Maureen Down et/al who are wondering why Obama would not speak for Gay Marriage, it’s pretty simple. He needs the Hollywood Money but he needs the votes of the Black community more.

As you might remember the expectations of the Black community were sky-high on election.

As recently as last year a majority of Black Americas were still in polls saying they were optimistic:

Yet here is what we have:

[N]ow it’s at Depression-era levels. The most recent figures show African American joblessness at 16.2 percent. For black males, it’s at 17.5 percent; And for black teens, it’s nearly 41 percent.

Unemployment has ravaged the Black community even worse than everyone else, however as I’ve mentioned before it was unlikely that alone would make a difference for the first black president in the black community.

It is not up to me to speak for the black community but I’m telling you that people of various nationalities tend to be less likely to critique on of their own publicly than privately. You will find this in families and in almost every ethnic group. You are even less likely to see an ethnic group publicly “disapprove” the first of their own in any particular job. The black community runs 90-95% Democratic and voted that way last election. If you think that more than one in 20 black Americans are going to tell a national pollster that they disapprove of the first Black President you are absolutely out of your minds..

but RELIGION that’s a different story. Unlike the congressional black caucus a president is not an example of direct representation. The Black vote is still rallied in the black church, very protestant and very in many ways fundamentalist.

Unlike Catholicism which teaches that homosexual inclinations/orientation in itself is not sinful (it is the actual act) protestant denomination that haven’t tossed the Bible out the window are unequivocal concerning homosexuality. You would be hard pressed to find a churches more solidly against Gay marriage than the black churches.

Long after Obama is gone these pastors will be depending on their flock to make a living. If President Obama comes out for Gay Marriage before the election of 2012 how do you think the Pastors of black churches, that have rained fire and brimstone on Gay Marriage, are going to convince the people to vote for a man who has not delivered for them? If even an additional 5-10% of the Black vote just stays home his is toast and religion is the thing that would do it.

Barack Obama has only two solid beliefs, the belief in his own exceptionalism, which has been reinforced for decades by people who dreamed of electing the first Black President, and the belief that he should be re-elected. Period.

I’m thinking about doing a show with a twist next month.

I’d like to get bloggers who support individual candidates in the GOP primaries to come into the studio to make their case for their candidate.

The idea is that a blogger who supports each candidate would be in studio and answer questions concerning why they support said candidate and defend their choice under questions from each other.

I’d like to put this together for say the 4th week in July or the 1st week in August. Preference would be given to bloggers who could get into the studio since we have limited phone lines. If the individual campaigns wish to assign an actual blogger for the show that is fine too.

So if you are a blogger who supports Michelle Bachmann, Ron Paul, Mitt Romney, Herman Cain, Tim Pawlenty, Rick Santorum, Jon Huntsman, Gary Johnson, Buddy Romer, or Newt Gingrich I want to hear from you. If Rick Perry or Sarah Palin jump in by the time of the show, I have no objection to including their supporters too.

Update: Tentative date is Aug 6th and the Michelle Bachmann spot is taken by the Right Wing Gamer. One down 9 (or 11) to go.

Update 2: In case it isn’t clear the studio is in Worcester Massachusetts

The latest attempt by liberals to undermine things is Wisconsin by accusing Judge Posner of physically assaulting another judge would be laughable if they didn’t sound increasingly like a Mubarek trying to retain their power as the people desert them.

Let’s put things simply and directly: Do you think if this was true for one moment the left would not have run with it on the day of the incident rather than 11 days later? Do you think for one moment that it would not have been a bigger headline than the actually ruling? Would it not have been national news?

If your answer is to that question is “no” you might be hopelessly naive or be funded by a liberal group as Byron York points out:

The report was done by the liberal Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism, which was working in cooperation with Wisconsin Public Radio. The Center recently unveiled a project, funded by the Open Society Institute, to “shine a light into the operations of Wisconsin’s government.” It hired Bill Lueders, a longtime news editor and columnist for Isthmus, an alternative newspaper based in Madison, to run the project. Lueders wrote the Prosser report.

The report was posted on Saturday. It was immediately picked up by ThinkProgress, the activist arm of the liberal think tank Center for American Progress. (ThinkProgress has some of the same funding sources as the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism.) “BREAKING: Wisconsin Justice Prosser ‘grabbed fellow justice around the neck’ prior to union bill decision,” the group tweeted on Saturday afternoon. ThinkProgress sent out more details, and within an hour or two posted an article headlined, “Four Ways Justice David Prosser Can Be Removed From Office.”

These tactics seem to smack of desperation. The left in Wisconsin showing a lot of that lately or worse.

