Captain Kirk: There must be something to do, something I’ve overlooked

Spock: In chess, when one is outmatched the game is over, Checkmate.

Captain Kirk: Is that your best recommendation?

Spock: I’m sor…,I regret that I can find no logical alternative.

Captain Kirk:   Not Chess Mr. Spock…Poker!

Star Trek: The Corbormite maneuver 1966

Patton: “Remember the words of Frederick the Great: ‘L’audace, l’audace, toujours l’audace!'”

George C Scott: Patton 1970

Evidence or lack of it not withstanding, the MSM and the blogosphere are all buzzing over the “impending implosion” of the Herman Cain Campaign. The specter of conventional wisdom is hanging over the head of the campaign like vultures over a dying man in the wilderness.

Considering the stress the Cain Campaign must be under (things are grim in NH today) it might be worth noting that we’ve seen this play before and recently too.

May 18th Jon Ward The Huffington Post: GOP Donors Deserting Newt Gingrich

May 18th My friend Tabitha Hale at Red State: Make room for the new guys, Newt. (take a look btw at the link, the first title was “New Gingrich flames out, worst POTUS launch in history)

June 9th Jonathan Martin Politico: The Newt Gingrich campaign implosion

June 9th Seeing Red in Arizona blog: Gingrich: Campaign implosion worsens

June 9th Chris Cillizza and Karen Tumulty Washington Post: Gingrich presidential campaign implodes (note the reverse of Tabitha Hale above, Tabitha a blogger/activist with an opinion started with a pejorative headline and instead published with less of an edge, our unbiased journalists of the MSM started with a factual headline “Gingrich senior aides resign” in the link and went pejorative.

June 9th JEFF ZELENY and TRIP GABRIEL New York Times: Gingrich’s Future in Question After Aides Quit en Masse

June 10th Brian Preston PJ Tatler: Why the Gingrich implosion is different from the McCain implosion in 2007, and how it relates to Gov. Perry

July 5th Zeke Miller Business Insider: Imploding Gingrich Campaign Raises Paltry $2 Million

July 6th My friend Robert Stacy McCain The Other McCain: I Bet Doug Hoffman Is Laughing Today

Looking at those headlines, from all kinds of sources, from a small blogger in Arizona to the “paper of record” you would judge that Newt Gingrich was all but finished and owed it to himself and the field to exit gracefully, and I can think of several people (Bachmann, Cain, Huntsman, Johnson, Paul, Perry, Roemer, Santorum and perhaps Romney) who wished he did just that. Instead of embracing convention wisdom he rejected it and currently finds himself at the top of the polls.

Meanwhile a rather competent Governor by the name of Tim Pawlenty took the opposite route, consider these stories:

Aug 5th Peter Ingemi The Conservatory: An Important Detail, and Pawlenty’s Last Stand

Aug 7th Fox News: Pawlenty: Iowa Straw Poll is Marker, Not a Must-Win

Aug 8th John McCormick Bloomberg News: Failure in Iowa Straw Poll Could Doom Pawlenty’s White House Bid

Aug 13 Zeke Miller Business Insider: Pawlenty Loses Top Advisor, Cancels Ad Buy Before Iowa Straw Poll

Aug 13 Peter Hamby CNN: Questions for Pawlenty after straw poll finish

Aug 13 Reg Chapman CBS Bachmann Gains Steam In Iowa, Pawlenty Loses It

Aug 14 IMTIYAZ DELAWALA and MATTHEW JAFFE ABC: Pawlenty Drops Out of Presidential Race After Disappointing Straw Poll Finish

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Note the Aug 7th comment by Pawlenty. He says explicitly that the Iowa straw poll is not a must win for him. In fact on my radio show that weekend Stacy McCain said this:

the Iowa republican part hosts this event at Ames, and the campaigns, each of the campaigns buys a place in the event and they bring their supporters too, tickets are for sale so it’s a fundraiser for the GOP of Iowa, but many Campaigns buy tickets for their supporters and hand them out, and so so as I said it’s viewed as a show of organizational strength. who has the money who has the manpower who has the volunteer enthusiasm to get the people out to the straw poll to vote for their candidate.

