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Another way to look at the “Should Chris Christie run or not” question is to examine how prepared he would be to come in late as compared to another late comer such as say Sarah Palin, consider:

1. Sarah Palin has a large amount of chits from the last election cycle (2010) that she can call in from multiple congressional election campaigns, many more than Chris Christie.

2. Sarah Palin has been regularly hitting the Obama administration since 2009, Chris Christie has not.

3. Christie has taken MSM hits in NJ but has not been vetted anywhere near the level of Palin

and most importantly

4. Sarah Palin has a network of followers, (one could say fanatical followers) not only urging her to run but ready to work like dogs for her. Christie has insiders pushing him, insiders are not sign holders.

Chris Christie is less prepared to run than Sarah Palin, and unlike Palin would not be running an “insurgent” campaign. f he runs he is going to embarrass himself, badly.

MCFL’s annual pro-life walk, the Respect Life Walk to Aid Mothers and Children, will be this Sunday in Boston Common (Parkman Bandstand).  Registration is at 1:30 pm; the walk starts at 2:30.

Donate money to benefit women who are struggling to choose life.  Show your support for the pro-life cause.  Or, be like the Walk Baby’s parents, who met each other at the Walk back in 2007.  Also, hear about MCFL’s work to repeal the individual mandate portion of RomneyCare.

What can you say when you see something like this:

What’s most amazing is that its citizens will not merely refrain from objecting, but will stand and cheer the U.S. Government’s new power to assassinate their fellow citizens, far from any battlefield, literally without a shred of due process from the U.S. Government. Many will celebrate the strong, decisive, Tough President’s ability to eradicate the life of Anwar al-Awlaki — including many who just so righteously condemned those Republican audience members as so terribly barbaric and crass for cheering Governor Perry’s execution of scores of serial murderers and rapists — criminals who were at least given a trial and appeals and the other trappings of due process before being killed.

I thought the left was insisting we were at war with Al Qaeda instead of Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc etc etc. You would think that killing leaders of Al-Qaeda would work for them? Cripes even Andrew Sullivan still gets it:

My own position is that we are at war, and that avowed enemies and traitors in active warfare against the US cannot suddenly invoke legal protections from a society they have decided to help destroy.

I’ll wager Greenwald and Firedoglake would not have been crying over Winston Wood Bolt.

He also brings up something near and dear to me:

to remove one important propaganda source of that movement has made all of us safer. And those Americans who have lived under one of Awlaki’s murderous fatwas can breathe more easily today.

I guess that means he will never take me up on my formal request to be included in the FATWA against Molly Norris. Does that mean she can come out of hiding? I sure hope so.

This about it, Andrew Sullivan has a clearer view of the situation than the MSM does. You don’t get much worse than that.

Exit question: Would the left have deployed Human Shields to protest Anwar Al-Awlaki and would that have stopped us from blowing him up?

Update: No you should not be insulted Stacy. Mr. Al-Awlaki and Mr. Bolt were born in the United States and were members of organizations at war with the United States, but that’s where the similarities end. Mr. Winston Wood Bolt fought under the articles of war only engaging soldiers until his capture but because he fought for the confederacy I suspect that the same people who are beating their breasts over Al-Awlaki would likely have much less mercy for Mr. Bolt.

Update 2: Glenn not Greg fixed

After months of telling everyone that he is not running for president, there are now hints that Chris Christie might jump into the race.

After months of hedging, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is giving serious thought to jumping into the ring for a GOP presidential run — and could make his decision next week, The Post has learned.

The announcement may come as soon as Monday, said sources familiar with Christie’s thinking.

The renewed consideration about a White House run came after prodding this week from some Republicans he idolizes, including former First Lady Nancy Reagan, former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, and former President George W. Bush, sources said.

Now don’t get me wrong, Chris Christie is a great guy with a future in the Republican Party but he is being played for a sucker by hired guns who want him in for their own reasons.

So why all this push? The answer comes from the old Latin phrase: Cui Bono? Let me provide some answers to that question:

A: the GOP Establishment/Mitt Romney

1. It neutralizes the Herman Cain boomlet (in the same way the Perry run neutralized the Bachmann one) The last thing the establishment wants is a tea party candidate advancing. This sucks away the media and the money that Cain might be raising from the large donors who tend to want to back a winner. Every day Christie is on the front page Cain, a tea party guy is not.

2. It helps cement Romney because Christie as stated can’t compete with the network Romney has built up. Romney’s base of support is solid. The idea is to keep the “not Romney” vote split as I said way back in March:

Right now if you look at the people running or “exploring” running you see quite a few strongly conservative folks. Herman Cain, Michelle Bachmann, Newt, perhaps Huckabee, Haley Barbour and of course possibly Palin. All are popular with tea party people, evangelicals and social conservatives. For Mitt Romney to win the nomination that strongly conservative tea party vote needs to be divided.

