They all look alike to the press

Glenn Reynolds and Steve Den Beste are both commenting on the press' and Obama, Den Bestie whose long essay's I've missed says the forbidden word What I found particularly interesting about Murphy’s article was the word that wasn’t there. It’s the word that no one wants to say. But I don’t give a damn, and … Continue reading They all look alike to the press

A quick parenthood lesson

J. D. Cahill: (To his son approaching the "dead" Frasier) Hold it! (Draws pistol and shoots twice near Frasier's head) Frasier: (Jumping up) You'd even shoot a dead man! J. D. Cahill: No and I ain't gonna let him shoot me either. Cahill U.S. Marshall 1973 Yesterday I touched on the idea that parents should … Continue reading A quick parenthood lesson

Stuff I haven’t gotten to

A bunch of things I haven't gotten too that I hope to later Item: Shhh nobody tell Jon Huntsman But there is at least one Nobel winner that doesn't go for the Global Warming nonsense: Dr. Ivar Giaever, a former professor with Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and the 1973 winner of the Nobel Prize in physics, … Continue reading Stuff I haven’t gotten to