Quick debate thoughts:

Rick Perry: Was both strong and hesitant in some of his answers. Looked rusty, but he has a lot of debates to fix that. Mitt Romney: Helped himself looked professional and practiced did very well. Michelle Bachmann:Good answers but I have to agree with Rev Sharpton, nothing memorable. Ron Paul: He was Ron Paul+ Same … Continue reading Quick debate thoughts:

Conservatism 101 Walking the Walk

One of the disadvantages of being a one man business is by definition you are doing it all yourself, bookkeeping, invoices, writing, reporting the lot. And as the laws of physics have not been repealed and I don't own a TARDIS on the days I was entertaining Robert Stacy McCain, covering Romney, Buddy Roemer , … Continue reading Conservatism 101 Walking the Walk

The latest from Ladd Ehlinger

There is a special election in Nevada and you know what that means. Ladd Ehlinger strikes again! So if you are a reader in Nevada district 2 you know what to do, get out there September 13 and support Mark Amodei! And if you are in NY-9 don't forget Bob Turner either. Good show on … Continue reading The latest from Ladd Ehlinger

Tea Party Express in the Rain in Worcester

Yesterday I took Stacy McCain to South Station in Boston to catch the 3 p.m. back south and headed east toward Worcester where my friend John Weston from WCRN and Conservatively Speaking was Emceeing the event. The rain which was spotty just started pouring down but a tent was arranged and a small podium was … Continue reading Tea Party Express in the Rain in Worcester

They don’t like the Dog food Redux

Via this tweet by Byron York: ...comes this very funny headline from the NYT: A Campaign Challenge: Defining Obama Defining Obama?. Hasn't that game already been played? The mainstream media helped smooth the way with the questions not asked, the history glossed over, the records sealed, the voices silenced by loyal Leftist Democrats. All had … Continue reading They don’t like the Dog food Redux