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Another way to look at the “Should Chris Christie run or not” question is to examine how prepared he would be to come in late as compared to another late comer such as say Sarah Palin, consider:

1. Sarah Palin has a large amount of chits from the last election cycle (2010) that she can call in from multiple congressional election campaigns, many more than Chris Christie.

2. Sarah Palin has been regularly hitting the Obama administration since 2009, Chris Christie has not.

3. Christie has taken MSM hits in NJ but has not been vetted anywhere near the level of Palin

and most importantly

4. Sarah Palin has a network of followers, (one could say fanatical followers) not only urging her to run but ready to work like dogs for her. Christie has insiders pushing him, insiders are not sign holders.

Chris Christie is less prepared to run than Sarah Palin, and unlike Palin would not be running an “insurgent” campaign. f he runs he is going to embarrass himself, badly.

MCFL’s annual pro-life walk, the Respect Life Walk to Aid Mothers and Children, will be this Sunday in Boston Common (Parkman Bandstand).  Registration is at 1:30 pm; the walk starts at 2:30.

Donate money to benefit women who are struggling to choose life.  Show your support for the pro-life cause.  Or, be like the Walk Baby’s parents, who met each other at the Walk back in 2007.  Also, hear about MCFL’s work to repeal the individual mandate portion of RomneyCare.

What can you say when you see something like this:

What’s most amazing is that its citizens will not merely refrain from objecting, but will stand and cheer the U.S. Government’s new power to assassinate their fellow citizens, far from any battlefield, literally without a shred of due process from the U.S. Government. Many will celebrate the strong, decisive, Tough President’s ability to eradicate the life of Anwar al-Awlaki — including many who just so righteously condemned those Republican audience members as so terribly barbaric and crass for cheering Governor Perry’s execution of scores of serial murderers and rapists — criminals who were at least given a trial and appeals and the other trappings of due process before being killed.

I thought the left was insisting we were at war with Al Qaeda instead of Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc etc etc. You would think that killing leaders of Al-Qaeda would work for them? Cripes even Andrew Sullivan still gets it:

My own position is that we are at war, and that avowed enemies and traitors in active warfare against the US cannot suddenly invoke legal protections from a society they have decided to help destroy.

I’ll wager Greenwald and Firedoglake would not have been crying over Winston Wood Bolt.

He also brings up something near and dear to me:

to remove one important propaganda source of that movement has made all of us safer. And those Americans who have lived under one of Awlaki’s murderous fatwas can breathe more easily today.

I guess that means he will never take me up on my formal request to be included in the FATWA against Molly Norris. Does that mean she can come out of hiding? I sure hope so.

This about it, Andrew Sullivan has a clearer view of the situation than the MSM does. You don’t get much worse than that.

Exit question: Would the left have deployed Human Shields to protest Anwar Al-Awlaki and would that have stopped us from blowing him up?

Update: No you should not be insulted Stacy. Mr. Al-Awlaki and Mr. Bolt were born in the United States and were members of organizations at war with the United States, but that’s where the similarities end. Mr. Winston Wood Bolt fought under the articles of war only engaging soldiers until his capture but because he fought for the confederacy I suspect that the same people who are beating their breasts over Al-Awlaki would likely have much less mercy for Mr. Bolt.

Update 2: Glenn not Greg fixed

After months of telling everyone that he is not running for president, there are now hints that Chris Christie might jump into the race.

After months of hedging, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is giving serious thought to jumping into the ring for a GOP presidential run — and could make his decision next week, The Post has learned.

The announcement may come as soon as Monday, said sources familiar with Christie’s thinking.

The renewed consideration about a White House run came after prodding this week from some Republicans he idolizes, including former First Lady Nancy Reagan, former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, and former President George W. Bush, sources said.

Now don’t get me wrong, Chris Christie is a great guy with a future in the Republican Party but he is being played for a sucker by hired guns who want him in for their own reasons.

So why all this push? The answer comes from the old Latin phrase: Cui Bono? Let me provide some answers to that question:

A: the GOP Establishment/Mitt Romney

1. It neutralizes the Herman Cain boomlet (in the same way the Perry run neutralized the Bachmann one) The last thing the establishment wants is a tea party candidate advancing. This sucks away the media and the money that Cain might be raising from the large donors who tend to want to back a winner. Every day Christie is on the front page Cain, a tea party guy is not.

2. It helps cement Romney because Christie as stated can’t compete with the network Romney has built up. Romney’s base of support is solid. The idea is to keep the “not Romney” vote split as I said way back in March:

Right now if you look at the people running or “exploring” running you see quite a few strongly conservative folks. Herman Cain, Michelle Bachmann, Newt, perhaps Huckabee, Haley Barbour and of course possibly Palin. All are popular with tea party people, evangelicals and social conservatives. For Mitt Romney to win the nomination that strongly conservative tea party vote needs to be divided.

3. If Christie comes in then the attacks by other candidates will be diverted to Christie in order to neutralize him. Every attack on Christie is an attack that isn’t made on Mitt Romney

Beneficiary B: The left/MSM:

1. The same shots of Obama saying he is not ready will be recycled against Chris Christie and unlike the president the MSM will delight in playing them. It takes away that argument because you made it against yourself.

2. As a media driven candidate the MSM power to define Chris Christie is much greater than the way they defined Rick Perry once he was in. And believe me they will define Chris Christie in a way he will not like.

3. When you are a rising star you don’t want to be saddled with a defeat early. Christie is likely to lose to Romney and if he does, he becomes associated with a loss and a defeat, thus he is made weaker in the future both in NJ and nationally. That is the whole idea here.

4. It allows them to continue to neutralize the Tea Party candidates that they fear most of all.

5. It feeds the: “conservatives don’t like the field” meme, a meme that is media created and frankly false.

Anecdotal impressions support what the pollsters say. I have been in Iowa, South Carolina, and Florida in recent weeks and talked with a lot of voters. While a few are unhappy with their choices — there are always some voters who feel that way — there just does not seem to be much overall dissatisfaction with the field. Voters realize there is no perfect candidate in the race — that might be an understatement this time around — but that doesn’t mean they believe there is some perfect candidate out there over the horizon, waiting to enter the race.

State-level polling also does not suggest that dissatisfaction is widespread among Republican voters. A recent Suffolk University poll of New Hampshire voters found that 68 percent say they are very satisfied or somewhat satisfied with the field, while 30 percent say they are very dissatisfied or somewhat dissatisfied. Breaking down those numbers, 16 percent say they are very satisfied and 52 percent say they are somewhat satisfied with the field. Among dissatisfied voters, 19 percent say they are somewhat dissatisfied, while 11 percent say they are very dissatisfied. Rasmussen says that 11 percent — the number of people who are most intensely unhappy — is a very, very small number.

6. It gets Christie out of Jersey and gives the unions/left breathing room to reverse you and neutralize the changes he is making in the state that could flip it long term.

All running when you aren’t ready does is fund some hired guns and cut your own throat.

They are trying to feed your ego for their own ends. Don’t fall for it.

Update: Cleaned up some tense issues

Update 2:
Salon proves my point:

The national dynamic could be similar in 2012, with Barack Obama as vulnerable across the country as Christie was in New Jersey. Not to beat a dead horse, but think again of Christie’s q&a at the Reagan Library; no imagine him doing that at a town hall debate with Obama. It’s a prospect that should worry Democrats.

Of course, this all could be an illusion. Christie might just announce in a day or two that he’s thought it over and really doesn’t want to run, and that will be that. For their own sakes, Perry, Romney and even Obama should probably hope that’s what happens.

and look who’s pushing the article:

After all we know how much Joan Walsh and Salon are dying to see the GOP pick the right man for 2012

if this doesn’t awaken the Admiral Akbar in Christie nothing will

I got back late last night after a very relaxing time in Maine

Although not expensive particularly mid-week it had a great view of the ocean:

The view from our bed

It is a very relaxing place, and from the comments I’ve seen on the Breitbart video by the left I think they need to relax so I shot this video for them.

I was not totally separated from the news however, there were Newspapers:

The GOP Message Obama endorses FOAO Elizabeth Warren

I didn’t read that paper but if I’m the GOP I WANT to stress President Obama’s endorsement of former Obama administration official Elizabeth Warren.

The sunrises are special:

Da Wife and the Sunrise
Sunrise thursday morning York Beach

And of course if you go to Maine you see lighthouses


Touristy shops

Didn't see any Obama shirts

and a quilt shop for DaWife

The quilt shop

At the quilt shop there were four rocking chairs that husbands occupied and talked at while their wives crowded the place.

Most importantly it turns out that one can easily do without e-mail and the net for a couple of days, but there were disadvantages, for example there was a restaurant the wife wanted to hit but when we went up the coast and got there, we discovered they are closed on Wednesday.

One bit of advice: have breakfast in town at the places the locals go when possible, since the townspeople have to eat there the prices are not “touristy”.

and buy your candy at the Candy Corner.