Yet despite this reality, Tim Pawlenty decided that he could not continue while other candidates who did much worse are still in play. Why? Because he embraced the conventional wisdom, followed the lead of the MSM and decided it was time to go. He was unwilling to fight for the votes he didn’t have.

And this brings us to Herman Cain.

Tim Pawlenty has a cerebral reputation, like Spock he’s playing chess and found himself checkmated. Herman Cain is more Kirk, he needs to play poker but Cain’s position is the reverse of Kirk’s. Herman Cain knows if his foes have the cards, or if they’re bluffing.

So what does he do? Well if Cain knows they hold the cards (meaning he’s lying) the right move is a speech saying something along the lines of: “Unfairly or not these charges have raised questions with the voters and with so many other excellent candidates in our field to choose from I simply don’t have enough time to properly reassure voters before election day.” That’s the rub, in an internet age, particularly since the MSM will not abandon their curiosity at the door (as they have for Obama) there is no way the press can be kept from playing a winning hand, and if Mr. Cain doesn’t understand that Sarah Rumph notes his lawyer sure does.

Now if he knows they’re bluffing it’s a different ballgame. In that case he is absolutely foolish to abandon the race.

It’s plainly clear that the majority of the GOP and Tea Party base simply don’t trust Mitt Romney, they see him as the candidate of the GOP establishment candidate who they don’t trust and the current front runner Speaker Gingrich is only a hop, skip and jump from the same problem and while other candidates have not surged your frugal use of campaign cash assures your ability to hang in there.

I am not a political consultant, but if you are going to fight, here is what I think you do:

1. Go on the offensive, point out that these accusations started when the subject turned to tax reform and your 9-9-9 plan. Point out it’s not you they are after, it’s the specter of real reform. Tell the voters it isn’t the media out to get you, but the status quo.

2. Do a couple of small tea party events: Interact with the average voter, answer their questions not the MSM. If you convince them what NBC/CNN/MSNBC/ABC/CBS says means squat, their viewers and readers are not your target audience. Winning them will win their friends and more importantly make a difference in their social networks.

3. Do lots of local media: For smaller papers it would be a big get and they are more likely to give you show your campaign some deference to get the interview. (DaTechGuy on DaRadio on WCRN would be an excellent choice btw). All politics is local, make that work for you.

4. Play up conservative stories: Operation fast and furious, and the calls for Eric Holder to resign are ignored by the MSM, every time you answer a question from them should include a reference to this. Force those ignored stories into the mainstream. It will make you many friends among the voters you need.

5. Hit local dems at every stop In any location you are in bring up the name of any democratic Representative and or Senator currently in congress that represent that location. Link them to president Obama and call them out on the lack of a democratic budget. Every time you do that you help the entire ticket and win friends.

6. MEND FENCES WITH FRIENDS: You need to talk directly to people like Dan Riehl, Ladd Ehlinger, Robert Stacy McCain and anyone else who the hardcore conservative voter reads and believes. Be straight with them, acknowledge the mistakes the campaign has made. All of these people want to beat Obama and want a true conservative alternative. Give them a reason to believe that person is you.

7. Take the advice I’ve been giving you for weeks HIRE JIMMIE BISE or ROBERT STACY McCAIN or whoever they recommend (Sarah Rumph?). Put them in charge of new media and DO WHAT THEY ADVISE. Facebook, twitter and the social networks are the battlefield where you can turn this around. Bypass the MSM.

In this business perception becomes reality, but if you are strong enough and bold enough and have right on your side you can change that perception. People are looking for leadership and someone willing to fight. My own vote is still available. If you want it then fight for it and don’t give up until the math says otherwise.

The choice is yours. Make the right one.

Update: two sixes should have been one.

Today at Hotair they link to a pew study suggesting the Tea Party is not doing so well:

Throughout the 2010 election cycle, agreement with the Tea Party far outweighed disagreement in the 60 House districts represented by members of the Congressional Tea Party Caucus. But as is the case nationwide, support has decreased significantly over the past year; now about as many people living in Tea Party districts disagree (23%) as agree (25%) with the Tea Party.

