There are an awful lot of people who have been disappointed in the performance of John Boehner as speaker.

With the majority that he has many had high expectations of what he would achieve. He would managed to get Obamacare repealed, he would achieve massive budget cuts, he would lead and the president and the Senate would have to follow.

As we all know it hasn’t worked out that way. The senate has foiled the house, the President hasn’t played ball and in the house and the media have crucified him and the house over the Ryan Budget, over the Planned Parenthood cut attempts over the possible shutdown and now this weekend over a golf game where he tried to work things out.

It may not be clearly understood but I think it’s been brilliant.

Barack Obama is in a bad situation, much worse than the media and the polls and a big part of the reason of it is Boehner.

Yes he has failed to force the change we would all like with half of a single branch of a government but consider the contrast he has made.

Boehner has passed, and passed and passed, The Ryan budget, the planned parenthood cuts, the trims on the continuing resolutions. Instead of the “party of no” the Republicans have been the party of “Go!”

Meanwhile Democrats who hold the executive branch and the Senate have blocked and blocked and blocked again and more importantly they didn’t have actual alternatives.

This president desperately needs to make this election a referendum on something other than himself as Harry Truman did when in a big hole in 1948 running against a “do nothing congress”. Barack Obama can not do this because the “do nothings” in congress are in his own party.

And because Boehner has been firm yet seemingly accommodating the only hope for this administration is a bad choice for a GOP nominee.

The end result, it more likely that the GOP will have the power to make the changes that Democrats were so anxious to block this term.

That’s good news for conservatives, the GOP and the country.

St. Cecilia Church in Boston scheduled a mass in honour of Gay Pride Month; the archdiocese cancelled it, then reinstated it and rescheduled it for 10 July at 11 am.  Apparently, this is because,

St. Cecilia’s congregation has a large gay and lesbian population, many of whom arrived after the South End’s predominantly gay Jesuit Urban Center closed in 2007, parishioners said. Almost 200 members of St. Cecilia’s are active in its Rainbow Ministry, which hosts events for members and supporters of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community.

Now, loads of parishes have a huge population of people who engage in premarital or extramarital sex, have abortions, divorce and remarry without annulments, and curse the Lord, but somehow, no one is pushing for a “Fornication and Cussing” mass to celebrate those differences.  The Boston Pilot is absolutely correct in its assessment of what is wrong with the Church’s movement towards endorsement of homosexuality:

It is also vital to understand that homosexual orientation is not, in itself, sinful and people experiencing it are welcome to participate in the life of the Church. In this regard, the Catholic Church is far more welcoming than some other groups of Christians.

However, the issue at hand is not the sexual orientation of Catholics but how those attractions are lived out and acted upon. Yes, God loves us all, even in our sin, but that does not mean that everything we do is good.

The only thing I would add is that we can support anti-discrimination laws, prevention of violence against people on account of sexual orientation, and yes, even some form of legal recognition for gay relationships (civil unions or domestic partnerships, anyone?) without running afoul of Church teachings.  But those are civil actions, civil remedies, and involve Catholics and non-Catholics alike. But, as I keep saying, if you don’t like the rules of the Church, find a different one whose rules you like, rather than trying to change a two-thousand year-old institution to fit the whims of the day.


We’ve seen condemnations left and right against Ladd Ehlinger and Turn Right USA concerning their viral video about Janice Hahn in the CA-36 race.

It’s been called racist (nah I don’t think so) sexist (no more than any other rap video) and more. The self-righteous have been up in arms about it, but not so up in arms to prevent them from embedding it.

Now for my money here is something that is a lot more offensive:

Last night someone planted these items under a TRUSA vehicle. No fire was set, but it certainly seemed ominous. Law Enforcement was called to the scene to investigate.

Let’s see, an open gas tank, a gas pump and a lighter strategically placed (note that the lighter’s head is away from the gas to prevent “accidents”

This is what might be called “sending a message”

I talked to Ladd Ehlinger this morning. He informs me that this was found about 9:30 yesterday Monday, police have been informed.

