My flight for Arizona left just before 10 a.m .EST, it was notable for two things: the first was the young mother sitting next to me. She handled her 5 month old and a 2 1/2 year old with incredible skill. A spectacular job.

The second was some of the views from the air, breathtaking!

Arizona from the air
What a sight!

I landed in Arizona at 2 p.m. Arizona time. On the ground the views are just as incredible:

the sights of Phoenix

And the praying Monk:

the Praying Monk, Phoenix Arizona

My Host Barbara who blogs at American Freedom by Barbara was excited about having me on her show on KFNX 1100

Thanks to a local sports event we were on tape instead of live, but the sparks flew!

When the show was over Barbara took us to a spot called Wally’s

As we pulled into the lot the we met a lady named Laura Fial a local singer, by an odd coincidence her daughter is going to school in Denver, the next stop on my trip.

Click the photo to check out Laura's site

The real surprise came with I took a look at the wall and saw the Boston Globe sitting there, and not just ANY Boston Globe issue, my favorite one:

2004 never gets old for Red Sox fans

I met Wally inside who in a 3rd coincidence had friends visiting from Providence RI in the place, he was kind enough to introduce me to these potential listeners to my show.

Wally, the owner of Wally's pub

Let me tell you, if the hospitality doesn’t bowl you over the food will, I had Fish and Chips (Wednesday don’t you know) and it was as good as any I would expect out of Boston. Make sure you try it.

With all that happened I only heard of tonight’s debate in passing, lucky for you all Stacy McCain, the Lonely Conservative, Bill Jacobson and elsewhere, for now it’s a night sleep and then off to Denver and Blogcon in the morning. See you all there!

Oh and my November Fundraiser is still going on. Please consider kicking in to help support coverage beyond my driving radius.

Unified Patriots takes a trip down memory lane:

After Bill Clinton denied a long-time affair with Gennifer Flowers, media+Left said “move on, she’s lying.” When the audio tapes appeared in 1992. The media+Left said “move on, the tapes are doctored.”

After Clinton denied having Paula Jones summoned up to a private room and invited her to “free willy”, the media+Left chortled when government officials claimed she was what turns up when you drag a dollar bill across a trailer park. They said “Can’t prove it, therefore she’s lying. Move on.”

after a few more permutations along this line he hits the punch line:

And this is where was born. As a smarmy, self-righteous response to national outrage over the cheapening of the Oval Office, they came back with “It’s just sex! Move on! And by the way, you suck!”

Apparently however this will not be the case for two reasons both having to do with race:

1. Black conservatives need to be crushed as a rule, a black conservative who is more qualified than Obama AND who could draw even 20% of the black vote particularly needs to go.

2. The left has a convoluted idea of how Republicans think. I suspect they will continue to push this with the idea that conservatives will somehow be shocked at the idea of a Black man hitting on a white woman. Why, because to the left it is forever the days of Jim Crow with Republicans cast in the role of Democrats.

What is true and what is false is irrelevant to the MSM and the left. What will win and what will not win for them is the only truth that counts.

For those who are interested this is the path of the Fedora

The path of the Fedoras Nov 9-13

I’ll be flying to Phoenix Arizona where I will tape an Episode of Hair on Fire with Barbara Espinosa, after crashing there that evening I’ll be off to Denver Colorado arriving in time for Blogcon where I will be a guest of Freedom works, both covering the event and doing my radio show from that location.

As might be expected I’ll be posting photos and interviews from all locations during the week.

With only an hour to go before my ride to the airport shows up (I’ll grab the Cannoli on the way) I wanted to get something up concerning the Cain speech yesterday in my destination city of Phoenix.

But there is no need, the Anchoress has done all the heavy lifting

He needed to say, “shame on you, all of you, for being so willing to run with a story like this, you people who tried to spike the Lewinsky story and were ready to call her a “crazy stalker” until the blue dress showed up; you people who can’t be bothered investigating incidences of voter fraud or collusion between Democratic operatives and publicly-funded enterprises like ACORN. You people, who spent month after month hoping to find evidence of racism, or sexism, or homophobia, or anti-socialism, or violence at a tea party — even editing video or arguing with peaceful protesters in hopes of creating scenes to help sell your preferred narrative — while you ignore evidence of anti-Semitism, sexism, anti-socialism and violence perpetrated by hundreds of ‘occupiers.’ Why should anyone believe you? Why should I bend to your perverted, distorted and myopic vision of the nation? Why should I serve your intentions?”

Cain needed to take it to be press, and give them a public scolding for their double standards and hypocrisy in front of the whole nation — “you’ll crucify a Republican president who got congressional approval to go to war, but look the other way when a Democrat skips getting approval; you savage a Republican candidate who did not go to an Ivy League college but cower before the idea of asking for transcripts from the Democrat; you’ll mock a Republican who mispronounces a word, or stumbles over a phrase, or misspells potato — things we all have done; things that you have done — but when a Democrat talks about visiting “all 57 states,” or apologizes for not speaking Austrian, his mistake is allowed to be the forgettable flub that it is. The forgettable flub that it always is, unless it comes from the lips of a Republican.”

What is the end game on all of this? I tweeted it out last night:

That’s the whole game, no more no less.