I’ve made my arguments in the past on Gay Marriage and I stand by them but there are a few current thoughts I’d like to share:

1. This was passed by a vote of the people’s representatives, and not imposed by a judge. This is important. The people have the right to be wrong. If the people think that this is right, it is on them. If they think it is wrong they can now vote for different representatives in an attempt to overturn the law. Alternatively the citizens can attempt to launch a referendum procedure to repeal this as allowed by NY Law. This is a law, it doesn’t establish a “right” therefore it may be repealed and altered as desired.

2. Any person who thinks that this will not be used as a club against people of faith is deluding themselves.

3. I will be shocked if we don’t see a devout Muslim suing in NY for the right of polygamy. There is a significant population of Muslims in the state. If one can change the definition of marriage that has stood for thousands of years by a popular vote then there is no rational basis to deny a form of marriage that has been continually recognized by nations of the world and at least one of the worlds major religions for over a millennium.

4. Watch the same people who cried “discrimination” use the “ICK” factor against Islamic polygamists once such a suit is launched.

5. As I’ve said before this is all about narcissism and nothing else. It’s simply to make one set of people comfortable about their choices and inclinations and a different set of people to feel good about themselves.

6. Like all great societal shifts it will be two generations before the full cost of this decision hits the state.

7. If repeal is unsuccessful I have two suggestions for New Yorkers: 1. Get your kids out of public school ASAP 2. Move

Update: The Lonely Conservative (who lives in NY) links. I hope her kids are in Catholic School.

Update 2: If you want the other side of the argument might I suggest Cynthia Yockey

Update 3: Roxeanne issues a challenge on her blog that I answer in her comments, but all you need to understand my answer is the line from The Incredibles

Helen: Everyone’s special, Dash.
Dash: [muttering] Which is another way of saying no one is.

Marriage now becomes whatever a majority of the voters wish it to be at any given time and in the end it will become something that resembles this:

Dead Monkeys are to split up again, according to their manager, Lefty Goldblatt. They’ve been in the business now ten years, nine as other groups. Originally the Dead Salmon, they became for a while, Trout. Then Fried Trout, then Poached Trout In A White Wine Sauce, and finally, Herring. Splitting up for nearly a month, they re-formed as Red Herring, which became Dead Herring for a while, and then Dead Loss, which reflected the current state of the group. Splitting up again to get their heads together, they reformed a fortnight later as Heads Together, a tight little name which lasted them through a difficult period when their drummer was suspected of suffering from death. It turned out to be only a rumor and they became Dead Together, then Dead Gear, which lead to Dead Donkeys, Lead Donkeys, and the inevitable split up. After nearly ten days, they reformed again as Sole Marnier, then Dead Sole, Rock Cod, Turbot, Haddock, White Baith, the Places, Fish, Bream, Mackerel, Salmon, Poached Salmon, Poached Salmon In A White Wine Sauce, Salmon Marnier, and Helen Shapiro. This last name, their favorite, had to be dropped following an injunction and they split up again. When they reformed after a recordbreaking two days, they ditched the fishy references and became Dead Monkeys, a name which they stuck with for the rest of their careers. Now, a fortnight later, they’ve finally split up.

and of course is the intention. There is a reason why dictatorships call themselves “republics”.

Update 4: In his long piece on the subject Ace comes to the truth:

I think then that while the idea might be the state sanctioning of gay marriage shall lend the institutional prestige of the state to gay marriage, in fact there is more of the almost-opposite thing going on, gay marriage erodes whatever’s left of the institutional prestige of sanction by the state.

What Ace doesn’t grasp is to the left, that’s not a bug, that’s a feature.

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“Death, destruction, disease, horror. That’s what war is all about, Anan. That’s what makes it a thing to be avoided.” Capt James T. Kirk via a Taste or Armageddon

Throughout parts of Libya under rebel control, people are frustrated with NATO. Between its slow pace of attacks and the errant strikes that have killed rebel fighters, the speculation now is that the Western coalition lacks the resources and resolve to help the rebels topple Gaddafi. NATO and Libya’s Rebels Don’t Jibe Yahoo News June 21st

One of the biggest changes in American Political life since the mid 20th century has been the demise of the liberal Hawk. The people who believed that War though horrible when fought is for a purpose is sometimes necessary and should be fought to win.

For a long time Democrats, particularly in the south were strong proponents of national defense. The attitude was best illustrated by an exchange between Senator William Russell of Georgia and Senator Milton Young of North Dakota:

Sen Young: “You people of the South are much more militarily minded than in the North.”

