First with these two tweets concerning the news conference:

He follows up with some questions that didn’t get asked at his news conference such as:

When you create jobs, why do always create them for Texas?

If you are not familiar with Iowahawk, here is my interview with the most concise man on the internet from last year

Was it just 33 years ago that we saw things like this

Syrian government supporters smashed windows at the U.S. Embassy in Damascus on Monday, raised a Syrian flag and scrawled graffiti calling the American ambassador a “dog” in anger over the envoy’s visit last week to an opposition stronghold, witnesses said.

At HotAir Ed Morrissey who also remembers the late 70’s opines:

Obama had better act quickly to make clear to Assad that this kind of attack won’t be tolerated. The last thing Obama needs now is yet another parallel to the Carter administration in a sacking of a Middle East embassy by “students.” Unfortunately, the White House appears somewhat distracted by yet another effort to push the nominally-US-aligned Saleh out of power

I haven’t done the Carter/Arthur watch lately but I just want to remind you of something I wrote the day Obama was inaugurated:

Lets hope that Obama’s decision to walk is just symbolic and not an actual reflection on the Carter vs Arthur watch.

Seriously considering the crowd and the mood it makes sense but please please PLEASE I hope its not another Jimmy Carter! Unless of course it is followed by another Ronald Reagan, preferably from Alaska.

We’ve reached a point where the Jimmy Carter vs Chester Arthur question is no longer in doubt, the only question left is will the public give us a Reagan in 2012 or a Ford.

…concerning Zombie’s post about the Turn Right/ Ehlinger ad.

In their get out the vote flyer story on the CA 36 race they religiously avoid topics that might depress the Hahn campaign turnout while Highlighting items that might energize democratic voters. This in itself is no surprise, this is the MSM and that they are in the tank for Democrats should be no surprise to anyone who has paid any attention over the years.

Yet among their Omissions is any reference to the Turn Right USA rap video. Just to remind you Zombie’s post yesterday referred to the ad as “backfiring” and “dunderheaded video” yet the AP doesn’t mention it at all.

One would think that given the “Hey Democrats you need to get out and vote” theme of the story they might include the video that might energize democrats, while dodging the Fox news story on the gang connections, but they do not.

Why? Because they can’t take the chance of democratic voters finding one more reason to avoid voting for Janice Hahn.

Oh and one more thing, I hit Zombie on his conclusion concerning the Turn Right USA ads, but take a good look at Zombie’s full post vs the AP story running today. Compare the two and ask yourself this question: If you were totally uninformed about the CA-36 race, which one brings you up to speed?

The answer tells you in a nutshell why the MSM is declining while alternative media is rising.