Rick Perry: Was both strong and hesitant in some of his answers. Looked rusty, but he has a lot of debates to fix that.

Mitt Romney: Helped himself looked professional and practiced did very well.

Michelle Bachmann:Good answers but I have to agree with Rev Sharpton, nothing memorable.

Ron Paul: He was Ron Paul+ Same strangeness but better presentation and liked how he dealt with several issues.

Rick Santorum: One or two really strong answers (particularly on the Catholic thing) but he needed to be stronger.

Herman Cain: Best debate since the 1st one, I think he helped himself a lot.

Newt Gingrich: If I’m Newt I want debates every day, very strong.

Jon Huntsman: Both helped and hurt himself some strong answers but at best he will get from 1% to 2% with them.

Biggest winner is likely Romney the biggest loser MSNBC that is so politically correct that they brought in a person of Spanish ancestry to ask the immigration issue, how condescending, how liberal how racist. Why not have Williams ask the immigration question and let the “Hispanic” reporter ask about taxes, don’t “Hispanic” people pay taxes too?

One of the disadvantages of being a one man business is by definition you are doing it all yourself, bookkeeping, invoices, writing, reporting the lot.

And as the laws of physics have not been repealed and I don’t own a TARDIS on the days I was entertaining Robert Stacy McCain, covering Romney, Buddy Roemer , Sarah Palin, Freedomworks and the Tea Party Express in the sun and the rain of two states I was not out finding advertisers for the show or the blog.

In fact as I type this I’m not getting the invoices out that I need to finish either.

And that brings me to the Tea Party Express and my chance to get on the bus and go with them.

It would have been rather great to hit Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Virginia Georgia, Florida, South Carolina etc etc etc, interview the people, see candidates Rick Perry, Herman Cain and perhaps others who might turn up along the way. It would have been fantastic blogging as would have been covering the debate in person.

But every day I did that was a day I was not selling advertising or at least trying to. Every day I did meant that the bills of the show and blog not to mention the mortgage groceries etc are less likely to be paid on-time or paid at all.

So I set a threshold of $1250 dollars. Enough to:

1. Pay for a trip back and expenses

2. Cover the equivalent of a single 60 second ad purchase that I would hope to get during the 10 days I lost.

There wasn’t much time, the offer came on Sunday and the last chance to nail the bus before it is out of range was last night, or perhaps this morning in Rhode Island. (As I type this I noticed that If I left the house right now and made a mad dash for Rhode Island, I just might be able to catch them before they leave.)

I put the word out to the readers but the money just hasn’t come in. Ironically I just got a big check from one of my biggest advertisers paying for their last run. I could certainly use that to pay for the trip…

…but here’s the thing. That money was already counted in my budget to pay for two large bills due in the next 30 days. If I spend that money now then I will not have it at the end of the month when those bills are due, I’d have to borrow the money against future receipts and hope for the best in the worst economy that we have seen in nearly a century.

Remind you of anybody you voted for lately?

I have a lot of friends on those buses, beyond the reporting I could spend time with them, Victoria Jackson is re-joining the tour later, I’d love to see her again and I’m sure I’d see other friends along the way. It would be fun and I’d love to do it, and if I was a liberal I just might do it.

But I’m a conservative and Conservatism 101 means you live within your means.

So today I’ll watch the presidential debate, drop off and mail invoices and visit a few customers in the rain. I’ll work hard on the writing and the selling.

And perhaps next year by working hard and using my money wisely I’ll be in a position to catch the tour right from the start.

Update: Hey guys it’s not a big deal and that’s the whole point people do without things they can’t afford all the time. This is what is called NORMAL.

Update 2: I keep getting people saying they’re sorry they couldn’t help, This isn’t a help thing, this would have been a cool story to cover but it’s not a necessity, it’s not even an “I’ve always wanted it” thing like a season 18 Doctor Who scarf would be. When I didn’t have money to pay the actual bills and I had to ask, that’s a necessity but this isn’t the same.

One of the reasons why we have the problems we do in this country is too many people don’t know how to say: NO! No to their children or no to themselves. The reason why the federal and state government is in such trouble is people not knowing the difference between “I’ll give you what you need.” and “I’ll get you what you want”.

Take my clothes dryer, it’s a front loader and the door is iffy, so we use a pole and a block of wood and prop the door shut, 10 seconds work. Yeah it’s a pain in the rear end, but that’s $500-$600 we don’t have to spend, that’s a tax bill guys.

So choice: lose 90 seconds a day or spend $500-$800. You call that a choice? 90 seconds? Give me a break, you’ll spend that much time watching 2 bad commercials.

Compare that to a story from my travels: Fellow owns an orchid, Apples (remember Johnny Appleseed was born in the next town). Has a farmstand selling produce and fruit. Like anyone who has tree fruit there is are a number of “drops” (that is Apples that have fallen from the tree before he they could be picked). Nothing wrong with them, but drops sell for much less or are sold as feed. He knows a family with six kids young kids on government assistance and decided to save the drops for the next time she came in to give her a few baskets-full for her kids free of charge so her kids have some fruit.

