$1250 reasons why I can’t get on that Bus

I’m at the Tea Party Express Rally right now in Concord NH. Met a lot of friends who I rode with a year ago and I had an interesting conversation with the people here and there is good news and bad news.

Back on the Bus?

1. The Good news is they might have room for me on the bus all the way to Florida to cover the debate on the 12th..

2. The bad news is when I called my wife and told her this the reaction was …. memorable. She reminded me that money is tight and we can’t even begin to afford something like this.

He’s the thing. If I spend a week on the bus that’s a week I can’t be out selling ads for the show. There is also a weeks worth of eating and the plane ticket back to Boston (about $250).

So I made the deal I made with her. If I can come up with $1250 before Tuesday at Noon, my wife will sanction the trip. If not I simply won’t go.

So guys its up to. If you’d like a weeks’ worth of life coverage of the Tea Party express as it goes down the coast, hit DaTipJar and you’ll get it.

If you think two or three days of coverage is just fine then that’s OK too.

I’ve got till Tuesday at noon. Go or stay, it’s your call.