3. If Christie comes in then the attacks by other candidates will be diverted to Christie in order to neutralize him. Every attack on Christie is an attack that isn’t made on Mitt Romney

Beneficiary B: The left/MSM:

1. The same shots of Obama saying he is not ready will be recycled against Chris Christie and unlike the president the MSM will delight in playing them. It takes away that argument because you made it against yourself.

2. As a media driven candidate the MSM power to define Chris Christie is much greater than the way they defined Rick Perry once he was in. And believe me they will define Chris Christie in a way he will not like.

3. When you are a rising star you don’t want to be saddled with a defeat early. Christie is likely to lose to Romney and if he does, he becomes associated with a loss and a defeat, thus he is made weaker in the future both in NJ and nationally. That is the whole idea here.

4. It allows them to continue to neutralize the Tea Party candidates that they fear most of all.

5. It feeds the: “conservatives don’t like the field” meme, a meme that is media created and frankly false.

Anecdotal impressions support what the pollsters say. I have been in Iowa, South Carolina, and Florida in recent weeks and talked with a lot of voters. While a few are unhappy with their choices — there are always some voters who feel that way — there just does not seem to be much overall dissatisfaction with the field. Voters realize there is no perfect candidate in the race — that might be an understatement this time around — but that doesn’t mean they believe there is some perfect candidate out there over the horizon, waiting to enter the race.

State-level polling also does not suggest that dissatisfaction is widespread among Republican voters. A recent Suffolk University poll of New Hampshire voters found that 68 percent say they are very satisfied or somewhat satisfied with the field, while 30 percent say they are very dissatisfied or somewhat dissatisfied. Breaking down those numbers, 16 percent say they are very satisfied and 52 percent say they are somewhat satisfied with the field. Among dissatisfied voters, 19 percent say they are somewhat dissatisfied, while 11 percent say they are very dissatisfied. Rasmussen says that 11 percent — the number of people who are most intensely unhappy — is a very, very small number.

6. It gets Christie out of Jersey and gives the unions/left breathing room to reverse you and neutralize the changes he is making in the state that could flip it long term.

All running when you aren’t ready does is fund some hired guns and cut your own throat.

They are trying to feed your ego for their own ends. Don’t fall for it.

Update: Cleaned up some tense issues

Update 2:
Salon proves my point:

The national dynamic could be similar in 2012, with Barack Obama as vulnerable across the country as Christie was in New Jersey. Not to beat a dead horse, but think again of Christie’s q&a at the Reagan Library; no imagine him doing that at a town hall debate with Obama. It’s a prospect that should worry Democrats.

Of course, this all could be an illusion. Christie might just announce in a day or two that he’s thought it over and really doesn’t want to run, and that will be that. For their own sakes, Perry, Romney and even Obama should probably hope that’s what happens.

and look who’s pushing the article:

After all we know how much Joan Walsh and Salon are dying to see the GOP pick the right man for 2012

if this doesn’t awaken the Admiral Akbar in Christie nothing will

I got back late last night after a very relaxing time in Maine

Although not expensive particularly mid-week it had a great view of the ocean:

The view from our bed

It is a very relaxing place, and from the comments I’ve seen on the Breitbart video by the left I think they need to relax so I shot this video for them.

I was not totally separated from the news however, there were Newspapers:

The GOP Message Obama endorses FOAO Elizabeth Warren

I didn’t read that paper but if I’m the GOP I WANT to stress President Obama’s endorsement of former Obama administration official Elizabeth Warren.

The sunrises are special:

Da Wife and the Sunrise
Sunrise thursday morning York Beach

And of course if you go to Maine you see lighthouses


Touristy shops

Didn't see any Obama shirts

and a quilt shop for DaWife

The quilt shop

At the quilt shop there were four rocking chairs that husbands occupied and talked at while their wives crowded the place.

Most importantly it turns out that one can easily do without e-mail and the net for a couple of days, but there were disadvantages, for example there was a restaurant the wife wanted to hit but when we went up the coast and got there, we discovered they are closed on Wednesday.

One bit of advice: have breakfast in town at the places the locals go when possible, since the townspeople have to eat there the prices are not “touristy”.

and buy your candy at the Candy Corner.

Bottom line you CAN do without the net for a day or two and the world will go on. I highly recommend it to escape the worries of the world…

…of course some crises hit even here:

This paper, I read

When the cat’s away, the mice will play.  While Da TechGuy is in Maine with DaWife, I’m running amok on his blog.