Sen Russell: “You’d be more military minded too, if Sherman had crossed North Dakota.”
The Years of Lyndon Johnson Master of the Senate pp 182

Slowly democrats changed or as they might say progressed. It was sometime between the last few years of the Vietnam war and the beginning of the Reagan Era that the political landscape altered. Democrats who had learned the lessons of World War 2 died out and were replaced by those whose school were marches and protests. It is from that template that a democratic party that once supported the cold war, found themselves advancing the Soviet positions ,calling for weapons freezes, defending the Sandinistas etc. It from them that the modern anti-war democrats descend intellectually.

It created a philosophy that was as comfortable and without risk as a mansion in a gated community. A strong and happy place where those who would never serve and didn’t know friends or family who did could be assured of their own self-righteousness. It was a place where the warlike west was the cause of most of the problems of the world, where utopia could be reached if only we listed to the words of John Lennon. It was a place where the US soldier was a strange creature who joined the Army simply to get an education due to poverty or because of poor upbringing. It was a place of bumper stickers about bake sales vs bombs, where the enlightened could gather convinced that the age of the warrior was soon to pass.

It was in this place that a community organizer was weaned and taught to look at the world and see the beauty of an America that was merely one cog in the great circle of nations.

Then came September 11th and realities of the world slapped the face of a slumbering US. For the left it was disaster to all they built up. It was bad enough the attackers were all of a particular religion but there were images of some of their allies celebrating the attack. Many who followed the left abandoned them and even worse the American soldier was transformed from a victim trapped by events to a hero, the symbol of power and strength, commanded by a leader who didn’t see shades of grey, who saw good and evil and was not afraid to define them.

The Democratic left in congress was faced with a quandary; those who actually saw intelligence knew what the threat was but their supporters weaned on a different brand of history could not and did not acknowledge the threat. So Democrats in congress took a page of the European playbook from the 80’s. They publicly denounced the President and seemingly fought his policies while making sure he had just enough votes to advance them. This gave them the best of all possible worlds, preventing a disaster while keeping the support of their base until the mood of the nation could change.

Such resolve is hard to maintain and as the decade neared it end the nation was facing economic troubles and when given the choice between an old warrior and a young leader who promised hope and change, they choose the young leader.

The world greeted Obama’s election with great anticipation. The left imagined a new era of harmony in the world. The Nobel committee, anticipating a golden age awarded him the peace prize within 9 months of his inauguration and television writers in England wrote their scripts in anticipation of worldwide problems being solved.

The president inherited two wars, one winding down in Iraq and the 2nd in Afghanistan in need of attention. They would both be challenges but no matter what decisions were to be made, he could fairly say neither war was his own and although he would be responsible for fighting them, he could not be held responsible for starting them. When the prospect of a new conflict might arise, the world could see the difference between the old simplistic way of fighting and the new era of smart diplomacy.

Which brings us to Libya.

With the Arab spring dawned in Egypt the Obama administration supported the Egyptian people against our onetime ally Mubarak. The US trained Egyptian army showed restraint (perhaps warned by their US advisers) and the government fell.

When the movement spread to Libya the situation was different. Like Egypt Libya was ruled by a dictator supported by a military, but unlike Egypt the US influence was minimal and the dictator had no compunction about killing thousands to retain power.

At first events seems to favor the rebels. The closed on the Capital of Tripoli. The world sat back seeing the success. Western Reporters descended on the Capital determined to report the end of Gaddafi as the end of his rule seemed imminent.

Meanwhile a former governor of Alaska suggested a NATO no-fly zone to preserve Rebel gains around Tripoli and hasten the fall of a man responsible for the death of Many Americans.

But the president of the United states would not be pressed into a war when none was necessary. He was sure it was the interference of the west that caused the worlds problems and despite the strength of the still Loyal air force Gaddafi was sure to fall any day. He declined to involve the US militarily but stated emphatically that “Gaddafi must go”.

Alas nobody told Gaddafi. With the time allowed him to recruit mercenaries from the south he counterattacked. With no air cover and no heavy weapons the rebels were routed. They poured back the length of the country and found themselves besieged with Gaddafi warning of slaughter if they didn’t surrender.

This was the moment of crisis. There was no strategic objective for the United States but the president had declared “Gaddafi must go” and if nothing was done then Gaddafi would take Benghazi and slaughter and the rebellion would be over with the Gaddafi regime firmly in power.

We could instead support the rebels. With American Air-power and military might Gaddafi would not be able to stand. True the rebels were not friends (in fact there was evidence that many were enemies) but there was no question that Gaddafi was a foe and his fall supported by the US forces would be a message to any enemy that the US had a long memory.

But such a strategy would involve the direct use of US power by the Obama administration on their own behalf. All that he was, all that he was taught, all he came from told him that such US power to overthrow an enemy was an abomination, but could he stand by and let the rebels die? Would not that blood be on his hands?