Bottom line you CAN do without the net for a day or two and the world will go on. I highly recommend it to escape the worries of the world…

…of course some crises hit even here:

This paper, I read

When the cat’s away, the mice will play.  While Da TechGuy is in Maine with DaWife, I’m running amok on his blog.

In one of my ConConCon posts, a commenter stated that there was a “de facto right to health care” because of the requirement that emergency rooms treat patients.  Now, our intrepid commenter should learn the distinction between de facto and de jure rights, as well as to understand that EMLATA only applies to hospitals which accept funding from Health and Human Services, and only to those who are in the throes of a medical emergency, or women in active labour.  It’s quite a jump from there to free doctor’s visits, liver transplants, contraception, transsexual reassignment surgery, chiropractic work, or prescriptions.

My response to this nonsense about the “right to” something is the same as it has always been: giving people the affirmative, positive right to something means that someone else has to provide that right or face the wrath of the government, via the seizure of his property or freedom.  The reason that the Bill of Rights starts with “Congress shall make no law” (emphasis mine) is that the fundamental basis of our rights is the right to be left alone.

The so-called “right to health care”, as envisioned by the Left, is a “right” which requires physicians to provide their services at the price mandated by other people – physicians who worked themselves to the bone throughout high school, college, medical school, and residency, with piles of student loan debt, who are then told that other people have a “right” to their services.  To put this nonsense into lefty-speak, that’s like saying that someone has a “right” to take Elizabeth Warren’s class, even if that person is a hick from the South who isn’t qualified to be admitted into Harvard.  Likewise, the right to keep and bear arms does not mean that the Brady Bill peeps have to buy guns for any redneck schmuck who can’t afford his own.

The negative right to health care – i.e. the right to seek health care without the interference of the government – is no small matter.  In Bahrain, physicians who treated injuries brought by police officers onto protestors have been sentenced to years in jail:

The official Bahrain News Agency reported that eight people it identified as doctors who worked at a central hospital in the capital, Manama, received 15-year sentences. Other medical personnel at the Salmaniya Medical Complex, Bahrain’s largest public hospital, were given terms of between 5 and 15 years.

That, my friends, is why we have a negative right to health care: the right to seek health care without the government arresting our physicians.  It does not mean that we get to commandeer the services of a doctor, or do so indirectly by taking over a hospital.  When a government gives its citizens the “right to health care”, they are removing the negative rights of physicians to provide health care on their own terms, the negative rights of everyone else to not have to support a stranger without being thrown into prison, and it ignores the reality that our great country was founded upon negative rights.  The sleight-of-hand makes it easier to erode all of our negative rights, including the right to access health care without the government nosing into your business.

As you read this I am in Maine with DaWife. I promised that my laptop would not be with me so here are some stories to keep you busy until I come back on Friday.

Item: The Constitution as a threat

At least that is the perception of some people on the left

Phil Cleary, handed out pocket Constitutions on campus in honor of Constitution Day. He had a table with literature promoting Youth for Western Civilization, a group dedicated to traditional values and western civilization, and engaged in students and faculty passing by.

Then, the leftists showed up to heckle.

The young man in the video, Blair Jordon Moses, threatened to “exercise” his 2nd amendment rights if he perceived that there was any kind of threat to the Multicultural Center. He did not define what a threat would constitute but suggested that the existence of the group Youth for Western Civilization would count.

Well he is a Black Panther sympathizer it’s not like the faculty is doing this too:

At the same time, a faculty member approached the group. She took some of the literature and asked Phil, “Is this a white supremacist group?” Phil answered “Absolutely not.” To which the woman replied, “It looks like one.”

Who is this woman? Susana Pelayo – Woodward, Director of the Office of Cultural Diversity.

Instead of promoting cultural diversity, which is part of her job, she chose to show her bias against a group that would promote western culture and tradition. She had no problem with the leftist students heckling the conservative, but actually seems to agree that freedom, the Constitution, and western civilization is all tied into white supremacy.

Because nothing says “White Supremacy” like passing out the US Constitution:

Item: And we respect the 1st Amendment, kinda:

Unless you live in North Carolina I’ll wager you didn’t see this story:

According to former Guilford County Republican Chairman, Marcus Kindley, the GOP Headquarters there have been vandalized. Kindley reports that the letters “KKK” were spray painted on the building in a number of places. Kindley told Katy’s Conservative Corner that the incident happened either late last Saturday or early this Sunday morning

Via Kathy’s conservative Corner who notes:

Greensboro is no stranger to Klan activity, but ironically, the Klan has been traditionally run by Democratic operatives. The city continues to be a hotbed of liberal activity and Kindley suspects the culprits may be students at either nearby Guilford College or UNC-Greensboro.

Kindley is afraid that his party will see more of these attacks. In a speech last week, President Barack H. Obama exhorted his followers “to put your marching boots on” and some within the Guilford County GOP feel that this a local result.

Do they have a multicultural center? I’d check there first.

Item: It’s not only US taxpayers on the hook for Solyndra:

Hey when you are blindly chasing the liberal dream you’ve got to expect liberal states will chase it hardest:

Out of the hundreds of out-of-work employees, vendors, investors and other creditors in the bankruptcy of government-backed solar-panel maker Solyndra LLC, one name stands out: the California Democratic Party.

Why California Democrats would be creditor to a company that received more than a half-billion dollars in federal loans to build a solar-panel plant isn’t clear. Even party officials say they’re not sure.

The California Democratic Party’s communications director, Tenoch Flores, said the organization was not owed “any funds in any form” by the California-based company. He said he was unclear why the party would be listed as a creditor in Solyndra’s bankruptcy filing.

Via Verum Serum who says:

Someone’s got some splainin’ to do.

Item: The Gunwalker bomb continues to tick:

While the MSM continues to ignore gunwalker the bombshells keep coming

An ATF source has provided reporters a copy of a letter sent on June 1, 2010 which indicates that the monumental scandal known as ‘Project Gunwalker,’ or ‘Operation Fast and Furious,’ was never a sting operation as previously reported. If such an allegation is true, then the official Obama Administration explanation for the operation is entirely false.

The commonly-reported talking point concerning Gunwalker is that it was intended as a sting operation but that it went bad when rogue ATF agents took it in a sinister direction.

But the letter of June 2010, forwarded to reporters David Codrea and Mike Vanderboegh, indicates that nothing about the operation contained any of the elements of a ‘sting.’ Everything ATF agents did in placing guns into the hands of Mexican drug cartels was done in the open and with the approval of their supervisors

Sooner or later there will be a debate with Barack Obama and the republican Nominee and if the media doesn’t ask the question the nominee will, then BOOM!

Item: the Molly Norris lesson:

The hikers who were finally freed by Iran had thanks for some interesting people on the occasion of the ransom being paid on being bailed out of an Iranian jail:

…They also expressed gratitude to actor Sean Penn, boxer Muhammad Ali, philosopher Noam Chomsky, singer Yusuf Islam, U.S. anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan and Nobel Laureates Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Mairead Maguire.

The American Spectator comments thus:

Bauer went on to say that it was ironic they had been taken captive because “Sarah, Josh and I oppose U.S. policies towards Iran which perpetuate this hostility.”

But therein lies the problem. Iran makes no distinction between Americans who attend Berklee and those who attend Bob Jones University. They make no distinction between Americans who write for The Nation and Americans who write for The American Spectator. They don’t care if you like or dislike President Obama. Nor do they care if you are critical of U.S. foreign policy towards Iran. For that matter, Iran makes no distinction between the Bush Administration who didn’t view them as legitimate and the Obama Administration which sought to curry favor with them. To the Iranian regime, as with al Qaeda, all Americans are infidels. Short of converting to Islam and submitting to their way of life nothing will change that attitude.

If Bauer doesn’t understand that by now then he probably never will.

Remember Molly Norris apologized too and is still hiding for her life. Apparently they are still idiots, but no longer useful.

I trust this will tide you all over for a bit, see you on Friday or late Thursday.

You know that campaign finance filing deadlines are coming up when Barack Obama starts begging for small-dollar donations to up his total donation amount and make it appear as if Mr. Wall Street is funded by everyday folks.  A few weeks ago, Prof. Jacobson urged his readers to not fall for the “donate $5 and win a chance to eat dinner with me” gimmick, noting that the price would probably drop to $3.  Yes, Prof. Jacobson, you were right – but you didn’t know that Obama might call you as well.  Here’s the email*:

Friend —
I enjoy talking about fundraising deadlines as much as I imagine you enjoy hearing about them.
But this Friday’s deadline is important.
It’s a chance for us to prove how we’re different from any campaign in politics: We rely on ordinary Americans giving what they can — one grassroots donation at a time.

As long as you ignore the billion dollars in special-interest money, Wall Street donations, corporate donations, free money from the media that is in the tank for Obama, foreign donations, and money-bundlers who get giant goverment-backed loans for their businesses from the Obama Administration, yes, it’s totally a grass-roots effort.  Which is to say, once you take away the engine, the transmission, wheels, steering wheel, catalytic converter, radiator, and axles, it’s totally a great car. Moving right along.

