Mr. DaTechGuy visits the Tea Party Express Part 1

Stacy and I got to Rollins Park in Concord around about 4:30. The Tea party express had not yet arrived but WMUR channel 9 was already there:

Local News there and ready

There were a few early reporters as well, they were getting the platform ready to set up for the event.

media setting up

The first person I talked to was from a group looking to introduce the open primary system in every state, sort of a “support group for independents”

Video pending as well

Update Here is the Video:

I then noticed a group of tea party members gathered together, they were united in their opposition to Mitt Romney as either a speaker or a nominee for the GOP.

a group of Anti-Mitt Tea partiers

They respected Romney in his personal life but was thought he was too wishy washy on the big issues. About that time Dave Weigel showed up

Dave Taking notes

Shortly afterwards Buddy Roemer showed up.

He gave me some of his time

and seemed very excited to be part of the tea party express event

I started talking to a fellow with a big flag for an interview,

an attractive young lady from NBC also wanted to interview the fellow so we both filmed him. UPDATE here is the video

There was an assortment of vendors at the location selling T-shirts bumper stickers, playing cards etc, all with Tea Party themes.

Who wants a tea shirt?

When the buses came in there were some happy reunions

Levi Russell and Stacy McCain

Particularly with Andrea Shea King, one of my favorite people

Andrea and Stacy

One the Buses showed up the anti-Mitt crowd held an impromptu press conference to explain why he should not be invited

Not Mitt's biggest fans

The people who objected to Romney were not behind a specific candidate but they were united in their disdain for the governor.

Not Mitt fans

But the question really was, once things got started would Mitt be received politely or not? As a group of Mitt’s people started showing up all together:

The press was anxious for some fireworks, but would they get them? That was the 64,000 question.

to be continued

BTW if you can’t wait for part 2. Dave Weigel’s post is already up. Stacy has a short preview up now and a second post on the way. I have multiple YouTube videos that will be up as soon as I have a better upload connection.