And here was the mistake, the mistake that Johnson made in Vietnam, the mistake that the left has always made in war. The belief that you can fight a war without fighting to win.

The president choose to go the route of NATO and the UN. A resolution was voted on and passed and within a week US planes where destroying Gaddafi’s ability to strike from the air and the Rebels on the verge of defeat once again pushed forward.

But the west was not willing to commit to a fight to the finish. Gaddafi’s forces adapted and over the last several months the war has seesawed with the Gaddafi alternatively pushing forward and being thrown back.

So we find ourselves in the worst of all possible worlds. Rebels upset and Nato’s lack of commitment, the president insisting that the US is not involved in “hostilities” and the congress unwilling to support him, NATO fracturing and the rebels even suggesting that Gaddafi could stay in Libya.

The President had two choices, both bad, both involving risks and neither attractive for America. A strong cold war leader would have made a choice and lived with the consequences but instead president Obama tried to compromise, to vote “present” if you will and now rather than a single friend or a single enemy we now have a stalemate and two sides who don’t trust us.

At the beginning of this mess I saw three possible conclusions. Where we are is where I expected us to be. If we had either stayed out, or fought the war to win, it would have been over in March or April. Instead there is no end in sight.

If the democratic party was the party of the past they might have taken James T. Kirk’s advice:

unfortunately for the world, that Democratic party is gone forever.

Update: Stacy McCain is sloganeering:

Looking at this post…

Make no mistake, however. The entire military leadership believes the president’s decision is a mistake, and especially the decision to withdraw the remainder of the surge forces by September 2012. They will soldier on and do their best, but as the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Adm. Mike Mullen, put it, in characteristic understatement, they believe the decision will increase the risk to the troops and increase the chance that the mission will not succeed. It bears repeating that the deadline imposed by the president has nothing to do with military or strategic calculation. It has everything to do with an electoral calculation. President Obama wants those troops out two months before Americans go to the voting booth.

,,,gives me a pain in my gut. The thought that a decades worth of fighting is managed based on which way Pennsylvania and Ohio might go in 2012 is obscene.

I may be a naive fellow, but I assumed that we are in Afghanistan to achieve objectives: Off the top of my head I’m thinking a few of those might be:

1. Kill any Al Qaeda/militants who might threaten or be capable of global jihad
2. Neutralize the Pakistan madrassas that are sending further terrorists in training
3. Keep the Taliban that sheltered and aided Al-Qaeda from re-establishing a foothold in Afghanistan
4. Establish relationships with local leaders within the country as intelligence sources for future reference
5. Keep pressure on Iran by having functioning bases and an army on their eastern flank
6. Keep pressure on Pakistan whose support for our operations against terror is based solely on their fear of us

These are worthy and worthwhile goals, however this report suggests the president’s objectives in Afghanistan might be described as more condensed:

1. Keep Afghanistan from being a political liability in 2012

When it seemed that a defeat in Afghanistan might be laid at his feet, he supported a surge in order to keep the pressure on and show himself to be a strong leader.

I applauded this move. For me this is a political rather than a religious issue so his motives were as irrelevant as Lyndon Johnson’s for advancing the civil rights act of 1957 I wanted the right thing done and he was helped by first-rate troops and officers who have done their job well.

Now with his election prospect faltering and the media unable to pretend otherwise, he is desperate to secure his base already angered by flips and flops of various natures.

So he is trying to divide the baby with a series of pull-outs before the election with a promise of full pullout after the election (Very Nixonian btw).

The left and the Morning Joe crowd who have been crying: “Afghanistan is Vietnam” have it entirely wrong. Afghanistan is not becoming Vietnam, the proper parallel is Libya

Libya is a war we entered for political reasons. Our combat strategy appears to be totally dependent on the political calculations of the White House at any given time.

It appears that we have moved to the Libya model in Afghanistan. If this is correct than God help us and God help our troops.

Jan 20th 2013 can’t come fast enough for me.

As a resident of Massachusetts rather embarrassed by this story:

With his wife still under house arrest until August, U.S. Rep. John F. Tierney will be going stag to Friday night’s major Women Taking the Lead for Tierney fund-raiser, spokesmen for the couple confirmed yesterday. emphasis mine

Just a reminder of what cost her that month in jail and the five months house arrest she is now serving:

The wife of Congressman John Tierney is set to plead guilty to federal charges she helped her brother conceal income from an alleged illegal offshore gambling business that generated millions of dollars.

Ask yourself what sentence a non-congressman’s wife would have gotten?