This is not just a campaign. It’s a chance for each of us as citizens to organize and change the course of history.

I thought we already changed the course of history by electing your dumb butt to the highest office in the land.  Or do we want to “change the course of history” by making that mistake again, totally destroying the economy, our military power, and spend our days telling our grandchildren about when America was the greatest nation on earth?

And before we close the books this Friday at midnight, I hope you’ll become a part of it.
Please donate $3 or more today.
I’ll be calling some grassroots donors like you by phone this week, so I can say thank you.

Three dollars could get you a phone call from Obama Himself!  How exciting.  After QE3, 4, 5, and 6, however, it won’t even get you penny candy.

*Reading BHO’s drivel so you don’t have to. You’re welcome.

…in Maine. I won’t be back till Thursday and I promised my wife that I wouldn’t take the laptop with me.

I’ve got some scheduled posts to hold everyone over meanwhile I have a new article up at here

While agreeing that some of Scott Brown’s votes have disappointed the Tea Party it is worth noting that his election was a game changer nationally and statewide. Ample proof of this was delivered to my email box yesterday morning in the form of a press release:.

BOSTON – On Monday, September 26th at noon in Room 222 of the State House, a bipartisan and bicameral coalition of legislations will announce the filing of a comprehensive illegal immigration bill directed at enhancing the safety of the Commonwealth’s communities and the protection of taxpayer dollars.

After reading that paragraph the first thing I did was confirm that:

I was awake
I was in Massachusetts.

click on it and read it, it’s like hitting DaTipJar for .0075 when you do.

Read you all Thursday evening.

This has been a good twelve hours for Herman Cain

First he wins the Twin City Tea Party Straw poll, BOTH for president and VP and appearing on over 60% of the ballots.

Then he tops in the New Zogby poll

Then the next day Morgan Freeman who Cain hit the day before over his “Tea Party are racist” comments turns out to be less easy reader and more the black version of Woody Allen:

Anyone else wondering if Morgan paid off his now ex-wife, so he could quietly marry his step-granddaughter?

According to the Enquirer, Freeman cheated on his now ex-wife with a number of women—E’Dina being one of them—and Freeman and E’Dina’s affair began when when she was just a teenager (and we thought this whole incestual relationship couldn’t get any worse)! But apparently now that he’s no longer legally bound to another woman, the Oscar-winner has vowed to make a “decent” woman out of his step-granddaughter and father her children!

So much for the moral authority bit.

And via American Glob Politio by highlighting Huntsman over him in their article gives more agata to Morning Joe and the left today.

Now it remains to be seen how well Cain does as a front runner vs a man in the pack.

Update: Morning Joe spends 5 min on Doretos and the Red Sox and then goes with the older CNN poll not mentioning Zobgy this morning and goes long on Chris Christie for 8 min.

Meanwhile Robert Stacy McCain says this at the spectator:

What Herman Cain did in Orlando this weekend was both completely unexpected and entirely predictable. As late as Friday afternoon, none of the pundits expected the Atlanta businessman to win the Florida GOP’s “Presidency 5” straw poll. But if what it took to win was a dynamic speaker who could bring a roomful of grassroots Republicans to their feet, Cain’s victory was in some sense inevitable.

and notes this on the blog:

Sarah points out that Zogby includes survey information from Monday. An earlier poll by CNN, showing Perry still ahead, was taken Friday through Sunday. But (a) it was Perry’s defeat in the straw poll that will do the most damage, and (b) weekend survey data is untrustworthy. Only when I see an all-weekday polls fully reflecting the impact of the Orlando vote will I be confident about the trend.

The earlier poll is what Morning Joe went with, along with Jon Huntsman who they are having on the show in one more desperate attempt to give him a boost. Meanwhile the Lonely Conservative notes the following:

The only reason Cain wasn’t higher in the polls before is that the media didn’t give him the time of day. Now that people are getting to know him, they’re starting to like him. What’s not to like? He’s a successful man who clearly loves life, has good ideas and shares the values most of us hold dear. Oh, and did I mention that he’s not a professional politician?

It looks like MSNBC is going long on the “not giving the time of day” business. I’ve got a call into Ellen Carmichael I’ll try to get a comment before the computer is shut off for two days.

Update: Missed the 7 a.m. hour of Morning Joe due to mass but why do I have the feeling this (via insty) is related?

Ivan Lewis, the shadow culture secretary, will propose a licensing scheme for journalists through a professional body that will have the power to forbid people who breach its code of conduct from doing journalism in the future.

Given that “journalism” presently encompasses “publishing accounts of things you’ve seen using the Internet” and “taking pictures of stuff and tweeting them” and “blogging” and “commenting on news stories,” this proposal is even more insane than the tradition “journalist licenses” practiced in totalitarian nations.

This is (pardon my language) an MSM wet dream

Tonight at The Twin City Tea Party there was a straw poll of the attendees. Here are the Results:


1st Herman Cain 33.3%
2nd Mitt Romney 30.3%
3rd Rick Santorum 18.2%


1st Herman Cain 27.3%
2nd Newt Gingrich 21.2%
3rd Rick Santorum 15.2%

Note no ballot had the same person for Prez & VP

Ballot Penetration (appearing on a ballot for prez or VP)

1st Herman Cain 60.6%
2nd Rick Santorum 33.3%
2nd Mitt Romney 33.3%

Fitchburg Mayor

1st Blank 39.4%
2nd Joe Solomito 33.3%
3rd Lisa Wong 18.2%

Show ID to Vote

1st Yes 97%
2nd Blank 3%

I wonder what Stacy will say about that.

Update: I guess the Twin City Tea Party was a foreshadowing of this poll

Rick Perry has tumbled by more than 20 percentage points over the past month among Republican presidential primary voters and is now second to Herman Cain, who leads the field with 28%.

Mitt Romney received little benefit from Perrys fall, garnering 17% of the vote for third place.

As for President Barack Obama, both his job approval (42%) and the percentage who believe he deserves re-election (37%) are little changed from recent polls, but he does seem to be winning back some supporters who have been disappointed in his job performance.

via Kerry Picket and Sunshine State Sarah who comments:

Note the dates of the Zogby poll. It just finished today, so this is a direct reaction to Cain’s earth-shattering Florida straw poll win and many of the voters were sampled before Cain’s incredibly powerful speech to the Presidency 5 delegates.

Morning Joe Hardest hit.

Last week, Elizabeth Warren infamously described the collectivist mentality:

WARREN: I hear all this, “You know, well, this is class warfare. This is whatever.” No! There is nobody in this country who got rich on his own. Nobody! You built a factory out there? Good for you! But I want to be clear: You moved your goods to market on the roads the rest of us paid for. You hired workers the rest of us paid to educate. You, uh, were safe in your factory because of police forces and fire forces that the rest of us paid for. You didn’t have to worry that marauding bands would come and seize everything at your factory and hire someone to protect against this because of the work the rest of us did.

Dianne Williamson did a wonderful job of attacking the problems with this kind of thinking – namely, that someone who “build[s] a factory” is employing other people, paying taxes, improving the economy, providing a good to Americans (that can also be exported), and generally keeping things going.  Additionally, if our taxes are only going to police, fire, roads, military, and education, well, then, sign us up for that America – an America in which “the rich” are not seen as a golden goose for the nearly half of working Americans who don’t pay any taxes and the millions who get government hand outs.

But, being an engineer, I’m going to go into this whole “build a factory” thing and talk about how that happens – an event that the esteemed Prof. Warren elides away, assuming it to be about as difficult as writing a book, or perhaps even doing an extra load of laundry.

Starting at the beginning: your factory has to make something – either something that hasn’t been made before (a new drug that cures a deadly disease? an iPad?), or makes something that we already have for less money.  So you have a whole engineering and design process that produces new technology that improves our lives.  At this point, you’ve already contributed to the country by making it a bit more advanced than it had been before, or you are able to bring a good to Americans for a bit less money, so that the working and the middle classes have more cash in their pockets at the end of the week.

If you hired people to develop this cool new gadget/lifesaving drug/inexpensive consumer good, then you’ve reduced the unemployment rate, probably providing health care and retirement to them, helped people to develop their skills, employed people who paid taxes, paid into Social Security and Medicare, and reduced the need for welfare.

You’ve probably patented your invention, thus employing a few patent attorneys and paying fees to the USPTO (whose fees go into the general revenue stream of the US Government).

So you have your cool new product.   Now you want to manufacture it en masse.  You have to get financing for this project, and it’s you or your company who is on the hook for that money if the venture falls apart.  Alternatively, investors pour their money into the factory; Elizabeth Warren isn’t volunteering to give one red cent to those people should their venture fail.  If you are a business owner, you eat last: you pay all of your employees, your contractors, your bills before you get a dime in your own pocket.  So you’ve taken risks with your  money – money that could be used to put yor kids through college, help you retire, or pay down your mortgage.  (Many small business owners run up credit card debt, take out lines of credit against their homes, betting it all on making it big enough one day to be worthwhile.  Take away the pot of gold, and no one would be so mental as to take those risks.)