Well if that’s true, then Colin Powell is right about his implication that the Tea Party is toxic. After all if the Tea Party is polling poorly in even their own districts then they certainly don’t have power in a blue state like Massachusetts and Republican and Democrats in the Bay State certainly aren’t going to give them the time of day…Oh Wait:

Yes you read that right, a republican state rep and a democratic state senator together talking about the system, the vagaries of redistricting and taking all kinds of questions from the Tea Party crowd, blissfully unaware of the supposed divisiveness that the media says they should have encountered.

That’s from my latest for the examiner: Colin Powell the Tea Party and the MSM bubble.

Remember the “Twin City Tea Party” represents Fitchburg and Leominster two cities each with state reps who are Democrats, State senators who are democrats and represented in congress by a Democratic. Yet here is a Democratic State Senator talking in front of their group along side with a republican taking and answering questions.

If this Pew poll held water wouldn’t these two blue state polls be eschewing the tea party for say Occupy Boston or Occupy Worcester? Or just might the reality of the situation be different that what is being reported?

If you want to hear propaganda, listen to what media and elites say. If you want to know what’s actually happening, watch what they do.

Sam Gerard: “Newman get rid of the Helicopter!”

Newman: “Why?”

Sam Gerard: “Because I don’t wanna get shot!”

Tommy Lee Jones, the Fugitive 1993

Not wanting to get shot, it’s not just for Fitchburg anymore. From Chanel 2 Houston Texas

Two armed suspects attempted to rob a Denny’s restaurant, but ended up fleeing for safety after a shootout with a customer.

The shootout happened at a Denny’s restaurant in the 11000 block of the East Freeway around 5:50 a.m. Saturday.

Officials said two armed suspects wearing bandannas entered and attempted to rob the store. The sole customer in the restaurant, a licensed concealed handgun carrier, observed the suspects enter, pulled out his own gun, took cover and fired at the robbers.

Two big differences between this story and the Fitchburg version:

#1 It being Texas, there is very little chance of the armed customer losing his gun permit over this.

#2 Since it was a customer, rather than an employee who was armed and returned fire there is no disincentive for the thieves from attempting to hit that particular Denny’s again.

Via Glenn who in an update reminds us how we got here.

Here is a video of Suzanna Hupp making her case

Makes sense to me.

Stacy McCain and Ladd Ehlinger are both friends of mine, their views on Herman Cain are diametrically opposed.

Ladd is a blunt speaker and his not one to BS his readers, I thank his complaints about the campaign seriously. As both he and Stacy are much more shall we say “worldly” than me I’ll have to let them decide about Cain’s social life.

Stacy being the reporter notes the exculpatory evidence, myself I note the pattern, first “harassment” then “an affair” but the evidence on both batches are pretty light.

However if Mr. Cain is in fact doing as poorly as the media suggests why play another card?

I say it’s very simple, this is the internet age, where is the recording, where is the cell phone video?

As I’ve said before, if Cain is telling the truth, he can expect these attacks to continue.

If he is lying then he can expect a “blue dress” or the digital equivalent to come out, furthermore consider for a second, how stupid or how egotistical Herman Cain has to be if this accuser is telling the truth. If they had an affair for the length she is saying, even if Ladd Suggests he is only out to sell a book, wouldn’t this run be the height of Gary Hart stupidity?

However there is one more twist. It is no secret that Robert Stacy McCain is on the Cain train and has been for a long time, that being they case why am I reading this?

Accusations by hyper-litigious bankrupt divorceés? No biggie.

Leaving me off a key conference call? That could be serious trouble.

Why on earth would you leave a reporter who has been strong in his support and advocacy for you off such a call?

Granted he has a lot on his mind but even if you end up marrying someone else spare a kind word for the lady who gave you a date when nobody else was interested.

That’s not the Sicilian way.

At 11:50 AM on a Monday morning the Newton War Memorial is usually a quiet and empty place,

but Monday it became a gathering ground for the News Media of Massachusetts

and beyond as they waited for a press conference from Barney Frank, one of the lions of liberalism in the House of Representatives, as he prepared to officially announce that he will not seek another term.

As print reporters scribbled on pads and computers and TV reporters filmed brief segments for their noon broadcasts

the question that rings to the mind that day was: “Why Now?”