Remember this guilty plea took place in the middle of the election cycle one month before the Big Red Wave that passed over Massachusetts’ congressional delegation. Yet the voters choose to ignore it re-electing Tierney by 14 points and just under 35,000 votes.

So today the voters of the 6th district, instead of headlines about their congressman using his place in the majority to fight for their interests and shape majority policy, will be treated to stories about fundraisers where the candidate’s wife can’t attend without violating probation.

If you are embarrassed by this, then look in the mirror because in a free society we do this to ourselves

Concerning Jon Huntsman

So the antidotes to Mark Sanford and Sarah Palin were Arnold Schwarznegger, Charlie Crist, and … Jon Huntsman. He’d just won re-election by a landslide—still a kind of feat for a Utah Republican—and he was happy about taking stimulus cash. He thought the spending bill could have been bigger. He thought congressional Republicans were “inconsequential.” His party was calling the president a socialist, and Huntsman was calling them nuts. (Weaver prefers “cranks.”) He expanded SCHIP in his state. He supported civil unions. The press saw the GOP’s future, and it spoke Mandarin.

And of course there is the Harry Reid connection:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who said this week he prefers Jon Huntsman to Mitt Romney in the GOP Mormon presidential primary, has taken a lot of money from the Huntsman family, and the former Utah governor appointed Reid’s son, Josh, to Utah’s Board of Regents.

So no wonder Reid said Tuesday, “If I had a choice in that race, I’d choose Huntsman over Romney.”

And if they had a choice – and they did – many members of the newly minted presidential candidate’s family, including his parents, chose Reid in the most important U.S. Senate race in the country last cycle.

Jon Huntsman isn’t the candidate the GOP wants, he’s the candidate that the Media wants the GOP to want.

Update: Apparently the path to the Republican nomination is according to Huntsman is to avoid republicans:

In an interview with POLITICO, Huntsman made clear that he plans to capitalize on election rules in New Hampshire and South Carolina that allow independent voters to cast ballots in the GOP presidential primary.

I can hear the withdrawal speech now: “And I would have won the nomination if it wasn’t for you meddling Republicans!”

At least that is how the media is likely to spin this:

A 22-year-old Alexandria man has been charged with shooting at military buildings in the D.C. region last fall, and federal officials said in court papers that he videotaped himself shouting “Allah Akbar” after he fired shots at the U.S. Marine Corps museum.

Yonathan Melaku, a Marine Reservist, was taken into custody Friday under suspicious circumstances at Arlington National Cemetery. At the time, he carried a backpack that held plastic baggies with ammonium nitrate, a material that can be used to make a bomb as well as a notebook that included references to Osama bin Laden and “The Path to Jihad.”

And at least one person in comments is asking for restraint:

Yonathan is not an Arabic name. The Arabic equivalent to John is Hannan. Melaku is not necessarily Arabic. Not all Arabs are Muslims and not all terrorists are Muslim. Allah Akbar sounds like the shooter is Muslim, but it could have been someone wanting attention. In any case, until we have more information we can be accused of racial profling.

Yup no reason at all to think this is anything more than a desperate cry for help just like these fellows and he might not have been saying “Allah Akbar” maybe it was more like “Al, ya at bar?” which everyone knows is the name of a traditional Flemish drinking song.

We all know who the real terrorists are!

Every day that we deny this problem we put ourselves in danger.

Update: Yet more members of the Flemish conspiracy!

This is an asinine decision:

The Obama administration will release 30 million barrels of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve in an effort to offset oil supply disruptions in the Middle East, the Energy Department announced Thursday morning.

It’s the strategic equivalent of grinding the seed corn. I didn’t like this talk during the Bush years and I really don’t like this action now. This reserve exists for a time of national emergency, not to prop up re-elect numbers.

Don’t think for a second that it won’t happen again before election day. Anyone who has ever raided their cash reserves knows it’s much easier to justify it the 2nd time around.

Oh and just a reminder to all of those on the left who will dub this move “necessary”. A decade ago you cried out: ” Drilling in ANWAR won’t produce oil for 10 years.” Take a bow idiots, thanks to your short short-sightedness we’ll have this much less when we actually need it.

Jan 20, 2013 can’t come fast enough for me.

Update: What a coincidence

Update 2: Hotair also notes the game being played here:

Oh, yes. We’re doing this in response to an emergency all right. The emergency is that the president’s poll numbers are tanking and angry voters don’t want to continue to lay out 1/4 of their pay check at the pumps. But rather than actually do something to speed up domestic production and make us more energy independent, let’s just flush away some of the reserve we might really need if the you-know-what seriously hits the fan overseas in the next 12 months. Simply fabulous.