So you have your financing and your cool idea.  Now to build the factory.  First step: purchase land, pay tax on the purchase price, pay property taxes. Second step: pay people to evaluate the land, pay fees to the town you are in, and, often, donate a part of the land to the town as a condition of developing it.  Next, employ construction workers, architects, chemical engineers, environmental engineers, a few police officers, security guards, and the whole rest to get this factory built.  As per above, all of those people now have jobs, incomes, health care, retirement, and then pay taxes (FICA, state income, federal income, sales, property, gas, ad infinitum).

Now, your factory is built.  Dozens, if not hundreds, of people have gotten jobs from this.  You have yet to make a single cent.  The process has taken years. You’ve worked eighty hours a week and possibly invested your entire life savings into this.  You may have had to defend yourself against a few frivolous lawsuits.  Although you haven’t made any  money yet, you’ve employed engineers, scientists, construction workers, electricians, plumbers, attorneys, and others – all of whom are then paying taxes into the system, and all of whom have gotten their biweekly salaries that can’t be taken away if the venture collapses.

According to Elizabeth Warren, the moment you first flip a switch in that factory and start producing a good, you are an evil rich person who needs to “give back”, because building that factory just sort of happened, without effort, intellect, financial risk, or the employment of others.  Had this chickie even run a lemonade stand, she would understand the fallacy in her thinking.

“You built a factory out there? Good for you!” is not unlike saying, “Your country went to the moon? Good for you!” as if the only feat worth noting were being a Harvard professor.  Sorry, chickie.

In the age of fighting sail it was not uncommon for captains of rival navies to know or befriend each other as Captain Issac Hull of the USS Constitution and Captain James Dacres of the HMS Guerriere did.

Before the war of 1812 Hull had Dacres on the Constitution as a guest. Dacres, who had; served in the Royal Navy since he was 8 years old, came from naval family and would eventually retire an Admiral had little respect for the American Ship and its odd design. He considered it no match for his own Guerriere based on his years of experience.

Strangely enough his attitude didn’t change after August 19th 1812 when Hull and Constitution battered his ship so badly that it had to be blown up. At his court marshal (required when a ship was defeated) the court acquitted him noting that his ship was French built and that the loss of Guerriere’s masts..

was occasioned more by their defective state than the fire of the enemy.

I thought of this today when I saw this clip from Morning Joe concerning the Florida Straw poll:

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Joe Scarborough: Well lets look at the number really quick and a couple of things to bring out of here. One is that Herman Cain will never be elected or nominated or win a primary but it was a very big win for him…

Considering his total was higher than Perry & Romney combined I’d say that was a big win. After discounting said “big win” Joe says the following about 4th place finisher Rick Santorum:

…but if you look at Rick Santorum at 10.9% I think you’re seeing a guy who is having more of a presence of late and a guy who is creeping into the top-tier of Iowa.

Now I like Rick Santorum but after Florida Cain also finished 3rd in Michigan. Santorum was near the bottom.

Robert Stacy McCain notes that a lot of the political class seems to be unable to process events in front of them. He has a much longer memory than the folks on the panel

Seems like forever ago, doesn’t it? T-Paw was “the only candidate . . . with any real chance,” and Ben Smith didn’t even bother to name the other candidates in the Greeneville, S.C., debate. But the other four are all still running, while Tim Pawlenty quit the race six weeks ago.

One of those candidates with no “real chance” was Herman Cain, who stomped Pawlenty like Godzilla stomped Tokyo that May night in South Carolina. And it was Cain’s victory that was the first hint that maybe T-Paw didn’t have “any real chance” after all.

Nobody at that time expected that Pawlenty was on his way to presidential oblivion

Certainly not the Morning Joe cast who had T-Paw as a regular guest and only today acknowledged that Jon Huntsman is going nowhere.

It would take many more embarrassing defeats for the reality of the situation to cause the Royal Navy to forbid their frigate captains to take on their American counterparts one on one. It remains to be seen how many times Herman Cain has to confound expectations for the MSM to take him seriously.

Exit question: Rather than simply asserting that Herman Cain can not win the nomination or a single primary, is it too much to ask the keepers of conventional wisdom to explain why not?

SHHH don’t tell Andrew Sullivan:

President Obama made an appeal to the religious faith of black voters at a Congressional Black Caucus rally, likening Biblical prophets who had faith in God — and so refused to worship an idol — to the black voters who “keep the faith” by supporting him and his policies – and, he hopes, his reelection campaign.

Obama opened the speech by mentioning the Biblical story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, three captive Jews who were thrown into a fiery furnace because they would not worship a golden idol. Obama quoted a pastor who referred to the three men as “good crazy” for having that faith. He added that the pastor had attributed the same “good crazy” to him when he decided to run for president.

Actually go ahead and tell him. He is as likely to support a republican opposing Barack Obama as he is to make a formal apology to Sarah Palin.

Via Glenn.

BTW if Rick Santorum, Herman Cain, Michelle Bachmann, Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry etc etc etc had said this it would be held up as proof that of their unsuitability for the presidency by the left and some on the right.

Update: Interesting related story from the NYT:

On one side are angry gay-rights advocates and bloggers, wielding the club of the gay community’s purchasing power.

On the other side are conservative Christian groups that say they are being attacked for their legitimate biblical views of sex and marriage, as well as a Web marketing firm that feels trampled for providing consumers with free choice.

Caught in the middle are companies, including such giants as Macy’s, Expedia and Delta Air Lines, which have the dual aims of avoiding politics but not offending any consumers. In this case, they have been pressured to make a choice that may involve little money either way but that could offend large blocs of consumers.

I presume that these groups will now be going after those who donate to Barack Obama who still publicly opposes gay marriage.

Just a thought for national retailers: Before you give into pressure from the bullies of the left, count the number of Christians and the number of Gay Activists in the country and make your choice. Count the number of children each group has. Question which group can you afford to lose?

and the votes don’t count but WOW!

Herman Cain won the Presidency 5 Florida Straw poll with 996 votes, 37.1 percent of the total, blowing past Rick Perry and Ron Paul, both of whom had organized to win here. He more than doubled the Perry vote; more delegates chose Cain than chose Perry and Romney, combined.

Byron York may have seen it coming:

Given that, it is not at unusual at all for delegates here to say, “I love Herman Cain, but I just don’t think he can win.” And that, to committed Cain supporters, is a source of great frustration. “Because of the people who say they love him but he can’t get elected, it will be a self-fulfilling prophecy,” says a man named Jimmy from Wilbur-By-The-Sea, Florida. “If they would all just love him and support him and not say, ‘Well, can’t get elected so I’m going to pick Romney or Perry’ — if they would all just love him and get behind him, he’d be the guy.”

Could Cain actually win? It seems unlikely, but it’s an outside possibility. Cain’s fortunes depend on whether the delegates here decide to vote strategically — to support the candidate they consider the most likely to win the Republican nomination and go on to general-election victory — or to vote their principles and let practical matters work themselves out later. If the delegates go the latter route, a lot will choose Herman Cain.

Robert Stacy McCain who was on the Cain bandwagon before there was a bandwagon has been restrained and calm with only seven update, the latest must bring tears to Bill Kristol’s eyes:

Permit me humbly to suggest that this puts a decisive end to all that Chris Christie talk. I mean, how bad would it look if Republicans brought in a new candidate because they were afraid a black man might win the nomination?

Let me remind you of what we had to say about Mr. Cain after the debate:

Herman Cain: Every time Herman Cain is on that stage the GOP electorate likes him more. With his cash campaign and his consistently good performances I think he will still be there when a lot of the other on that stage are gone.

Ironically we talked about Cain on the show I went around the table, and of the people who saw the debate, everyone but me called Herman Cain the winner of the debate, and everyone liked him.

This morning on FOX I saw everyone discounting the Cain win yesterday, Exit question: If Jon Huntsman had won won would the media be discounting it?

As you know I’ve been voraciously defending Stacy Trasancos on this blog and had her husband Jose (an AWESOME GUY btw) and have been unsparing in my attack on that renowned defender of women and children Dianne Williamson of the Telegram today. I have maintained that Stacy’s post did not cross over lines of decorum and was totally unworthy of the attacks she has endured.

However this post by Mundabor does.

The link to the Eddie Murphy piece I don’t object to and his argument about censorship is well taken but the tone and the use of language is simply disgusting.

Let me remind you all of the rules under the Catechism of the Church:

2358 The number of men and women who have deep-seated homosexual tendencies is not negligible. This inclination, which is objectively disordered, constitutes for most of them a trial. They must be accepted with respect, compassion, and sensitivity. Every sign of unjust discrimination in their regard should be avoided. These persons are called to fulfill God’s will in their lives and, if they are Christians, to unite to the sacrifice of the Lord’s Cross the difficulties they may encounter from their condition.