At 71 years old with three decades in the House behind him, perhaps Congressman Frank decided it was time to go, but was it not just over a year ago that he fought his toughest re-election fight in years, pouring his own money into the race to retain his seat during the Big Red wave of 2010? After such a fight why abandon the seat now?

Presumably the press conference would answer this question but perhaps the real answer is so simple that a press conference is not needed to explain it.

Despite confident pronouncements by the MSM and democrats such as Charles Schumer there is reason to believe that the election of 2012 will be even more traumatic to the democratic party than 2010. Special elections in Nv-2 and NY-9 (a seat that was last won by the GOP when Woodrow Wilson was president) fell to the Republicans while pol after pol in tough races have ducked appearances with the President Obama like the plague even to the point where Retiring Senator Webb of Virginia declined to state he would be supporting him for re-election.

It is very probable that 2012 would be another year in the minority. and Unlike the Senate, the House of representatives confers limited opportunity for a minority member other than advocacy.

After the press conference began I asked the congressman this very question.

He replied that he has spent time in both the majority and the minority and that in some ways it is easier when you are not a chairman with responsibility.

He also stated he planned to leave the House for 2014 and with a radically different district it really was impractical to try to learn so many new communities only to leave them two years later.

It is certainly a valid excuse that makes perfect sense and if this retirement took place in a vacuum one might take it at face value.

Yet with Democrat after Democrat deciding to call it a day one can’t help but think if there was more to this than meets the eye.

Many words will be written about the Frank retirement and the press conference, some will lionize him while others will dance at the thought of his departure,

but no matter which side of the argument you are on, one fact remains, there is yet another open seat that the democrats will have to defend with an unpopular president at the top of the ticket.

For republicans considering their strategy in 2012, that sends one overriding message:

Ride right through them, They’re demoralized as hell!

State Senator Jen Flanagan (D) and State Rep Kim Ferguson (R) spoke at the twin City Tea Party tonight at the Border Bar and Grille to talk about Redistricting.

They spoke mainly about the process and spoke a lot about the Federal requirements concerning majority minority districts.

They answered a fair amount of questions and I have plenty of video that I will update with as soon as they are uploaded.

Continue reading “State Senator Jen Flanagan and Rep Kim Ferguson at the Twin City Tea Party 11-28-11”

General John Burgoyne: “…You will understand Sir, I hope, since you seem to be a gentleman and a man of some spirit in spite of your calling. If we do have the misfortune to hang you, we shall do so as a mere matter of political necessity and military duty without any personal ill feeling.”

Richard Dudgeon (Disguised as Rev Anthony Anderson): “Well that makes all the difference in the world of course.”

Lawrence Oliver & Kirk Douglas The Devil’s Disciple 1959

I couldn’t help think of this speech when seeing this video yesterday.

We referenced this video yesterday but decided not to play it on the air. Forgetting the argument of propriety it loses something without the video component. Atlas cheers and Smitty put it well:

Yet somehow the collision of Dylan and Gaza becomes so horrific that you may forget to laugh.

What’s horrific is you’ve replaced a set of dictators who employ various degrees of repression and murder, with a different set of people doing the same thing on a different scale. The murder and repression remain constant.

It would seem to me that the problem isn’t the form of government but of culture. If your culture believes it is right and proper to slaughter and repress people of certain colors and religions it doesn’t matter who rules, you’ll get a culture that produces repression and murder. Replacing a single murderous barbarian bastard with a group of 100 murderous barbarian bastards or 1000 murderous barbarian bastards is not solution, it just means a larger set of murderous barbarian bastards choosing a different set of targets.

I mean look at the news out of the UAE today:

A United Arab Emirates court on Sunday sentenced a blogger and four other democracy activists to prison terms after finding them guilty of charges including insulting the Gulf state’s leaders.

And this is one of the least repressive regimes in the area.

It’s axiomatic that all people, including Arab and Islamic people, have a basic right to self-determination. All people have the right to govern themselves as they see fit.

It is also axiomatic that religious and cultural minorities in any area have the right to live freely without fear of slaughter and oppression.

This is the dilemma, it would seem under the current Arab/Islamic culture we are told to choose one.

I refuse!

I submit that if a culture of a country forces such a choice then the problem is not the country and who rules it, but the culture that supports it.

