To say I’ve had a bit of a run of bad luck is kind of mild. In the space of 10 days 2 of three cars have needed vital repairs at a total cost of over $1,000 (and the repair shop treated me well). I had physical issues with the laptop that cost me a further $150 and a property Tax bill due for another $500 and some doctor bills not covered by DaWife’s new insurance for another $300 bucks.

Put simply I find myself $1800 in the hole with very few reserves left to tap and 10 days to come up with the money without spending the mortgage money also due at the end of the month.

Update 2: re-arranged the post so you can get to the actual posts on da blog. Goal reached in 71 hours and 41 minutes after the initial post.. Running totals under the jump.

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Question: Why on earth are stories about Michelle Bachmann’s migraine headaches front page news and being reported on ABC?

For the daily Caller this is a win, the MSM often fails to pick up their materials, but as Stacy McCain noted when “conservatives” attack republicans suddenly a Daily Caller piece becomes desirable.

But why the Daily caller? The question is answered by who this piece benefits the most, and that Answer is Mitt Romney and the establishment GOP. Let’s go back to March 31st and note Romney’s one big advantage in this race.

The establishment GOP hates and fears any Palin-like candidate and likes him.

Romney needs to keep the Tea Party vote divided (welcome aboard Thaddeus McCotter). Sarah Palin continues to wait, Herman Cain has lost some conservatives like Yid with Lid, (my guest this Saturday 10 a.m. WCRN listen live here).

The worst thing that can happen to him is a candidate to break out and the candidate he wants least to break out if Michelle Bachmann. Unfortunately for Mitt he can’t afford to be seen directly attacking either a Palin or a Bachmann. So surrogates must be called into play.

So the needs of the left and Bachmann have converged. Romney needs Bachmann to be Palinized. As David French put it on the Corner:

Exactly one week ago, I wrote that Michele Bachmann should prepare for the Sarah Palin treatment. As Glenn Stanton noted today, the Left is coming after her with its customary class, accusing her husband of being gay. But now anonymous conservatives have bared their claws. I suppose such betrayals are inevitable in politics, but they are still intolerable.

The doctor’s note not withstanding the left is going to run whole hog on this. (Carl Bernstein was hitting her on Morning Joe today, Mika thought the whole argument was sexist)

Unfortunately for the left her story is even more compelling than Palin’s French again:

Michele Bachmann has a personal story that Hollywood would love if she were liberal. A mother of five took in foster child after foster child, grew alarmed at the poor quality of their mandatory public education, and then launched herself into the political process to improve their lives. They’d pitch Julia Roberts for the part if Bachmann had only been crusading against a power plant or land development. As it is, she has to settle for the Palin treatment — from the Left and the Right.

and in the Herald:

“Nobody would ever ask a man whether they thought of themselves as a flake,” said Jennifer Duffy, senior political editor at Cook Political Report, an independent, nonpartisan online newsletter. Duffy said that while Bachmann has not been grilled about her hair, makeup or clothes, Wallace’s question suggested a sexist litmus test. Bachmann’s response: She’s a mother, a lawyer and a congresswoman — and the question was “insulting.”

Expect an awful lot more of this stuff as long as Bachmann’s numbers continue to run high, why?

There’s only one reason for this sort of thing: Mitt Romney is feeling the heat.

and as long as the heat is on so will the pressure from any outlet funded by establishment money.

Gabe Sherman on Morning Joe is violating a basic rule of MSNBC. He has specifically defended Fox in the News of the World Scandal.

Even John Heilemann is dismissing the “9/11” stuff that Justice is investigating in the US (as they duck gunrunner) dismissing it as the charges of the Daily Mirror, another tabloid.

And of course we have Carl “I don’t mind getting personal info like phone numbers to bring down Nixon” Bernstein still trying to connect it to both sides of the Atlantic describing it as an “attempt to get power”.

They keep going back to Fox because that is why the media is going gaga on it, it’s why you have 45 minutes of an US morning show devoted to live coverage of Parliament.

If they just reported the story, the story would take care of itself and would sting, by overplaying it, suddenly it becomes less a news story than yet another attempt to climb higher by bringing down those ahead of them.

If you want to know why NBC has to “lean forward” it’s because it’s the only way that can get any closer to Fox news that is leaving them in the dust.