As the right thing is the smart thing as well, I suggest that the post (although correct in substance) not only fails the test above but could almost be a caricature of how the left views Christians in general and Catholics in particular.

He has the perfect right to express himself on his blog as he wishes, but in my opinion when he does so in this way, with a Papal flag flying and images of Popes in prayer it does little credit to either the church or his argument.

Oh and BTW his argument is right but if you choose to disagree with it or object to his phrasing as I did, don’t act in an indecorous manner, particularly if you are on my side.

There are some things that just doesn’t make sense

Let me get this straight. You know her. She knows you. But she wants to eat him. And everybody’s okay with this?

That’s what came to mind when I read this:

Atheism is entrenched in American Judaism. In researching their book “American Grace,” authors Robert Putnam and David Campbell found that half of all American Jews doubt God’s existence. In other groups, that number is between 10 and 15 percent.

Those figures have some in the Jewish community alarmed. A recent issue of Moment, a magazine of Jewish thought, asked influential Jews if Judaism can survive without God. The answers were split.

Say Waaaat? Now I’m not Jewish in the least, but I seem to recall two very important bits from the laws of Moses that answers these questions:

Then God delivered all these commandments:

“I, the LORD, am your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, that place of slavery. You shall not have other gods besides me. You shall not carve idols for yourselves in the shape of anything in the sky above or on the earth below or in the waters beneath the earth; you shall not bow down before them or worship them. For I, the LORD, your God, am a jealous God, inflicting punishment for their fathers’ wickedness on the children of those who hate me, down to the third and fourth generation; but bestowing mercy down to the thousandth generation, on the children of those who love me and keep my commandments.Exodus 20:1-6

and this:

I call heaven and earth today to witness against you: I have set before you life and death, the blessing and the curse. Choose life, then, that you and your descendants may live, By loving the LORD, your God, heeding his voice, and holding fast to him. For that will mean life for you, a long life for you to live on the land which the LORD swore he would give to your fathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.” Deuteronomy 30:19-20

I don’t think it’s odd that a person not be expelled or rejected, it’s normal for a person to question on a faith journey but this just doesn’t seem to click:

“My rabbi said, ‘You know Maxim, God doesn’t care whether you believe in him or not. All that he cares is that you do the right thing.’ Our action in the world is much more important.”

I can’t help but think of something that happened here in Fitchburg. 4 churches had been closed by the arch diocese and after that fact there was a conversation between one of the parishioners and a member of the board that made the decision. The person didn’t understand why their church was closed: It was the newest in town, they had over 1 million in the bank, their Lenten fish fry and their garlic festival were overwhelmingly attended.

The person from the board nodded and replied. Yes you have a lot of money and yes you draw a lot of people for the fish fries and the festivals they are well attended…too bad your Masses aren’t.

I know we have cafeteria Catholics, I don’t know what you would call the Jewish counterpart?

My thought, hey maybe exposure to the cultural side will awaken the spirit within, can’t hurt, but it’s weird.

Earlier today, Glenn Reynolds gave the “Keynote from the Right” speech; Larry Lessig will be providing the same, from the Left.  The gentleman making the introductions is speaking about how consultants provide a buffer between big-money corporate interests and the general public, such that it can appear to be more grassroots or otherwise not affiliated with the corporation in question.

Josh Silver is advocating for better funding of elections, decrease of special interests, etc.

Larry Lessig: “I’m not in this fight for a constitutional convention for academic reasons.”  It is “essential to solving a critical problem of democracy that we face.”  He promises to fail in being the Left keynote speaker tonight, and that the Right will agree with him.

“There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil, to the one who is striking at the root.”  ~Henry David Thoreau, 1846.  Hence the genesis of “Rootstrikers.”  “Government is an embarrassment; it has lost the capacity to make even simple decisions.” The view that government doesn’t work is a view shared across the political spectrum.  The only institution with a support of the majority of Americans is the only non-democratically elected one: the Supreme Court.

Heavy use of slides. We now have a sponge on a brain – brainwashing.

Continue reading “Live-Blogging ConConCon: Larry Lessig, from the Left”

and my excellent take down of “Former Obama Administration Official” Elizabeth Warren (via Insty’s reader) is here

Go listen to it now, after all life is short and Dr. Who is on in an hour and a half so you’ll be busy then.

My bloggy fingers are falling off and Da TechGuy must be ruing the day he asked me to blog with him.   (On a side note, it’s semi-embarrassing to be recognised as the girl who wrote, “They told me that if I voted for John McCain, women would be forced to strip….”

Below the fold, the Strategic Panel, discussing the circumstances under which they would support a Constitutional Convention.

Continue reading “ConConCon Part Trois: Strategic Panel, Live-blogging”

The political panel of the Conference on the Constitutional Convention assembles from now until 4:30 pm.

Interesting statistics: 94% of the better-funded candidates beat their opponents.

When Barack Obama ran against corruption on “hope and change,” he critiqued Billy Clauson (spelling?) for refusing to negotiate with the pharmaceutical companies; yet this person is one of the first people to visit the White House and has visited more frequently than almost anyone else. Likewise, many conservatives and liberals have changed their views on gay marriage in light of fundraising potential.

David Cobb, lawyer and political activist who ran for the Attorney General of Texas, on the platform of revoking the charters of corporations.  He was the Green Party candidate in 2004. (I met Cobb last night.)  Cobb’s speech: “‘We the people’ are hallowed words.” The United States does not create our rights; it recognises natural rights that are ours as human beings.  Does not think that we’ve done enough to acknowledge the “racist, sexist, class-oppressive formation of the Constitution of the United States.”  He incorrectly states that “only white men who owned property were full persons under the Constitution.”

Continue reading “ConConCon, Part II: Political Panel”

The Internet’s Instapundit, aka the Blogfather, is at HLS’s Con Con Con.  As a constitutional law professor, he’s excited about the idea of a constitutional convention – too excited, perhaps.  Updates below!

Prof. Reynolds said that there is a “widespread sense that something is wrong.”  There is “bipartisan agreement” that we have the “worst political class in the country’s history.”

He defines himself as a “libertarian transhumanist”, and have discussions about mind-uploading and the rights of beings with artificial intelligence.  “Small c conservatives” would look at this differently: a constitutional convention may cure some of the intellectualism and attack of the political class.  However, it can be a dangerous proposition, one akin to hitting the ‘hyperspace’ button in the game Asteroids.

Prof. Reynolds queried as to whether or not we are in need of such a convention.  According to Rasumussen, only 17% of the people think that the government has the consent of the government – a number which is approximately half the number of the late eighteenth-century, pre-Revolutionary War number.  Yet America is relatively strong country, even with the last few years of economic difficulty.

Since it’s analogy time at Con Con Con, the constitution is akin to an operating system, with legislation and regulations akin to applications.  Specific social problems ought not be dealt with in the operating system, but as an application; this leads to less instability should something go wrong and is easier to fix.  The operating system is not meant to address little problems, but to set the structure and allocate the resources for the users. (Anyone else in geek heaven?)

A Constitutional Amendment should change the structure of the system, but is not meant to be used to prevent future change.  Most Constitutional Amendments are “structural re-allocations of power between the states, the federal government, and the people.”  The only example of taking a legislative issue and promoting it to a constitutional issue was Prohibition, and also (in Prof. Reyonld’s opinion) the biggest failure.

Continue reading “Live Blogging the BLOGFATHER’S speech at Harvard Law School!”

Today on DaTechGuy on DaRadio for the first hour we have Jose Trasancos husband of StacyTrasancos and we will be talking both about the attacks on his wife and his experience as a Cuban who’s family fled Castro.

The 2nd Hour we have Dan Riehl on the new Palin Book if one can call it that

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Here is a story that for some reason hasn’t gotten a lot of traction in the debate on “Palestinian” statehood.

One of the things you hear the Arab world scream about is the “right of return” that is, the right of Palestinian refugees who neighboring Arab countries have kept in refugee camps for decades as 2nd class citizens to go back to Israel. This has been used as a club against Israel.

Well naturally if there is a Palestinian state these people would have somewhere to go. After all “Palestinians” would properly live in “Palestine” wouldn’t they?

The ambassador unequivocally says that Palestinian refugees would not become citizens of the sought for U.N.-recognized Palestinian state…

Now as a person who considered the “right of return” as BS I can see that argument, Israel took in every Jew who was driven out of the surrounding Arab states, why couldn’t the Arab states take care of their Palestinian brothers that they supposedly care so much for.

But of course that doesn’t apply to Palestinian refugees who are in refugee camps already in the borders of what would be in Palestine proper right?

This would not only apply to refugees in countries such as Lebanon, Egypt, Syria and Jordan or the other 132 countries where Abdullah says Palestinians reside. Abdullah said that “even Palestinian refugees who are living in [refugee camps] inside the [Palestinian] state, they are still refugees. They will not be considered citizens.”