Update 3: Joy at the Conservatory notes some figures

This country uses up 30 million barrels of oil in around 36 hours, and that 60 million barrel figure?–the world consumes that in a single day. So, we’re making a dicey move here for no real gain.

There is a gain, a poll gain, at least that’s the plan.

How lucky can one guy be?

Howie Carr puts out a book on the Whitey’s Hitman for the Winter Hill Gang, then the FBI puts out their latest campaign to find Whitey Bulger and Carr is on another set of TV shows, and now I wake up this morning and Carr has hit the trifecta!:

Legendary Boston crime boss James “Whitey” Bulger, who has been on the run for more than 15 years, was arrested Wednesday in Santa Monica, multiple law enforcement sources told The Times.

Talk about timing. Carr should be thanking his lucky stars.

Speaking of Radio subbing for Carr while he was on TV Michelle McPhee snarked a couple of days ago that they should have put out a picture of the woman years ago because she is “high maintenance”. I thought she might get some flack for that but apparently she was right.

Myself, I’m surprised he didn’t knock her off years ago as a liability, but I guess you get a little softer once you hit your 70’s & 80’s plus it would have been hard to keep a younger replacement off of social media.

Regardless of the how, Bulger will now go to trial. In the end the 81-year-old crime lord may find himself living the rest of his life in a small room he doesn’t want to be in, surrounded by uniformed staff. He will have TV, 3 meals a day, some activities and maybe the odd visitor, but there he will stay among people just like him till he dies.

Then again, it’s much more likely that instead of a nursing home he’ll end up in jail.

Al Gore, father of four and profligate polluter, stated that people ought to refrain from reproducing quite so much in order to save the environmentAs I said in the comments on Hot Air, the idea that Americans need to control their reproduction to suit Gore’s whims is ridiculous and self-absorbed.

When Al Gore and his ilk talk about “fertility management”, they are never talking about encouraging young men to keep their pants zipped up, nor to abstain during their wives’ fertile periods.  Rather, their contraception/abortion mentality is predicated on the assumption that women will still be sexually available to men, just without the nasty side effects (environmental and on his wallet) of child-rearing.  Children are the natural result of sexual intercourse between two young, healthy people, not something to be “managed” by drugs and child-murder.

Given that out-of-wedlock childbirth is associated with a host of societal ills, 40% of American babies are born out of wedlock, and Americans are delaying marriage, Gore could have advocated not for population control, but for abstinence until marriage; if followed, it would reduce the out-of-wedlock birth rate and the birth rate in general.  Telling, however, that the solution of all of the anti-natalists is always contraception (to be pumped into a woman’s body, never a man’s) and abortion (affecting only the unborn, not the born), never any natural and sensible way of dealing with fertility.

Beyond that, Gore’s comments are aimed at the wrong audience.  If Gore were capable of checking out population growth charts, he would understand that telling Americans to manage their fertility is the equivalent of those “coexist” bumper stickers: no matter how nice the sentiment, it’s simply not aimed at the appropriate audience. America is #122 in terms of percent population growth – beaten out by fertility maniacs like Luxembourg, the bunny-like Australia, and that perennial baby-machine, Israel.  On a plus note, the American population is expanding faster than that of the Vatican See, which is made of up a lot of old, celibate people.

As a final thought: anyone who wants Social Security to stay stable, without raising the retirement age or cutting benefits, should be out there begging young women to get knocked up and haranguing young men to marry them (which would bring economic stability to the new family unit), enough already with “finding yourself” in a haze of pot smoke. Pyramid schemes and “fertility management” are mutually exclusive.

There are an awful lot of people who have been disappointed in the performance of John Boehner as speaker.

With the majority that he has many had high expectations of what he would achieve. He would managed to get Obamacare repealed, he would achieve massive budget cuts, he would lead and the president and the Senate would have to follow.

As we all know it hasn’t worked out that way. The senate has foiled the house, the President hasn’t played ball and in the house and the media have crucified him and the house over the Ryan Budget, over the Planned Parenthood cut attempts over the possible shutdown and now this weekend over a golf game where he tried to work things out.

It may not be clearly understood but I think it’s been brilliant.

Barack Obama is in a bad situation, much worse than the media and the polls and a big part of the reason of it is Boehner.

Yes he has failed to force the change we would all like with half of a single branch of a government but consider the contrast he has made.

Boehner has passed, and passed and passed, The Ryan budget, the planned parenthood cuts, the trims on the continuing resolutions. Instead of the “party of no” the Republicans have been the party of “Go!”

Meanwhile Democrats who hold the executive branch and the Senate have blocked and blocked and blocked again and more importantly they didn’t have actual alternatives.