In one of my ConConCon posts, a commenter stated that there was a “de facto right to health care” because of the requirement that emergency rooms treat patients.  Now, our intrepid commenter should learn the distinction between de facto and de jure rights, as well as to understand that EMLATA only applies to hospitals which accept funding from Health and Human Services, and only to those who are in the throes of a medical emergency, or women in active labour.  It’s quite a jump from there to free doctor’s visits, liver transplants, contraception, transsexual reassignment surgery, chiropractic work, or prescriptions.

My response to this nonsense about the “right to” something is the same as it has always been: giving people the affirmative, positive right to something means that someone else has to provide that right or face the wrath of the government, via the seizure of his property or freedom.  The reason that the Bill of Rights starts with “Congress shall make no law” (emphasis mine) is that the fundamental basis of our rights is the right to be left alone.

The so-called “right to health care”, as envisioned by the Left, is a “right” which requires physicians to provide their services at the price mandated by other people – physicians who worked themselves to the bone throughout high school, college, medical school, and residency, with piles of student loan debt, who are then told that other people have a “right” to their services.  To put this nonsense into lefty-speak, that’s like saying that someone has a “right” to take Elizabeth Warren’s class, even if that person is a hick from the South who isn’t qualified to be admitted into Harvard.  Likewise, the right to keep and bear arms does not mean that the Brady Bill peeps have to buy guns for any redneck schmuck who can’t afford his own.

The negative right to health care – i.e. the right to seek health care without the interference of the government – is no small matter.  In Bahrain, physicians who treated injuries brought by police officers onto protestors have been sentenced to years in jail:

The official Bahrain News Agency reported that eight people it identified as doctors who worked at a central hospital in the capital, Manama, received 15-year sentences. Other medical personnel at the Salmaniya Medical Complex, Bahrain’s largest public hospital, were given terms of between 5 and 15 years.

That, my friends, is why we have a negative right to health care: the right to seek health care without the government arresting our physicians.  It does not mean that we get to commandeer the services of a doctor, or do so indirectly by taking over a hospital.  When a government gives its citizens the “right to health care”, they are removing the negative rights of physicians to provide health care on their own terms, the negative rights of everyone else to not have to support a stranger without being thrown into prison, and it ignores the reality that our great country was founded upon negative rights.  The sleight-of-hand makes it easier to erode all of our negative rights, including the right to access health care without the government nosing into your business.

As you read this I am in Maine with DaWife. I promised that my laptop would not be with me so here are some stories to keep you busy until I come back on Friday.

Item: The Constitution as a threat

At least that is the perception of some people on the left

Phil Cleary, handed out pocket Constitutions on campus in honor of Constitution Day. He had a table with literature promoting Youth for Western Civilization, a group dedicated to traditional values and western civilization, and engaged in students and faculty passing by.

Then, the leftists showed up to heckle.

The young man in the video, Blair Jordon Moses, threatened to “exercise” his 2nd amendment rights if he perceived that there was any kind of threat to the Multicultural Center. He did not define what a threat would constitute but suggested that the existence of the group Youth for Western Civilization would count.

Well he is a Black Panther sympathizer it’s not like the faculty is doing this too:

At the same time, a faculty member approached the group. She took some of the literature and asked Phil, “Is this a white supremacist group?” Phil answered “Absolutely not.” To which the woman replied, “It looks like one.”

Who is this woman? Susana Pelayo – Woodward, Director of the Office of Cultural Diversity.

Instead of promoting cultural diversity, which is part of her job, she chose to show her bias against a group that would promote western culture and tradition. She had no problem with the leftist students heckling the conservative, but actually seems to agree that freedom, the Constitution, and western civilization is all tied into white supremacy.

Because nothing says “White Supremacy” like passing out the US Constitution:

Item: And we respect the 1st Amendment, kinda:

Unless you live in North Carolina I’ll wager you didn’t see this story:

According to former Guilford County Republican Chairman, Marcus Kindley, the GOP Headquarters there have been vandalized. Kindley reports that the letters “KKK” were spray painted on the building in a number of places. Kindley told Katy’s Conservative Corner that the incident happened either late last Saturday or early this Sunday morning

Via Kathy’s conservative Corner who notes:

Greensboro is no stranger to Klan activity, but ironically, the Klan has been traditionally run by Democratic operatives. The city continues to be a hotbed of liberal activity and Kindley suspects the culprits may be students at either nearby Guilford College or UNC-Greensboro.

Kindley is afraid that his party will see more of these attacks. In a speech last week, President Barack H. Obama exhorted his followers “to put your marching boots on” and some within the Guilford County GOP feel that this a local result.

Do they have a multicultural center? I’d check there first.

Item: It’s not only US taxpayers on the hook for Solyndra:

Hey when you are blindly chasing the liberal dream you’ve got to expect liberal states will chase it hardest:

Out of the hundreds of out-of-work employees, vendors, investors and other creditors in the bankruptcy of government-backed solar-panel maker Solyndra LLC, one name stands out: the California Democratic Party.