So “Palestinians” currently living in refugee camps in “Palestine” would not be considered citizens and kept in refugee camps? You’ve got to be kidding me! Evelyn Gordon reacts:

For years, the world has backed a Palestinian state on the grounds Palestinians are stateless people who deserve a country of their own. And now, a senior Palestinian official has announced once they have received a state, most Palestinians will still be stateless – even those who actually live in “Palestine.”

Moreover, the new state won’t provide these residents with any services: It expects UNRWA – or, more accurately, the American and European taxpayers who provide the bulk of that organization’s funding – to continue providing their schooling, healthcare, welfare allowances, etc.

Well that’s one way to keep your budget balanced, but Evelyn thinks that it’s not about the money:

…the PA doesn’t want a state to serve its people’s needs; it wants a state to further its goal of destroying Israel. Hence the refugees can’t be given citizenship; that would undermine its demand to resettle them in Israel, thereby destroying the Jewish state demographically.

If you are a person on the left and you still support a “Palestinian” state after then, then like the “Palestinians” I suspect you don’t believe in the two state solution, you support a 1 state solution with Israel eliminated.

Ok here is my take on yesterday’s debate:

Rick Perry: really is not doing well in this setting, don’t they have debates in Texas? He has a legit record of accomplishment but he really has trouble expressing it and the immigration issue is his Romneycare.

Mitt Romney (winner): Continues to improve in his presentation, the real question is will that allow the GOP to believe he means it come election time?

Michelle Bachmann: Wasn’t bad but hasn’t dominated as she did before Perry, Mostly because Romney is comfortable hitting Perry but I suspect is uncomfortable hitting Bachmann, that’s why Perry has been the biggest gift to Romney and a disaster for Bachmann.

Ron Paul: The more I see Ron Paul the more I wish we had a Jekyl-Hyde potion for him. If we could keep the Doctor Jekyll Ron Paul without the Mr. Hyde Paul he would be the front-runner and deserve to be.

Jon Huntsman: Is it just me or was this a good debate for Huntsman? I don’t agree with him but his presentation was not bad.

Newt Gingrich: This was likely his worst debate, in the sense that he wasn’t incredible, merely good, but he is one the two anti-Perryies, that is, he looks more presidential in every debate.

Rick Santorum: He continues to be willing to hit and hit hard without fear. He is taking some heat for his answer on DADT but although he is being played as “cruel” for his answer on DADT I prefer a guy who will not waffle for he camera. And the instate tuition business was perfect. Clearly his best night.

Herman Cain: Every time Herman Cain is on that stage the GOP electorate likes him more. With his cash campaign and his consistently good performances I think he will still be there when a lot of the other on that stage are gone.

Gary Johnson: Had a very good first round, it will be interesting to see if he has a good 2nd round. Cory Ruth in GA asked today how different things would be if he had been in the debates from the start. That’s a good question.

One thought: It’s no secret that I’m a Palin fan and I’m still waiting to see what she does before I pick a final candidate, I’ll wager she is giving a long look to what Perry is doing and how unprepared he seems to be, if she jumps in, she will not make that mistake.

BTW the Sunshine State Sarah notes that a “booing incident” that was a lot more hype than reality.

Update 2: Byron York gives Santorum the nod

Update 3: Stacy McCain is all over the Perry v Santorum/Cain thing at his blog:

Perry looked like a loser last night: “Cringeworthy.” We’ll get the results Saturday of a Republican straw poll in Florida, and if Perry doesn’t win that, the “Anybody But Romney” vote may start looking around for another horse to ride. Santorum might get a second look, and also I noticed that Michelle Malkin had warm praise for Herman Cain last night.

and at the Spectator in more detail:

Romney obviously stands to gain most from Perry’s stumbles, but other Republican candidates also helped themselves Thursday. Santorum was praised by Rubin and by Jon Ward of the Huffington Post, who said “Santorum gained enormously from another strong performance. He has gathered momentum with every debate — speaking with authority and expertise on policy and with obvious passion on issues in a way that resonates with the conservative grassroots.” Ward suggested Santorum may be positioned to supplant Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann as a favorite of social conservative voters. (Bachmann’s campaign is reportedly suffering fundraising problems.) And conservative columnist Michelle Malkin declared: “Herman Cain’s passion and personality really stood out.… [H]is personal story, business experience, humor, and faith in the American dream really do add a grass-roots Tea Party flavor to an otherwise bland establishment field.”

And Hotair has a winner and his name is Herman Cain:

This is the best argument against ObamaCare and government encroachment in health care. The more government becomes part of the process

Cain and Santorum are the real deal and that’s going to be a problem for the big guys sooner or later.

Update 4: Give me a break, this is the attempt to make something that has been a legit subject of debate forbidden.

Get me a ticket to CPAC 2012, stat.

Update 5: Fixed some bad grammar.

If you want to see the logical conclusion to the attacks on Stacy Trasancos you can see it in England at the blog of Fr.Ray Blake :

It goes on and finally tells me that letters will be sent my superiors. Another couple of correspondents complained that I hadn’t allowed their comments which insulted the Pope and Catholic belief and teaching and finally said they intended to have this blog closed.

His crime? Arguing in two posts, that #1 Gay Marriage should not be legalized and #2 That a MP (member of Parliament) who suggested that churches should be stripped of their license to perform marriage was being “illiberal”.

Via the Echurch blog who comments:

It’s always about their right not to be offended. That’s what they think Christianity should be all about. Well, wake up folks, the cross has always caused offense.

Remember when this debate started after Vermont in the early 90’s  when it was all about righting legitimate wrongs concerning visitation in hospitals and inheritance?  Remember with people who said the agenda was Gay Marriage and hitting the church were called “alarmists” by the same people who now call us bigots?

With Catholic adoption services closed in states and kids suspected for expressing orthodox Christian belief can we finally say that those liberals who said this were either really stupid or lying through their teeth?

Am I worried, no, because this is part of the job description:

“Behold, I am sending you like sheep in the midst of wolves; so be shrewd as serpents and simple as doves. But beware of people, for they will hand you over to courts and scourge you in their synagogues, and you will be led before governors and kings for my sake as a witness before them and the pagans.

When they hand you over, do not worry about how you are to speak or what you are to say. You will be given at that moment what you are to say. For it will not be you who speak but the Spirit of your Father speaking through you.

Brother will hand over brother to death, and the father his child; children will rise up against parents and have them put to death. You will be hated by all because of my name, but whoever endures to the end will be saved.  Matthew 10:16-22

So I guess we still have it easy for now.

I hit the Obama administration pretty hard here so I want to acknowledge something they did right today:

U.S. diplomats walked out of the U.N. General Assembly Thursday as Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad delivered a fiercely anti-American speech, attacking the U.S. as an “arrogant power” ruled by greed.

Good for the administration, a public rebuke to Ahmadinejad is well deserved.

A cynical person might say it’s because of NY-9 but I think that’s irrelevant, the right thing is the right thing and I don’t care why it’s done.

One thing I would like to point out from the article:

Ahmadinejad also attacked the United States for its history of slavery, accused it of causing two world wars and using a nuclear bomb against “defenseless people.” He further said Washington was guilty of imposing and supporting military dictatorships and totalitarian regimes in Asia, Africa and Latin America

Exit question: How are those accusations any different from our liberal academics in colleges all over the United States, and if it is proper for the Obama administration to walk out of the UN when those accusations are made there, should student walk out of their classes when they are made here?

The Marlborough Tavern survived the French and Indian Wars, the Revolution, the Civil War, and Two World Wars, but couldn’t handle 3 years of Obama:

The establishment, which has operated off and on as a tavern and restaurant, has been a host to presidents and even the French army during the Revolutionary War, but Saturday will be the tavern’s last day until a new owner is found.

It was a surprise to the people in the town:

Customers were surprised to hear about the landmark closing. Many assumed that the tavern would be in Marlborough forever.

Hey wars come and go, but there is only one Barack Obama!

I first heard about Stacy Trasancos from Lisa Graas. Since then I and others have written about this mother of seven who expressed her discomfort over a sight in the park and was bombarded with hate mail and death threats, not only against her but against her children too. A sample:

I lamented the lack of coverage by the MSM of such threats on my radio show last week against a mother of seven so I was pleased to hear that renowned defender of women and children Dianne Williamson writing for the Telegram & Gazette owned by the NY Times decided to comment on it:

Yes, she’s been the target of some truly ugly hate mail and threats. It goes without saying that such responses are reprehensible, but par for the course in the anonymous Internet world.

Well OK I grant you that’s not much of a condemnation, but that’s only two sentences. I’m sure that as a renowned defender of women and children, she opens up on those threatening Stacy’s life and her kids in the other 44 sentences right?

I’m sure it’s a challenge to suffer from homosexually-induced agoraphobia — the term applied by local wag Brendan Melican — and get any shopping done. But Trasancos isn’t afraid to express herself on her blog, “Accepting Abundance,” which has attracted much chatter in the blogosphere, based on her fear of being mobbed by the gays the minute she sets foot outdoors.

