How can you not link to a post called: “Why climate Change has become the dead Parrot sketch of American Politics”

Especially if you are a python fan like me:

Whoa there: The more science you know about climate change, the less likely you are to think it is a crisis? This suggest that all the money environmentalists have spent (I think the Environmental Defense Fund has spent $300 million alone on climate change) has had a negative effect on public opinion, and it offers the ironic possibility that the best thing Al Gore could do to advance his cause is shut up and grow his beard back in a Tibetan monastery.

The whole Climate change business was and is all about a way to funnel tax revenues to a select group of people who would politically reward those who conned the people into doing it while attending lush conferences with well stocked bars and willing young ladies at expensive resorts. Have you ever wondered why they just didn’t video conference if they were so concerned about the emissions instead of burning all that jet fuel?

Next up, for Python. Spot the Looney!