This president desperately needs to make this election a referendum on something other than himself as Harry Truman did when in a big hole in 1948 running against a “do nothing congress”. Barack Obama can not do this because the “do nothings” in congress are in his own party.

And because Boehner has been firm yet seemingly accommodating the only hope for this administration is a bad choice for a GOP nominee.

The end result, it more likely that the GOP will have the power to make the changes that Democrats were so anxious to block this term.

That’s good news for conservatives, the GOP and the country.

St. Cecilia Church in Boston scheduled a mass in honour of Gay Pride Month; the archdiocese cancelled it, then reinstated it and rescheduled it for 10 July at 11 am.  Apparently, this is because,

St. Cecilia’s congregation has a large gay and lesbian population, many of whom arrived after the South End’s predominantly gay Jesuit Urban Center closed in 2007, parishioners said. Almost 200 members of St. Cecilia’s are active in its Rainbow Ministry, which hosts events for members and supporters of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community.

Now, loads of parishes have a huge population of people who engage in premarital or extramarital sex, have abortions, divorce and remarry without annulments, and curse the Lord, but somehow, no one is pushing for a “Fornication and Cussing” mass to celebrate those differences.  The Boston Pilot is absolutely correct in its assessment of what is wrong with the Church’s movement towards endorsement of homosexuality:

It is also vital to understand that homosexual orientation is not, in itself, sinful and people experiencing it are welcome to participate in the life of the Church. In this regard, the Catholic Church is far more welcoming than some other groups of Christians.

However, the issue at hand is not the sexual orientation of Catholics but how those attractions are lived out and acted upon. Yes, God loves us all, even in our sin, but that does not mean that everything we do is good.

The only thing I would add is that we can support anti-discrimination laws, prevention of violence against people on account of sexual orientation, and yes, even some form of legal recognition for gay relationships (civil unions or domestic partnerships, anyone?) without running afoul of Church teachings.  But those are civil actions, civil remedies, and involve Catholics and non-Catholics alike. But, as I keep saying, if you don’t like the rules of the Church, find a different one whose rules you like, rather than trying to change a two-thousand year-old institution to fit the whims of the day.


We’ve seen condemnations left and right against Ladd Ehlinger and Turn Right USA concerning their viral video about Janice Hahn in the CA-36 race.

It’s been called racist (nah I don’t think so) sexist (no more than any other rap video) and more. The self-righteous have been up in arms about it, but not so up in arms to prevent them from embedding it.

Now for my money here is something that is a lot more offensive:

Last night someone planted these items under a TRUSA vehicle. No fire was set, but it certainly seemed ominous. Law Enforcement was called to the scene to investigate.

Let’s see, an open gas tank, a gas pump and a lighter strategically placed (note that the lighter’s head is away from the gas to prevent “accidents”

This is what might be called “sending a message”

I talked to Ladd Ehlinger this morning. He informs me that this was found about 9:30 yesterday Monday, police have been informed.

I found the this a lot more startling than he did, Ladd pooh poohed it as the LA way of sending a message.

The question would be why? Remember in the primary the democrats drew 75% of the vote. No matter how much internal friction there is in the party why would anyone bother to make such a threat?

Publicity stunt perhaps? I asked Ladd that question directly and he answered he was not aware of any involvement by anyone in TRUSA in this matter. Since a police have been informed such an action would have placed TRUSA in legal jeopardy (remember Rep Weiner didn’t involve the authorities)

Still it doesn’t make sense given the state of the race that any supporter of either Hahn or of the program bother to threaten Ehlinger and the TRUSA folk in such a public way. There doesn’t seem to be much return for the risk. So why do it?

The answer comes from this quote from the movie the Sting. Doyle Lonnegan is on the golf course when his hood Floyd informs him they’ve killed one of the two who robbed his runner but the other got away. When Lonnegan decides to put more muscle into finding him, Floyd asks why bother. Lonnegan answers:

You see that fella in the red sweather over there? His name’s Donnie McCoy. Works a few of the protection rackets for Cunnaro when he’s waiting for something better to happen. Donnie and I have known each other since we were six. Take a good look at that face, Floyd. Because if he ever finds out I can be beat by one lousy grifter, I’ll have to kill him and every other hood who wants to muscle in on my Chicago operation.

In my opinion this isn’t about winning a race or saving a program that gives profit, it’s about sending a message to the next fellow who might think about questioning the status quo.

And it looks like such a message might be necessary because not only is the Hahn campaign seemingly ducking a debate lo and behold here comes the NRCC with this newly minted page highlighting the gang program and with some devastating videos on the subject.

Not quite “debunked” is it TPM?

