Give (some of them) a state

Here is a story that for some reason hasn't gotten a lot of traction in the debate on "Palestinian" statehood. One of the things you hear the Arab world scream about is the "right of return" that is, the right of Palestinian refugees who neighboring Arab countries have kept in refugee camps for decades as … Continue reading Give (some of them) a state

Another presidential debate

Ok here is my take on yesterday's debate: Rick Perry: really is not doing well in this setting, don't they have debates in Texas? He has a legit record of accomplishment but he really has trouble expressing it and the immigration issue is his Romneycare. Mitt Romney (winner): Continues to improve in his presentation, the … Continue reading Another presidential debate

This is where it is going

If you want to see the logical conclusion to the attacks on Stacy Trasancos you can see it in England at the blog of Fr.Ray Blake : It goes on and finally tells me that letters will be sent my superiors. Another couple of correspondents complained that I hadn't allowed their comments which insulted the … Continue reading This is where it is going