Today is the Anniversary of the Molly Norris Fatwa

When I was a kid my favorite album was Bill Cosby’s Revenge. Because of the title track I always remembered July 12 as Cosby’s birthday. He was the first standup comic I knew and has made me laugh all my life and my sons all of theirs, so to him I wish a Happy Birthday and many more.

Today however I remember July 12th for a different reason. It is a day of outrage for me because one year ago today, July 12, a Fatwa was placed on cartoonist Molly Norris who once wrote for the Seattle Times.

Norris had drawn a cartoon in support of South Park after an episode featuring Mohammad was censored, she had suggested an Everybody Draw Mohammad day in protest. She later disavowed and apologized saying she meant no offense but to those who called for her death it didn’t matter.

Two months later Molly Norris went into hiding under an assumed name for fear of her life. She remains in hiding, somewhere in the US, to this day.

Run that through your head. In 2010 A US citizen was forced to change her name and give us her life for exercising her first Amendment rights in America. It is the most obscene offense against the 1st Amendment I’ve ever seen.

Did the US congress pass a resolution of outrage? Did Newspapers around the nation rally to her side? Did the talking heads of the MSM express outrage? Were there marches in the streets with people carrying banners to proclaim that they would not stand for the bedrock right, the freedom of speech, to be abrogated?


My feeling about the story is the same as it was a year ago and my battle cry remains unchanged:

I defy you murderous Islamic Bastards and I stand with Molly Norris!

I call on bloggers today to put up a post proclaiming they remember Molly Norris.

I call on talk radio and Television hosts to mention this anniversary and express their outrage

I call upon our representatives to pass a resolution of outrage over this Fatwa and in support of Molly Norris.

Every day this stands the first Amendment is desecrated and our rights are become simply words on an old piece of paper. If we don’t fight this and continue to fight it, then not only will we forfeit the rights our forefathers died to bequeath us, but we will have proved ourselves unworthy of those rights.

Update: My thanks to Joy McCann and Dan Collins who have allowed me to cross post this at The Conservatory