Stacy McCain in Massachusetts & NH

It’s been a fun few says so far with Stacy McCain. We returned to the Border Grille and bar:

Stacy Returns to the Border Grille & Bar alas not wing night

He rubbed elbows with the manager

and meets with Charlie the manager

We got a late snack and believe it or not, befriended a union member who we gave a lift home.

Next morning Stacy was out to get the local papers:

The morning papers

And checked the stories of the day over breakfast at the Fifth street Diner

And finally found one headline he liked

Stacy finds a Headline he likes

In Manchester he checked out the Herman Cain HQ

At the Herman Cain HQ Manchester

And we stopped at the Red Arrow Diner across the street.

Red Arrow Redux

I talked to the same waiter I spoke to last time, Herman Cain has been in two times and he falls on the Mrs. Clinton side of being liked vs the Mitt Romney/John Edwards side of not.

Meanwhile as Stacy was commenting on Palin (along with the Lonely Conservative and Ace) and composing his next post, (it’s here) we looked for the Wayfarer Inn and Convention Center that his Idol Hunter S. Thompson wrote of. He had a nasty shock:

Stacy's Saddest moment of his trip

But on the plus side the McDonalds nearby had really fast internet.

As for Palin, I’m saving my thoughts for a long post but I’ll just say two things for now:

1. Not a single vote that counts yet has been cast and until any are polls don’t mean a thing yet.

2. I fail to see why Sarah Palin should make her moves on anyone’s schedule but her own.

She is no more bullying the other candidates than the Tea Party is AP not withstanding:

Tea party bulling its way into 2012 GOP race

A lot of words will be written about this campaign before it’s over, but it will take a real effort for someone else to say something as stupid as that.

By the time you read this we will be checking out Mitt Romney and the Tea Party express, should be interesting.