Why California Democrats would be creditor to a company that received more than a half-billion dollars in federal loans to build a solar-panel plant isn’t clear. Even party officials say they’re not sure.

The California Democratic Party’s communications director, Tenoch Flores, said the organization was not owed “any funds in any form” by the California-based company. He said he was unclear why the party would be listed as a creditor in Solyndra’s bankruptcy filing.

Via Verum Serum who says:

Someone’s got some splainin’ to do.

Item: The Gunwalker bomb continues to tick:

While the MSM continues to ignore gunwalker the bombshells keep coming

An ATF source has provided reporters a copy of a letter sent on June 1, 2010 which indicates that the monumental scandal known as ‘Project Gunwalker,’ or ‘Operation Fast and Furious,’ was never a sting operation as previously reported. If such an allegation is true, then the official Obama Administration explanation for the operation is entirely false.

The commonly-reported talking point concerning Gunwalker is that it was intended as a sting operation but that it went bad when rogue ATF agents took it in a sinister direction.

But the letter of June 2010, forwarded to reporters David Codrea and Mike Vanderboegh, indicates that nothing about the operation contained any of the elements of a ‘sting.’ Everything ATF agents did in placing guns into the hands of Mexican drug cartels was done in the open and with the approval of their supervisors

Sooner or later there will be a debate with Barack Obama and the republican Nominee and if the media doesn’t ask the question the nominee will, then BOOM!

Item: the Molly Norris lesson:

The hikers who were finally freed by Iran had thanks for some interesting people on the occasion of the ransom being paid on being bailed out of an Iranian jail:

…They also expressed gratitude to actor Sean Penn, boxer Muhammad Ali, philosopher Noam Chomsky, singer Yusuf Islam, U.S. anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan and Nobel Laureates Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Mairead Maguire.

The American Spectator comments thus:

Bauer went on to say that it was ironic they had been taken captive because “Sarah, Josh and I oppose U.S. policies towards Iran which perpetuate this hostility.”

But therein lies the problem. Iran makes no distinction between Americans who attend Berklee and those who attend Bob Jones University. They make no distinction between Americans who write for The Nation and Americans who write for The American Spectator. They don’t care if you like or dislike President Obama. Nor do they care if you are critical of U.S. foreign policy towards Iran. For that matter, Iran makes no distinction between the Bush Administration who didn’t view them as legitimate and the Obama Administration which sought to curry favor with them. To the Iranian regime, as with al Qaeda, all Americans are infidels. Short of converting to Islam and submitting to their way of life nothing will change that attitude.

If Bauer doesn’t understand that by now then he probably never will.

Remember Molly Norris apologized too and is still hiding for her life. Apparently they are still idiots, but no longer useful.

I trust this will tide you all over for a bit, see you on Friday or late Thursday.

You know that campaign finance filing deadlines are coming up when Barack Obama starts begging for small-dollar donations to up his total donation amount and make it appear as if Mr. Wall Street is funded by everyday folks.  A few weeks ago, Prof. Jacobson urged his readers to not fall for the “donate $5 and win a chance to eat dinner with me” gimmick, noting that the price would probably drop to $3.  Yes, Prof. Jacobson, you were right – but you didn’t know that Obama might call you as well.  Here’s the email*:

Friend —
I enjoy talking about fundraising deadlines as much as I imagine you enjoy hearing about them.
But this Friday’s deadline is important.
It’s a chance for us to prove how we’re different from any campaign in politics: We rely on ordinary Americans giving what they can — one grassroots donation at a time.

As long as you ignore the billion dollars in special-interest money, Wall Street donations, corporate donations, free money from the media that is in the tank for Obama, foreign donations, and money-bundlers who get giant goverment-backed loans for their businesses from the Obama Administration, yes, it’s totally a grass-roots effort.  Which is to say, once you take away the engine, the transmission, wheels, steering wheel, catalytic converter, radiator, and axles, it’s totally a great car. Moving right along.

This is not just a campaign. It’s a chance for each of us as citizens to organize and change the course of history.

I thought we already changed the course of history by electing your dumb butt to the highest office in the land.  Or do we want to “change the course of history” by making that mistake again, totally destroying the economy, our military power, and spend our days telling our grandchildren about when America was the greatest nation on earth?

And before we close the books this Friday at midnight, I hope you’ll become a part of it.
Please donate $3 or more today.
I’ll be calling some grassroots donors like you by phone this week, so I can say thank you.

Three dollars could get you a phone call from Obama Himself!  How exciting.  After QE3, 4, 5, and 6, however, it won’t even get you penny candy.

*Reading BHO’s drivel so you don’t have to. You’re welcome.