I called up the NRCC and talked first to a young man named Ted who directed me to a fellow named John Randall who was gracious enough to call me back in a timely manner.

He said the new site went up yesterday. It’s purpose was to inform the voters of Ca-36 more fully about the gang program and Hahn’s involvement. He brought up Pelosi’s endorsement of Hahn and questioned if this was the type of Government Nancy Pelosi wanted to bring to congress. He stressed that Craig Huey ran second against the predictions of many.

As to Ehlinger’s rap video He unequivocally stated that it had no connection to the new NRCC site and condemned the video and the images contained therein but did acknowledge that it raised some serious issues that have hitherto been ignored in this race. When I asked why the media has ignored these issues he said that was a question better asked of them.

An even better question in my opinion is why coverage of what appears to be a death threat against a political filmmaker in the US is only considered newsworthy by this blog and Penguin Pundit. Is everyone too busy covering Jon Huntsman?

With a limited amount of time and money to devote to campaigns it seems unlikely that the NRCC would be giving effort if they considered this race a lost cause.

I called the Hahn campaign for comment this morning. Nobody was there but in fairness to them it is still early in the morning California time. I left a message on their answering machine and will let you know if they contact me back via phone or e-mail.

Meanwhile Ehlinger has not slowed down. I asked if the threat was going to stop TRUSA, he said it would not and had backed that up answering a cease and desist letter from the LA Democratic party with snark and he will be on AM 1450 WOL in DC this afternoon 4 p.m. EST to talk further on the subject and I’ll be having him on during my 2nd hour this Saturday on DaTechGuy on DaRadio.

I wonder if the same people who roundly condemned Ehlinger will bother to condemn this apparent threat?

Update: I’m normally not much on this but if you think this was worthwhile I would appreciate it if you considered hitting DaTipJar. This has been a lean month and this story took up a lot of time that should have been used to chase down new sponsors for the Radio show.

Update 2: The American Spectator reports on the Cease and Desist order and quotes Ehlinger on the new NRCC site:

Welcome to [the] bandwagon, boys,

Update 3: Linked by Stacy, Thanks. Meanwhile and Fleming and Hayes provide a timeline. Also corrected the date on incident.

Update 4: Ace discovers the subject and links and Dan Riehl links to ace.

Apparently the Netroots convention can’t stand the heat:

Raven Brooks, Netroots Nation’s executive director, said Tuesday the group had a noncompete clause in its contracts with the Rhode Island Convention Center and two Providence hotels.

“Good luck finding a venue in 2012,” he tweeted over the weekend, in reference to RightOnline. “Two words, non-compete clause. Hugs and kisses.”

Could it be that our friends on the left can’t handle the mere presence of those on the right? Or could it be that they find themselves unable to restrain themselves in the presence of those who disagree with them, or are paranoid.

Stacy likes the idea of an alternative location but that will mean if both are at the same time I’ll likely cover the netroots for WCRN.

Yesterday there was a lot of talk about the Walmart decision but for my money one of the most important decisions the court made this week was on a totally different matter:

Bond Vs the United States

The indicted defendant, petitioner here, sought to argue the invalidity of the statute. She relied on the Tenth Amendment , and, by extension, on the premise that Congress exceeded its powers by enacting it in contravention of basic federalism principles. The statute, 18 U. S. C. §229, was enacted to comply with a treaty; but petitioner contends that, at least in the present instance, the treaty cannot be the source of congressional power to regulate or prohibit her conduct.

The Court of Appeals held that because a State was not a party to the federal criminal proceeding, petitioner had no standing to challenge the statute as an infringement upon the powers reserved to the States. Having concluded that petitioner does have standing to challenge the federal statute on these grounds, this Court now reverses that determination.

Think about that for a second; The supreme court upheld the right of a citizen to argue the invalidity of a statute of the United States code on 10th Amendment grounds and the court supported it.

Ann Althouse so loves this quote it is the title of her post:

“State sovereignty is not just an end in itself: ‘Rather, federalism secures to citizens the liberties that derive from the diffusion of sovereign power.”

The Common American Journal gets it:

In short, freedom advocates like us just got a green light from the USSC to bring more cases under the 10th Amendment. This will have huge—positive—implications for freedom so long as the current constitution of the court holds

This is exactly right. It is getting almost no press but you can expect it to be the basis for a lot more cases in the future.

Not thinking she can win in 2012 is not the same as not liking Sarah Palin.

Not thinking she can recover from the media onslaught this time is not the same as disrespecting Sarah Palin

Having an opinion other than mine on election 2012 does not make him our enemy.

Guys lighten up.

Oh and if the bet was $100 instead of $1000 I’d take it, but Conservatives for Palin beat me to it.