When she comes in he’s all smiles and tell her he’s got a bunch of free apples from his drops for her kids. Her answer? “I don’t want those apples, they’ve hit the ground!” They weren’t good enough for her.

Forgetting how impolite that is, how ARROGANT can you get? You’ll take food stamps but you won’t take a bag of apples for your kids when you are on the dole?

This is what we have done with the “just tell me what you want” culture. And that’s why need need to teach and advance conservatism and we have to do it NOW!

Update 3: One thing to make clear, if the Bus had only one more stop say to DC I would have gone on and only needed a train ticket since I would lose only a day or so, it’s the week’s loss that made it too costly.

Update 4: The lonely conservative gets it and YES her husband does great work, BTW this is what a season 18 dr. who scarf looks like

There is a special election in Nevada and you know what that means. Ladd Ehlinger strikes again!

So if you are a reader in Nevada district 2 you know what to do, get out there September 13 and support Mark Amodei!

And if you are in NY-9 don’t forget Bob Turner either.

Good show on gored913 for bring Ladd on-board, good move!

Yesterday I took Stacy McCain to South Station in Boston to catch the 3 p.m. back south and headed east toward Worcester where my friend John Weston from WCRN and Conservatively Speaking was Emceeing the event.

The rain which was spotty just started pouring down but a tent was arranged and a small podium was set up under it.

Sharon Angle was has been traveling along with the bus tour with her Team Hobbit express.

Team Hobbit Express

And spoke to me before things got started:

An important broke into the mainstream coverage as well:

But a number of speakers let Republicans know that theirs is not just an anti-Democrat movement. Tea Party Express Chairman Amy Kremer said Republicans have come close to assuming tea party support for whomever the Republicans nominate.

She told an enthusiastic gathering that not all Republicans are friends of the conservative movement. “It’s not going to be the Republican Party that hands us the next Republican nominee. The people are going to choose the next Republican nominee,” she said.

At the height of the event the crowd neared 100 but as the rain continued to pour downed down the crowd bled people slowly, about half stayed to the very end.

Lloyd Marcus singing in the rain

Conservatively speaking was well represented:

Mike Wade and Andrea Shea King

Here is a quick pan of the crowd to get an idea

I didn’t actually get that interview till the very end of the event but Jimmy LaBriola’s comic act was hysterical:

What you don’t see in the clip is that he not only played off of me and the Telegram reporter standing behind him. Somehow the story at the paper didn’t include that bit.

And after absolutely skewering Marty Lamb during the entire act introduced himself as the next speaker! That was classic.

By the time all was said and done it was dark and Jimmy finally had some time for me.

…along with the rapper Politik

I strongly endorse his send money statement

As I attended this last event North of the Rhode Island line I was asked if I would be joining the bus…

the answer will be up at 4 p.m. meanwhile feel free to check out the gallery as you wait.

Via this tweet by Byron York:

…comes this very funny headline from the NYT:

A Campaign Challenge: Defining Obama

Defining Obama?. Hasn’t that game already been played?

The mainstream media helped smooth the way with the questions not asked, the history glossed over, the records sealed, the voices silenced by loyal Leftist Democrats. All had a hand in the deliberate cover-up. The American people were told how wonderful Barack Obama was, how articulate and educated, and just the remedy for an ailing nation, a nation that the Democrats said was scourged by the Republicans, so we had to get rid of them, and elect this anointed individual.

Everyone forgets that nobody knew who this guy was less than 10 years ago when he was embraced by the Democratic Elites alas even for that crowd the shine has worn off of it.

Over the Labor Day weekend, I went to a number of events in the Hamptons. At all of them, Obama was discussed. At none of them — that’s none — was he defended. That was remarkable. After all, sitting around various lunch and dinner tables were mostly Democrats. Not only that, some of them had been vociferous Obama supporters, giving time and money to his election effort. They were all disillusioned.

As a commentator said:

The only people defending Obama these days is the Secret Service.

But at least he’s not a Gauche tea partier like Rick Perry.

All this seems familiar somehow:

the GOP seems to be doing all it can to make itself unelectable, veering far to the right and embracing a tea party movement that, at its extremes, preaches the need for revolution.

That was E. J. Dionne in JUNE 2010 scoffing at GOP prospects in 2010. Right now when I see people saying Obama will trounce Perry or Bachmann or any tea party favorite I’m reminded that losing 39 seats (they lost 63 in 2010) was a pessimistic projection.

To such folks who watch MSNBC regularly the solution to the democratic political crisis is just a PR move away, but unlike 2008 the electorate knows what they’ve had, and no matter how they choose to define it, they just don’t like the dog food.

and you all know what that means:

“Ride right through them, they’re demoralized as hell”!

Update: Shirley you can’t be serious?