…and lets also re-visit reality

I’ve had a little back and forth with my friend Cynthia Yockey yesterday (who will be on the show this Saturday at 10 A.M. on WCRN 830 Don’t miss her!) I was updating the post with a link from Lisa Graas when I saw what is a very significant tweet from my friend Sissy Willis that had a tangential relationship to the conversation:

A very fair warning, that produced a fair response by me.

If you are more worried about Christians who wish to return American laws to those primitive days of May 16 2004 when Gays were so repressed that Sharon Stove could not give a lesbian Kiss to Halle Berry in the movie Catwoman then the people who actually murdered Pym Fortuyn, Theo Van Gogh and from who Molly Norris is STILL hiding then your eyes are off the prize. Lisa Graas lined an example here:

Homosexuals deserve to be tortured and executed an Iranian leader told British MPs during a private meeting at a peace conference, it emerged today.

Mohsen Yahyavi is the highest-ranked politician to admit that Iran believes in the death penalty for homosexuality following recent reports that gay youths were being hanged.

Cynthia gets this (check out her blog under the category Islamofacsim). She may go after Marcus Bachmann but she doesn’t pull any punches against radical Islam. Many of the anti-anti’s on the left do not.

And by an odd coincidence via Pam Geller we see this from ABC news:

In a video released three weeks before the 9/11 anniversary, new al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri urges followers to continue to target the United States.

Dressed in white, with his automatic weapon leaning against his left side, Zawahiri urges “Muslim brothers everywhere” to pursue America in the 12-minute video.

As Pam puts it:

Another influential misunderstander of Islam. Does anyone else find it curious that the most devout and pious Muslims are all misunderstanding Islam in exactly the same way, reading the exact same words for over 1,400 years?

On and one more thing. Sissy Willis was quoting this NYT article that referred to the killer of Pym Fortuyn as “an animal-rights activist”. That is true, but they seem to have missed this bit from the trial of the killer:

A Left-wing activist confessed in court yesterday to Holland’s first political assassination in 400 years, claiming that he shot Pim Fortuyn to defend Dutch Muslims from persecution.

Strangely enough a CNN article from March 27th 2003 cited in Wikipedia titled “Fortuyn killer ‘acted for Muslims'” no longer exists in the CNN archive. Funny that.

Update: Michelle Goldberg knows where the real threat lies, I’m shocked that neo confederate sex panic isn’t cited in her piece.