My latest for the Examiner: Tea Party History repeats itself before national cameras talks about the latest example of the media narrative of the tea party failing, this time with the MSM on hand to film it:

They were not shy about making their opinions known to the media either individually or as a group. Moreover with only a single Police Lieutenant on duty at the event, if the Tea Party members of the Granite state wanted to disrupt the speech; there would be very little to stop them.

When Governor Romney took the stage the MSM waited and watched: would it be glitter, a cream pie to the face? Would he be heckled, shouted down or was the protester wearing a flipper suit a fanatical 2nd amendment activist armed to the teeth? The media waited…

Think of last week this time with the MSM to see it.

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Yeah it would have made more sense to have this video up before yesterday’s Palin stuff but that was breaking news and frankly tends to drive hits faster. Since some videos were added to this post as updates I’ve included them here too:

I talked to Sue first

She later moved her setup to the main vendor area, she started near the Freedom Works counter protest spot.

Stewart was part of the anti-Romney Tea Party Crowd, in addition to commenting on Romney he gave some info on the recovery from Irene in his state

When I talked to Tom, NBC news was filming at the same time.

I’ll wager the words “Porkbusters” never found its way to a NBC camera before.

Next I talked to candidate Buddy Roemer

And later took a clip of the Anti-Romney Crowd:

And a Palin Supporter

Some Romney supporters came to talk to me as a group:

And I took a quick peek at his speech

And the Crowd during it

And Sal Russo from the Tea Party Express wrapped it up

I hope to have my second part of my writeup of the event up before the end of the day.

Update: Forgot my last clip as Governor Romney left silly me:

Update 2: Wrong code corrected