My reading of the Budget Bill some quick comments

I have read/skimmed the Budget deal as posted at legal Insurrection this morning a few thoughts:

1. I like that it is only 74 pages, nobody in congress has an excuse to not read it

2. Anything that is dated after 2012 means very little, any new congress can change this.

3. There are items in this bill that seem to affect the standing rules of the senate, that is likely not constitutional.

4. There are a lot of amendments to existing law, which means you have to read the existing law to know what it is actually doing.

5. The Balanced budget Amendment line here calls only for a vote, that doesn’t mean it is going to pass, nor that it will include the 2/3 trigger necessary for such an amendment to be worthwhile.

6. It is interesting to note that the joint committee has equal membership for minority and the majority party in both chambers and that it goes away on January 31 2012, just in time for the election season.

7. The critical decision here will be the makeup of the Joint Committee, Those appointments will be where the Rubber meets the road.

After reading the bill, if it was up to me, I’d be a yes vote, This bill is not an example of steaming in the right direction, it is an example of completing the turn of the ship so it is facing in the right direction but you have to turn the ship before you change directions, this is the turn.

Update: Jimmie Bise and the Lonely conservative are both iffy on the bill, but since the Joint committee only goes to 2012 I think it’s not that big a risk.

Update 2: Download it here.

Update 3: Sissy Willis links

Update 4: Bad link fixed