Who is Hakim Awad…

...and why was he just sentenced to five consecutive life sentences +5 in Israel? Well if you don’t watch Glenn Beck read this blog, or don't read news from Israel you might not know that he is one of the men who slaughtered Ehud and Ruth Fogel along with three of their children ages 11 … Continue reading Who is Hakim Awad…

Tim Wakefield finally gets #200

Three times in the last month the Red Sox Bullpen blew what should have been his 200th win, this time their bats secured it. Tim Wakefield left the mound after six innings clinging to a 6-5 lead, but the Sox scored 12 runs in the last 3 innings to stop their skid and finally secure … Continue reading Tim Wakefield finally gets #200

Can you say: “Desperation”

There is no more telling sign of desperation for the democratic party than this web site: Think about it, The Campaign of the President of the United States, the most powerful person in the world wants information on any e-mail, any story, any public statement or blog post that might dare "attack" the president. I … Continue reading Can you say: “Desperation”

A bad day for the Democratic Party, NY-9 NV-2 and Elizabeth Warren

For reasons I don't quite understand I found myself extremely tired yesterday and crashed at about 5 p.m. I woke up to two pieces of news spelling disaster for the Democratic Party and President Obama. The first being NY-9. Both the Washington Post and the New York Times report that Bob Turner has won election … Continue reading A bad day for the Democratic Party, NY-9 NV-2 and Elizabeth Warren