I had the pleasure of covering Andrew Breitbart as he made an appearance in Lexington Mass. on the subject of his war with the media.

I arrived about 10 minutes before the event started and was let in as “media”, Quite a few of the 60+ guests were dressed up a bit, Ironic because Andrew was the West Coast casual all the way:

Before things got started I managed to grab a very quick interview with Richard one of the Attendees:

When Andrew began it seemed at first that this would be a repeat of his last CPAC speech, but it became clear that he was more interested in talking about the cultural aspects of his fight against the left.

It really amazed me to see that his thesis was a belief I’ve long-held, namely that the far left decided the best way to divide and bring down the US was by hitting what united us, namely our Judeo-Christian Culture and as he put it “Translated haves and have nots to oppressors and oppressed”.

Of course the church culture had to be the first to go because it is a uniting agent that crosses class and wealth lines so effectively.

Andrew stressed that he is in fact a secular Jew but he recognized the war on culture for what it is and recognized that as it took decades to reach this point it would take further decades to reverse it.

And he didn’t hesitate to note that it was the tea party, not the Republican that had driven change.

He took a series of questions after his talk and posted with admirers signing autographs and talking more

I’ll have more video up later in the evening that I’ll post over the next day or so, Andrew will be in NE for another day or two, I hope if time permits to have him call into the show but that’s a bit iffy.

Meanwhile here is the full gallery, if you are in any of these pictures feel free to download them for yourself

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As the democratic party tries to recover from the twin blows of NV-2 and NY-9 there is one other group that is struggling to figure out how to deal with the new radioactive Obama.

The Mainstream media welcomed the arrival of Barack Obama as if all of their dreams and hopes were met, and warned of rioting and bloodshed if he was not elected. For three years they met every pronouncement of his as if they had come from the Lord himself.

As the economy failed to rebound they still supported him, as Obamacare proved unpopular they still supported him. As report after report brought bad news they proclaimed it “unexpected”. When a massive grass-roots movement (the tea party) rose up against him they minimized and/or attacked it. As every indication showed American People were on the road to rejecting him in 2010 they pooh poohed it and when the election results finally came in, they concentrated their coverage on two Senate seats that had not been won by republicans in decades and at their first chance grabbed ahold of a 3 way race in NY-26 where a democrat won with 47% to prove 2010 was a fluke.

As Republican after Republican sensing the weakness of this administration jumped into the presidential sweepstakes, they minimized and mocked the field insisting that this president would win re-election in a walk. When protests in Wisconsin came they played them up and when they failed to stop Scott Walker they played his success down. When the debt ceiling debate came up they were convinced that the president was going to win…

…right up until the moment that he didn’t

As late as last week Thursday the media was still ignoring the signals from NY-9 but on Friday the first leaks in the dam started to appear, by Monday it was a torrent and by Wednesday the media was in such a state of disbelief that they seemingly could not say the words “NY-9” without uttering the words “NY-26” with them.

Now with Democrats in free-fall and retreat, we find the president not even able to salvage the name of his Jobs plan let alone get Democrats in the Senate to support it. As the politicians who have something to lose jump ship the MSM finds itself in a quandary.

Even the most jaded of them can see that the Obama administration has failed, failed to turn around the economy, failed to sell itself to the people and reached the point where even members of the Congressional Black Caucus are looking for a reason to run away.

If it was a question of credibility it would not be an issue but the dirty little secret is the media knows their audience is simply a niche market amplified only by their diminishing control of the information delivery system. A great example are Jon Stewart and Colbert. They don’t have to worry about amusing the general public, their target audience are the anchors of CNN and MSNBC and the drinking college crowd and that’s OK. They are in the business of comedy and supporting themselves, NOT information.

For the media it is different, they realize that outside their NY, DC, Boston LA axis their views are not shared and their opinions are increasingly distrusted yet it in their enclaves that they make their living.

At some point for their own self-respect they will have to acknowledge what already exists but the need to postpone that moment to appease their niche audience is always in front of them.

That question for the media: “Do we report the news or play to our niche?” is the story of the next 14 months. It will be a much more interesting story an election that seems to becoming a foregone conclusion.

