I’ve been very busy this morning working on a project and thanking all those who gave me a hand in the 72 hours from Thursday night through yesterday but there are a few stories that you guys need to see.

1. I quit

Via Glenn this post is something I hear an awful lot of from folks as I do my door to door.

The only thing I’m sure of is that what I saw today is a broken process and a sham. We all want a decent environment in which to live, but when various people at a public meeting — including federal officials and community members — talk about “environmental justice” and make it clear that their intent is to make it harder for businesses to operate, well, I can see why a businessman would decide to quit. I consider myself an environmentalist — because I want to live in a safe, secure, clean world — but what I saw isn’t reasonable concern for the environment as much as it’s an ideological agenda.

Environmentalism is simply a religion that the left approves of (sometimes I think left will approve of any religion as long as it doesn’t involve Christ).

2. Molly Who?

NYT jumps on the blame game trying to pin the murders in Norway on those in the US who fight against Jihad. I notice two things missing from their argument and the arguments of all those on the left rushing to link to it.

1. The Body count of those killed by Radical Islam this month (over 1100 casualties 436 of them killed). For some reason all of those talking about hate have no words of support or sympathy for those 1100, I’d love to know why. And more importantly that is just July, how is it that the June, May, April, March, February or January figures are not of the least interest to them?

2. How many people do the FBI have in hiding because they are in fear of their lives of those who oppose Jihad in the US? I can’t name one, but I can name one US Citizen, a lady named Molly Norris who even now is forced to live under an assumed name due to a Fatwa on her life. Strangely enough she is not worth a mention either.

The perfect visualization of this of all of this nonsense is at the Minority Report blog today.

3. STRAUSS-KAHN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dan Collins at the conservatory notes an interesting angle on the Straus-Kahn story that has fallen off the face of the earth lately:

Perhaps we Colonials simply misunderstand the subtle nuance of the concept of seduction, for we are unsophisticated blockheads. We are apt to imagine Rudolf Valentino, perhaps, when in fact the Figura of Seduction is a randy old buck naked French satyr head banging a third-world maid in a first-world hotel bathroom against her will before running off to have lunch with his daughter and flying home. That is apparently what passes for charming.

I’ve been busy and haven’t written anything new for the Conservatory in a few days but the conservatory is always worth your time.

Got an e-mail from Fisherville Mike over the sad plight of Keith Olberman and Cenk Uygur with the classic title:

Sad, lost children of MSNBC

He links to the Baltimore Sun column that talks of the irony of people railing against corporations while working for one of the largest ones out there:

That’s a good question. And hosts like Olbermann and Uygur only answer it after they have left MSNBC.

In the end, the only way for MSNBC hosts to keep faith with the ideology they espoused on the air was to denounce MSNBC.

I can see the 30 seconds ad now

Poor ideological children. They spent their time fighting for the weakest among us. Now they are cast out and displaced from their comfortable home. Once they were loved by Million hundreds of thousands thousands, now they are displaced with few prospects and even fewer viewers and not even a book deal.

Can you see these poor faces and not give? (images via Wikipedia)

Look at these poor faces and do what your heat tells you.

I’m sure this PSA will be running on every screen in Berkley and San Francisco.

Three days ago at a McDonalds in Pelham NH I found myself putting up a post that I found rather embarrassing, detailing a rather tight financial situation and asking for help. I detailed the bills that came up, the bills totaled about $1950 but I set my goal at $1800 as I had enough to cover small emergencies.

71 hours into the fund drive the following comment was left by blogger Dr. Weevel saying in part:

Why don’t you just get a free blog on WordPress, no hosting costs at all, then get a real job and blog in your spare time. If you aren’t making enough money without this really pathetic spectacle, you aren’t talented enough a writer to make a living.

The folks at Monty Python had a different opinion on the fundraising method used

Mr. Ford: I just go up to them in the street and ask

Merchant Banker of Slater-Nazi: My God! That’s the most exciting new idea I’ve heard in years. It’s…it’s so simple it’s brilliant! Well if that Idea of your’s isn’t worth a pound I’d like to know what is?

The irony is that the Doc’s comment came into my queue just as I was updating my post to announce the exceeding of my goal by a full 2% in only 71 hours and 41 minutes and writing my 76th thank you note.

For those interested in raw numbers a total of 76 donations came in from 75 different people (Stacy McCain kicked in twice). The smallest amount given was $2 the largest $100. The total was $1833.26 with an average gift of $24.12 after paypal’s take.

Every single one of those gifts from the smallest to the largest was most welcome and very appreciated.

Also appreciated are the links, Stacy McCain has beaten the drum for me for days, Glenn Reynolds instalanched me twice, Joy McCann and Dan Collins liked via both the conservatory and their blogs, Cyntha Yockey, and the Lonely Conservative both linked, Susan Ducos of Wake up America did as well.

Zilla of the Resistance linked even though she is in dire straights herself (Please consider jumping over there and giving her a hand).

My fellow bloggers have treated me very well, they have shared their links and their potential tip jar hitters, they are the best friends a man can have.

For those still interested in raw numbers this year between the two blogs the sites have drawn 333,000 hits the 75 donors represent. I had 9 tip jar hitters (not counting ad purchasers who paid via paypal) during the year before this fundraiser, making a total of 84 tip jar hits generated in 333,000 hits averaging about one tip jar hit for every 4000 visits. The vast majority of tip jar hits have been since Thursday evening. I’ve had 3865 hits as since the day the bleg started averaging a tip jar hit for every fifty visitors, an incredible number but understandable since many people came from links promoting the blog.

As I typed this post 3 new donors gave an additional 42.79 raising the grand total to 1876.05 a full 104% of my goal!

For those who do not know I started this blog in Nov of 2008 at the free wordpress site (datechguy.wordpress.com) just after the company I worked & blogged for folded. After two years of failure to find work I fell into the DaTechGuy on DaRadio gig on WCRN AM 830 a 50,000 Watt station out of Worcester. I buy my time for the show, sell ads online and on air and live off the difference for 8 months the show has managed to stay in the black as we’ve brought in some the best bloggers in the nation, from Stacy McCain to Glenn Reynolds to Little Miss Attila to Yid with Lid who appeared this week.

The plan is to eventually syndicate as we talk to national bloggers on national issues along with some local writers but for now the vast majority of my advertisers are local and New England business’ that I sell door to door on the show.

Until this month’s multiple disasters I had managed to to all right, expenses were covered enough sat in the bank to pay for a extra couple of months, but the particular disasters of the month combined with a very slow July/August have added up to a lot of trouble until you came by to help.

With the funds to alleviate the Car, computer and medical disasters of July I should be able to manager the regular expenses of August and keep the ball rolling as I get into the much more fruitful advertising fields of September as my show’s audience and reach continues to grow.

But none of this would have been possible without all of your help, so for me and mine I say thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am in your debt and I will do my best to insure both the blog and the radio show are worthy of your support.