For those of you who think it wasn’t worth fighting in 2010 in Massachusetts, think again:

A spokesperson in Frank’s office told WBZ-TV he will announce his retirement in a news conference at Newton City Hall at 1 p.m.

Frank was first elected to Congress in 1980 and has served 16 terms.

I guess he didn’t want to go through another tough fight.


Update: The open internet at the area stunk and I figured I was close enough to home that I was better off going there to upload than to hit McDonalds on 128 so I’m home uploading video and photos as we speak.

Barney and friend before the press conference

Frank Greeted the press before the conference and seemed on friendly relations with most of the media there.

Barney Frank at the start of the Press Conference

Frank gave as his primary reason for not seeking another term the new district. He stated that as he didn’t plan on serving beyond 2014 in any case it would have been an odd thing to acquaint himself with a substantially different district (noting the Blackstone valley) claiming he could advance their issues when two years later he would be out, while furthermore no longer representing fishing interests that he has worked on for decades.

Update 2: Here is the video of my question to him during the conference:

Update (not going to bother to number them)

Barney Frank answers my last question as he leaves the building:

His last advice as he left the vets hall: “Cut Defense spending!”

Tom Mountain of the Newton GOP was there, we talked before Barney’s Press Conference:

He had a, shall we say less than friendly confrontation with Representative Frank as he neared the first door.

and after Congressman Frank left Mr. Mountain talked to me again.

I’m leaving all photos at the bottom, here is Congressman Frank taking a question from Fox, I get the feeling they don’t get on:

Adding the Gallery will updates as uploads permit:

Is it too late to point out that my November fundraiser is nearing its end and I could really use your help to keep this kind of coverage coming?

Final Update: Here is the rest of the Video, I’ll be organizing a detailed post for tomorrow on the entire subject

The Venue before the storm

Reporters start to arrive

Barney Frank arrives and gets ready

The Meat of Congressman Frank’s announcement:

Barney Frank comments on Lobbying and tweaks Newt Gingrich

Barney Frank speaks with glee on the possibility of Newt Gingrich as the GOP nominee

Frank on the failures of Fannie and Freddie: GOP’s fault nothing to do with me:

Congressman Frank on two votes he would have changed:

Congressman Frank of the possible repeal of Dodd/Frank

Frank on cutting the spending

And a look at the press scrum right after he left the mike, I’m sure he won’t miss this part of the job.

Update again: I guess Ladd Ehlinger was a year early.

There was a story a few days ago that caught me eye:

The Occupy protesters who call themselves the 99% because they’ve been victimized by those evil 1% corporatist banker types, are now sitting comfortably in their warm homes as they recruit the homeless, people without warm homes, to keep the protests going in Indianapolis.

After a little googling I also spotted this from the LA weekly

Occupy L.A. might resemble a homeless encampment outside City Hall, but some are complaining that the real homeless are moving in on the anti-Wall Streeters in order to take advantage of the relatively plentiful food.

This from Huffpo via 90% mental

As cities around the country have swept Occupy Wall Street camps from their plazas and parks in recent weeks, a number of mayors and city officials have argued that by providing shelter to the homeless, the camps are endangering the public and even the homeless themselves.

And this from

With the story of the occupation changing sometimes by the hour, those who can leave or relocate may have done one or both by the time you read this. Those possessing warm beds will eventually crawl back under the covers.

Presuming Dilworth Plaza’s $50 million makeover is imminent, what becomes of the troubled souls who have emerged from the shadows to form a commune in crisis?

For all the fear that anarchists may force a showdown with police, why aren’t more people talking about what happens when bulldozers roll up on a site inhabited by so many with nowhere else to go?

My reaction to this is: Homeless? There are HOMELESS in Obama’s America?

None of these stories have become big nationally, and they will not, why? Because that would involve acknowledging a problem with the homeless during the Obama years. The arguments that removing the camps can’t be made by the Obama left because it would truly turn the Occupy Camps into Obamavilles.

Rest Assured when the GOP takes the White House and the Senate in 12 months the MSM will re-discover the Homeless and they will be blamed on the incoming Republican president and congress (or George Bush)

But until that time, these homeless stories will remain local, incidental and unnewsworthy.