Herman Cain wins very close debate

I'm going to score this on a 10 pt must system WINNER Herman Cain 10.0: Answered questions directly and drew complements from other candidates, pushed his plan that is simple enough to understand. Needed to be noticed and was. Rick Santorum 9.9: Strong answers and strong punches landed on Paul and Perry, had one so … Continue reading Herman Cain wins very close debate

Another GOP debate to blog…

I have no idea how this will go but we will soon find out: My Take, Cain, Santorum and Bachmann helped themselves, Rick Perry was bloodied, Romney stayed steady but not great, Huntsman hurt himself, Paul was Paul, Gingrich was solid. A lot more substance than other debates, likely due to the tea party business. … Continue reading Another GOP debate to blog…

MSNBC discovers NY-9

Today on Morning Joe they folks around the table openly spoke about the NY-9 election and the polling showing Obama in huge trouble among independents in a district that has not had a GOP rep since my 90 year old aunt was a baby. Joe tried to play the "dirty tricks" early citing this politico … Continue reading MSNBC discovers NY-9

Barack Obama’s adventures in time and space

There are those who might think that it was odd that President Obama in his much-anticipated "jobs" speech, kept repeating the phrase: "Pass This Bill and..." when no "Jobs bill" exists despite the three weeks that passed since his upcoming speech was first announced. There are others who might find it equally strange to hear … Continue reading Barack Obama’s adventures in time and space