Isn’t this post by Ann Althouse ….

...concerning the president's lying about his past: Obama lied about a central fact about his own life which he used — powerfully — to push health care reform. ...more proof of the Virginian's and Stacy's thesis? Perhaps, but between the president's actions and her experiences in Wisconsin this year I'm more than satisfied with where … Continue reading Isn’t this post by Ann Althouse ….

Moral Schizophrenia

Earlier this week, a young Hasidic Jewish child, Leiby Kletzy, disappeared while walking home from school. He was attacked by someone from his neighbourhood, who brutally dismembered Leiby's body. (Read only if you have a strong stomach.) You can't find anyone in his right mind who thinks that what happened to little Leiby is anything … Continue reading Moral Schizophrenia

“They all go to saving lives madam”

So apparently the life of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and all those lives lost in Mexico to criminals with arms allowed to cross by Operation fast and furious were to justify further Gun Control ... ...which is of course all about saving lives. It's pretty sad when the Administration mirrors Monty Python