In Stacy McCain’s excellent treatise on the problems with “sex ed” and the liberal mindset, he asks if today’s children are lacking in knowledge or virtue.   That excellent question misses another issue: young people often lack the knowledge of virtue and cannot determine what is a virtue and what is a vice.

When I was a wee lass, in college in the ’90s, almost everyone around me thought that I was mental for not being sexually active.  My teenage/early twenty-something self was at a loss to explain, except to say, “I’m not repeating my parents’ mistakes.”  (No, I don’t think that I am a mistake, but firmly believe that getting pregnant in college is a mistake.)  The usual responses were about condoms, the Pill, and abortion – but the idea that I might want to complete my rigourous engineering degree without the stress of sexual activity, and may never want to choose between my education and my child, was viewed as crazy talk.

Continue reading “The knowledge of virtue”

For the last 10 years I have had these simple rules in the house for my kids, When I’ve left the house I’ve made my boys and their friends repeat it.

To some of our friends on the left that might sound old fashioned, a product of my parents being from the 20’s but Stacy McCain asks the relevant question.

The simplest disproof of the Liberal Theory of Sex Education is to ask whether problems related to adolescent fornication were more or less frequent in 1948, when there was little if any sex education in school and the Comstock Act was still generally enforced.

I would suggest that the if adults where more concerned with actually being parents and less concerned with being “liked” or thought of as “cool” this would not be an issue, but the real problem is my generation never left their own adolescence and unlike every generation before them never got over the idea that they were smarter than the people who came before them.

I’ve often commented on MSNBC’s niche market and the idea that their programing is designed to keep and appeal to said market.

Now that Glenn Beck has struck out on his own he might be well advised to keep that in mind.

Tonight Brain Sack made an extremely poor taste joke about Sarah Palin. Don’t we have enough of that crap in the lame stream? I am not going to pay $10.00 a month to hear more.

Or let me put it another way: No Amount of hitting Sarah Palin is going to get liberals to subscribe to your network, liberals can get all they want from the regular media for free. All that does is give conservatives a reason to decide to keep $10 in the bank.

Stacy McCain elaborates:

What purpose was served, however, by Brian Sack’s joke at Sarah Palin’s expense? It was just a cheap laugh. I’m sure we’ll get an apology from him (and from Glenn Beck) explaining that Sack’s joke was intended to portray the rumored affair with a black basketball star as laughably ridiculous. I get that, OK? And I also understand that, privately, Brian Sack and Glenn Beck will say that the outrage over this joke illustrates the think-skinned hypersensitive defensiveness of Palin’s admirers, and the can’t-take-a-joke nature of some conservatives.

While it’s true that some Palin fans come close to the point of idolatry, her enemies are not only considerably worse but even more obsessed. Just yesterday a group of comments appeared on my videos from Palin’s Manchester event pushing the Glen Rice nonsense even though they were a week old and totally unrelated, as if that invalidates the points she makes.

It’s Beck’s network and he can do what he wants, and so can the potential subscribers.

Your call.

Update: How weak does a Palin smear have to be that even the NYT are panning it. Not to worry oh Palin Derangement syndrome sufferers Apparently Dave Weigel and Slate decided to fill the void the paper left.

Update 2: Readers might notice that a couple of their comments were not approved. I will explain briefly: If I object to people making salacious implications about Mrs. Palin, I’m sure not going to allow comments that make such implications concerning the wives or daughters of the people hitting her.

Do you remember this?

Let me be clear, I said you can call the dogs and light the fire and leave the house. I think it sounds over.

Now let me be clear here, if Obama goes in this race with a 5- point lead and losing this election, the consequences are — bull, man. I mean I don’t think that’s going to happen, but I think David it’s a point to bring up.

But you stop and contemplate this country if Obama goes in and he has a consistent five point lead and loses the election, it would be very, very, very dramatic out there.

That’s Carvelle October of 2008
when some on the left suggested riots and bloodshed if Obama lost, I wonder if they will try to play that card again next year?

Update: Apparently Bloomberg is playing it now.