I found the this a lot more startling than he did, Ladd pooh poohed it as the LA way of sending a message.

The question would be why? Remember in the primary the democrats drew 75% of the vote. No matter how much internal friction there is in the party why would anyone bother to make such a threat?

Publicity stunt perhaps? I asked Ladd that question directly and he answered he was not aware of any involvement by anyone in TRUSA in this matter. Since a police have been informed such an action would have placed TRUSA in legal jeopardy (remember Rep Weiner didn’t involve the authorities)

Still it doesn’t make sense given the state of the race that any supporter of either Hahn or of the program bother to threaten Ehlinger and the TRUSA folk in such a public way. There doesn’t seem to be much return for the risk. So why do it?

The answer comes from this quote from the movie the Sting. Doyle Lonnegan is on the golf course when his hood Floyd informs him they’ve killed one of the two who robbed his runner but the other got away. When Lonnegan decides to put more muscle into finding him, Floyd asks why bother. Lonnegan answers:

You see that fella in the red sweather over there? His name’s Donnie McCoy. Works a few of the protection rackets for Cunnaro when he’s waiting for something better to happen. Donnie and I have known each other since we were six. Take a good look at that face, Floyd. Because if he ever finds out I can be beat by one lousy grifter, I’ll have to kill him and every other hood who wants to muscle in on my Chicago operation.

In my opinion this isn’t about winning a race or saving a program that gives profit, it’s about sending a message to the next fellow who might think about questioning the status quo.

And it looks like such a message might be necessary because not only is the Hahn campaign seemingly ducking a debate lo and behold here comes the NRCC with this newly minted page highlighting the gang program and with some devastating videos on the subject.

Not quite “debunked” is it TPM?

I called up the NRCC and talked first to a young man named Ted who directed me to a fellow named John Randall who was gracious enough to call me back in a timely manner.

He said the new site went up yesterday. It’s purpose was to inform the voters of Ca-36 more fully about the gang program and Hahn’s involvement. He brought up Pelosi’s endorsement of Hahn and questioned if this was the type of Government Nancy Pelosi wanted to bring to congress. He stressed that Craig Huey ran second against the predictions of many.

As to Ehlinger’s rap video He unequivocally stated that it had no connection to the new NRCC site and condemned the video and the images contained therein but did acknowledge that it raised some serious issues that have hitherto been ignored in this race. When I asked why the media has ignored these issues he said that was a question better asked of them.

An even better question in my opinion is why coverage of what appears to be a death threat against a political filmmaker in the US is only considered newsworthy by this blog and Penguin Pundit. Is everyone too busy covering Jon Huntsman?

With a limited amount of time and money to devote to campaigns it seems unlikely that the NRCC would be giving effort if they considered this race a lost cause.

I called the Hahn campaign for comment this morning. Nobody was there but in fairness to them it is still early in the morning California time. I left a message on their answering machine and will let you know if they contact me back via phone or e-mail.

Meanwhile Ehlinger has not slowed down. I asked if the threat was going to stop TRUSA, he said it would not and had backed that up answering a cease and desist letter from the LA Democratic party with snark and he will be on AM 1450 WOL in DC this afternoon 4 p.m. EST to talk further on the subject and I’ll be having him on during my 2nd hour this Saturday on DaTechGuy on DaRadio.

I wonder if the same people who roundly condemned Ehlinger will bother to condemn this apparent threat?

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Update 2: The American Spectator reports on the Cease and Desist order and quotes Ehlinger on the new NRCC site:

Welcome to [the] bandwagon, boys,

Update 3: Linked by Stacy, Thanks. Meanwhile and Fleming and Hayes provide a timeline. Also corrected the date on incident.

Update 4: Ace discovers the subject and links and Dan Riehl links to ace.