OK well that’s not quite defending a mother of seven from people making violent threats, but I’m sure that she as a renowned defender of women and children, she will surely not continue along that line:

Trasancos is obviously intelligent,

See, I’m sure she’s going to stick up for a mom with seven kids over the likes of Perez Hilton and the Guardian Newspaper, you know the weak vs the powerful…

… and of course she has every right to express her odious opinions.

…ah, I guess not:

But it’s a shame that some people continue to spout bigotry and ignorance in the name of religion. And it’s a shame that, somewhere in Worcester in 2011, seven young people are being raised to view love between two people as sick and immoral.

Now forgetting the ambiguity of that phrase (Perhaps Dianne will be invited to make that point at the next B4U-ACT conference.) I find the statement odd because orthodox Christian belief for its entire existence has taught that homosexual acts are sinful.

So apparently according to Dianne Williamson, that renowned defender of women and children, it is a shame that Christians in general and Catholics in particular, are taught orthodox Christianity as has existed for centuries.

Perhaps Dianne as a renowned defender of women and children and religious bigot open minded person can tell us what parts of Christian belief are acceptable for Stacy Trasancos or any other Christian to express publicly and teach their children without expecting to deal with threats of violence against them or their children?

Perhaps I’m over-reacting. It’s just a religious difference it’s not like she’s attacking Stacy personalty in a media organ owned by the most powerful Newspaper in the country just after she and her kids have been threatened. Is she?

Trasancos is a Baptist convert to Catholicism, and it’s ironic that she’s so judgmental, considering her own colorful background. Now a married, 42-year-old stay-at-home mom, she wrote on the website Catholic Online that she got pregnant in college. Her seven children are from three different men. She’s been divorced and has had an abortion. She’s taken drugs and worked as a stripper. She writes a column for the Catholic Free Press.

Now I thought we weren’t supposed to make any judgement about “love between two people” but that whole paragraph sure sounds to me like an attack based what Dianne Williamson, renowned defender of women and children, considers poor choices Stacy has made in her life.

Well it’s funny, turns out that Stacy Trasancos would agree that she made bad choices in her life. In fact she tells the whole story of a woman who was lost and had done some really self-destructive things who found Christ and the church and turned herself around as her conversion testimony. You can read it here.

Now me I’ve only been writing for a short time and I found it riveting but for Dianne Williamson, renowned defender of women and children, it permanently disqualifies Stacy’s moral judgement.

One might think that the warnings of someone who has actually pulled themselves from a bad path (drugs, stripping, multiple children from multiple partners) to a good path (faithful and clean mother of seven) might be a person to be admired. In fact one might think that if such a person said: “Don’t make the mistakes I made.” you would heed and respect that advice, particularly tolerant liberals. But nope, to that renowned defender of women and Children, Dianne Williamson, that’s makes her even more worthy of attack.

Of course if Stacy was still stripping or using drugs and had aborted say, the last 4 kids I’m sure Dianne Williamson, as a renowned defender of women and children, would have managed a sympathetic column on a single mom with three kids stripping to make it in a tough economy. I’m sure she would have waxed poetic and there wouldn’t have been a dry eye in the newsroom.

I wonder, Stacy’s two oldest children are 22 and 16, they remember they old Stacy, they were raised by her. I wonder if they would prefer the old Stacy that Dianne Williamson renowned defender of women and children, would have found more sympathetic or the new Stacy that Dianne considers a bigot?

How about you? Which one would you rather have watching your kids, in your house or as your neighbor? Which one’s judgement on right and wrong would you trust more?

Exit Question: If I remember right Dianne Williamson has been writing for quite a while, at least two or three decades, I wonder when her first column defending Gay Marriage was? Was it before the whole civil unions debate? Before the Court case when it was imposed on Massachusetts in 2003 or after? I think it would be interesting to see if she found it a worthy topic before it became a cause celeb for the left. Wouldn’t you?

Update: How it it that I find this story so similar to Stacy’s tale:

San Juan Capistrano Fines Family for Reading Bible without Permit

Well of course they should need a permit, look at what all that Bible stuff did to Stacy! Hey if Dianne every decides to go west, I can think of one city government that might have a job for her.

Mini update great line from Tina Kobe:

Where two are three are gathered in His name, there good ol’ California city government is in the midst of them.

Update 2: Ok now it’s spreading to the schools, have a Christian Opinion get suspended:

A Fort Worth high school student was sent to the principal’s office earlier this week for telling another classmate he believes homosexuality is wrong.

Fourteen-year-old Dakota Ary spent most of the day Tuesday serving an in-school suspension. It was punishment for discussion in his German class at Fort Worth’s Western Hills High School.

“We were talking about religions in Germany. I said, ‘I’m a Christian. I think being a homosexual is wrong,’” he said. “It wasn’t directed to anyone except my friend who was sitting behind me. I guess [the teacher] heard me. He started yelling. He told me he was going to write me an infraction and send me to the office.”

Via Michael Graham who asks the $64,000 question:

Question: Why the heck was this kid suspended at all? What did he do wrong?

The school has not contradicting his account of what happened. So is the school saying that merely expressing an opinion about homosexuality is wrong? If so, do you think he would have been suspended for saying “I’m a Unitarian and I think homosexuality is great?”

I wish I was a tort lawyer in that district.

When I saw the Obama waving picture being a rational and sane man (Note: The previous statement has not been approved by my wife and kids) I naturally assumed that it was a photoshop and ignored it.

The fact that it is apparently not a photoshop is really shocking.

I challenge Morning Joe to make sure is on News you can’t use.

That shot should be part of every single GOP commercial over the next year.

Exit question, if that photo was of Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachmann would the media be talking about anything else? How the MSM treats this photo says all you need to know about them.

Update: Kudos to Morning Joe for going with it.

Update 2: Had a long conversation with a fellow on Twitter from OnSiteStudios. This type of thing is a lot more common than you would think and with the number of photos that are taken a shot like this is inevitable. The real question is, was this photo an unnoticed accident, a noticed accident, a decision to take a shot that would get attention etc etc etc.

On the other hand somebody has to tell Tommy Christopher to be less hysterical.

In any case, this is a prime example of right-wing hysteria run amok.

Right wing Hysteria? I’m sorry Tommy the only person who sounds hysterical is you. At worst it’s a laugh at the president, but you Tommy sound like TR ready to send the fleet to Cuba over Remmington’s propaganda.

New Exit question, would the left be less worried about this picture if they were not scared about election 2012?

Question: What do you do if you are the left and want to try to defend a website on the right that hits Sarah Palin and is taking serious brickbats for it?

Fishbowl DC has decided to turn Tucker Carlson into a defender of Chivlery and Dan Riehl into some kind of perverted villain in a rather awkward post that doesn’t do much credit to the author.

She first gives passing attention to the post that caused all the trouble at the Daily Caller, calling it a “simple aggregated story”. Nothing odd, nothing to see here, don’t know why anyone might be upset.

Then totally ignoring the timeline and the rant against Riehl and accuses him of a dishonest and dishonorable acts. Her noting that he’s posted at 3 a.m. as being suspicious (I half expected her to accuse him of being satanic since it’s 3 a.m. is considered “the hour of the devil” but that isn’t allowed in the MSM, too republican.

Now I am working under the assumption that unlike me Betsy Rothstein has not met Dan Riehl, she apparently didn’t bother checking out his links or this post which says a lot:

In terms of my involvement, let’s get the facts and time-line very straight. I first merely denounced it, saying it should be taken down. Based only on that, this idiot Jeff Poor attacked me. He didn’t offer a reasonable counter-argument. The young idiot took to Twitter to accuse me of payola, based upon an old Caller story that demonstrated no such thing. Okay, upstart, I reasoned, you want to see how to really play that game? – hence the Is Jeff Poor A Pedophile? post I’ve since taken down out of courtesy and practicality.

It was done in a specific manner so as to not be actionable. I was only trying to teach an all too full of himself rookie a lesson. Carlson’s call to me proved he was not much better. You don’t call people up yelling and threatening when you want something and don’t have a legal leg to stand on in getting it. Carlson either was too dumb to understand the issues clearly, or too full of himself, while perhaps assuming I would be scared, or impressed somehow and panic because Tucker Carlson himself called me. Yeah, that worked out real well for him.

When I took the post down, I did it to deprive them a talking point that had already worked for me, not out of fear of legal action. Several idiots at DC even Tweeted and Re-Tweeted the link themselves. I was screencapping all of them and laughing at the stupidity inherent in it. Any decent lawyer would tell them how dumb they would look to try and sue me at that point. Duh!

Now Dan has always been a bare knuckles guy when it comes to a fight. It’s not my method but it’s his and I’m not going to begrudge him it. I’m sure Ms. Rotherstien would very much like to neutralize Dan’s punch, but that’s highly unlikely.

Now Ms. Rothstein ignores that Dan’s objection was with the column and instead not only tries to paint him as some kind of misogynist but takes the time to detail his: Worst Date Story under the heading: On a Date with a woman.

Or to put it simply Betsy Rothstein decides in a rather cheap hit piece to attempt to discredit Dan Riehl in order to:

1. Distract from Tucker Carlson’s bad judgement

2. Use the “guilt by association” card to try to use this as a club against other who might associate with Dan Riehl, (hello Andrew Breitbart)

Well let me tell you this, I know Dan Riehl, he has been a friend and always treated me well, I’m proud to associate with him and will continue to do so and I think its very unlikely that she is going to get anyone who actually knows Dan Riehl do disassociate themselves with him.

But she has accomplished one thing. Based on this post, I’ll know to give posts, statements and the writings of Betsy Rothstein the same credence and trust that I would give a statement about jobs from President Obmama.

Oh and expect a “me too” post from Charles Johnson any minute, I’m sure his backing will improve Ms. Rothstein’s credibility with the literate public.

Tonight at 7 p.m. Arizona time my friend Barbara Espinosa will be hosting Republican congressman and tea party favorite Allen West on her radio show on KFNX 1100 AM

Of course Barbara’s show has always been worth your time and attention but you don’t want to miss Allen West.

You can catch it live at the KFNX stream at You can call in at 602-277-5369 or 1-866-536-1100 or E-Mail questions to:

Don’t miss it.

BTW if you want to know WHY you need to hear Allen West, here is exhibit a:

Yesterday, Keiko Orrall won a special election for a state rep seat in the 12th Bristol district by approximately 370 votes.  (Keiko won approximately the same percentage of votes in the district that Scott Brown won.) She will represent Lakeville (her hometown), Freetown, as well as parts of Taunton, Middleboro, and New Bedford.  From the Taunton Gazette:

She is the latest Republican from Southeastern Massachusetts to win a seat in the House. Last November, Republicans Shaunna O’Connell of Taunton, Steven Howitt of Seekonk and Angelo D’Emilia of Bridgewater won election to seats that had been held by Democrats.

“I think it’s because the people are very frustrated with the way Democratic leadership is steering the Commonwealth with more spending and less control,” Orrall said. “The message is getting out.”

Keiko’s nametag: “Keiko Orrall, Taxpayer” resonated with voters in the district, as shown by her solid victory.  Representative Peter Durant canvassed the district for her yesterday from dawn ’til dusk (well, not quite dawn, but you get the idea), helping to secure that solid victory for her.  As Da TechGuy blog readers may remember, Peter won his election in November by four votes, then won the recount by one vote.  Unsatisfied with losing by one vote, Peter’s opponent sued. A court order then declared the election to be a tie; Peter won the special election run-off and took his seat approximately five months after the rest of the duly-elected representatives.  Well, congrats, Democrats, because your shenanigans lit a fire under Peter: his Volvo convertible covered the district yesterday, carrying canvassers and Keiko supporters to help her get out the vote.
Peter wasn’t the only state rep in attendance, and conservative activists from pro-life groups to the Tea Party converged on the 12th Bristol district to help Keiko secure her win.  Congratulations, all.


A few minutes ago while I was upstairs away from the TV and my kids were downstairs with the TV on Morning Joe my oldest noticed something on the TV and called up the stairs with a question:

Dad? What’s the point of building secret drone bases if its going to be on the Front Page of the Washington Post?

Simple and direct. I started to prepare an answer about how the modern press unlike in say World War 2 doesn’t understand that you can’t win a war if you telegraph what you are doing to the enemy, about how since Vietnam many in the press consider being a journalist more important than being an American, how some in the media because they disagree with the war policy and will report such a thing to change it regardless of the effects on both the war and our foreign policy, when he added an addendum, to his question proving he knows me well:

…and Dad, please don’t give me a speech.

So problem: How do I convey all of that in a statement complete enough to explain it, yet brief enough for him to pay attention? The answer came from Glenn Reynolds:

Son, They’re not anti-war, they’re just on the other side.”

to which he answered:

Oh! OK.

Instapundit, giving direct simple solutions to the complexities of life since 2001. No wonder the left hates him.

Update: Daily Pundit links, thanks

I’m sure Huntsman will love the former president backing him up just before the next debate:

“If you’re an American, the best thing you can do is to make it politically unacceptable for people to engage in denial” about climate change, the former president said on the first day of the Clinton Global Initiative’s seventh annual meeting in New York City.

“I mean, it makes us — we look like a joke, right? You can’t win the nomination of one of the major parties in the country if you admit that the scientists are right? That disqualifies you from doing it? You could really help us there,” Clinton added.

Of course I don’t know if Clinton has heard of Ivar Giaever, but it wouldn’t matter if he did, he hasn’t changed. He still has great political skills and remains an unusually good liar.

I noted yesterday that Eric Boehelrt e-mailed asking if there was more video from Andrew Breitbart’s appearance in Lexington.

Little did I know that question was in preparation for this appearance on MSNBC:

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

It’s rather astounding how much spin can be created through an edit or two in such a short segment so for those who might still not have seen the video in context here is the actual video again:

and lets include the full transcript of what was said, both the question and the answer as I recorded it:

Question: …rage tomorrow any thoughts about the SEIU…

Breitbart: (interupting) “Bring em on! Sorry. (Laughter)

I must say that in my non-strategic, because I’m under attack all the time, if you see it on twitter the “tolerant” call me gay. I’m mean it’s just, it’s just like they’re vicious, the death threats and everything and so there are times where I’m not thinking as clearly as I should and in those unclear moments I always think to my self: Fire the first shot, bring it on. Because I know who’s on our side and they know that. They can only win a rhetorical and propaganda war. They cannot win, we outnumber them in this country and we have the guns so…


I’m not kidding, they talk a mean game but they will not cross that line because they know what they’re dealing with. And I have people who come up to me in the military, major named people in the military who grab me and go: ‘Thank you for what you’re doing, we’ve got your back.’ and so; (laughter and applause)

so they understand that, these are the unspoken things we know, they know. They know who’s on their side, they’ve got Janeane Garofalo (Laughter),we are freaked out by that. We, yeah (Laughter)

When push comes to shove they know who’s on our side. They are the bullies on the playground and they’re starting to realize: ‘What if we were to fight back, what if we were to slap black?’ You know these union thugs, these public sector union thugs, I’m just waiting.

Bring it on. I’m sick of it. I’m sick of this Trumpka guy. I’m sick of that John Sweeney guy. I’m sick of the SEIU. I’m sick of them going to people homes, executives homes, showing up and the media not thinking. You don’t think there’s a problem with that?

Katie Couric, what if we went to Katie Couric’s house?

What if the Tea Party showed up at Katie Couric’s house and scared the crap out of her teenage kids? And that’s what they do because they know that the mainstream media won’t cover it. And so ,there’s just a part of me who wants them to walk over that line.”

The gist of the question was clearly that he was saying that there are time he wants the left to cross that line, to fire that first shot beyond the normal thuggery that is used by the left recorded by citizen journalists again and again. To paint as MSNBC does as a call for violence when it is in fact a cry of: Go ahead through that first punch because we’ll throw the last..

Boehlert’s pose of incredulity at the idea of Union members acting as thugs is comical as well, granted he’s paid not to notice that but Ed Schultz at least pretends he is reporting fact. Those videos will not find their way to MSNBC anytime soon as they are too hard to spin. That’s why the Katie Couric stuff was not there, because it was impossible to spin it without repeating the story that Andrew was referring to.

I haven’t talked to Andrew since this stuff ended up all over the place, but he’s a big boy and he deals with this kind of spin all the time so I suspect it’s not much of a worry for him.

And seriously If MSNBC can’t add more than maybe 10k to 15k views to a video with broadcasts and repeats, who is actually going to see this spin?

So I’m not all that worried about MSNBC, it got the video some views, it gave me some subscribers, a lot of comments that illustrated the left for what they are and a few more hits for the monthly total.

But it did teach me one valuable lesson: Don’t try to use the experimental YouTube voice software for a transcript, it translated “Fire the first shot” as “Barbershop Grandma”.

Was taking my kid to school when I heard a news clip on the radio that struck me.

They were reporting the repeal of DADT and that today for the first time in 18 years gay service members could serve openly.

This is a HUGE re-write of history. According to the Uniform Code of Military Justice before DADT a person who was an acknowledged Homosexual would not have been admitted period or would have been ejected when discovered.

You might remember this scene from Stripes:

DADT was considered a reform by the left because it allowed people who were Homosexual to serve without fear of discharge provided they did not announce their orientation. It was overwhelming supported by the left and Homosexual groups at the time. To pretend otherwise is to re-write history.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. My only concerning is the best most effective combat military possible. If it is demonstrated that gays serving openly helps that cause then I’m for it, if it is demonstrated that gays serving opening hurts that cause I’m against it.

If that is not the metric of those who are making military decisions in this country then we need different people making them.