Didn’t we see this movie already? Mr. DaTechGuy & Blogcon meets Occupy Denver again

As it got near 5 p.m. indications were that the Occupy movement was returning. I parked myself in a position to see them (missing the Michelle Malkin talk but I was able to see her later). Once outside there was a police presence (not an overwhelming one) ready if needed and the Hotel own security was prepared and professional.

Of course several bloggers went outside and pointed out a woman standing next to a wall with signs behind her back. I approached her and asked for an interview, she declined on camera but told me she was part of the Air Traffic controllers union and got involved in the occupy movement through then,. shortly after we started talking a second woman arrived with a coffee for her and a muffin, when she declined the muffin her friend offered it to me, I at first declined figuring I’d have to have my hands free but she insisted it was very good from a local bakery (highly recommend it btw) but just after I started eating it the rest of the occupods returned in force chanting away:

Sorry wrong chant, but it sure sounded like it.

One of the first things I noticed is that Tony was in the crowd, I greeted him but he seemed less willing to socialize with the main crew there. Note the conversation with the pro-Palestinian protester with them.

After the chant of the occupods was answered by the chant from Dana Loesch’s husband the occupiers recognized Steve Crowder from his role in stopping the occupyers from successfully crashing the conference earlier and got into his face. When they were unable to provoke him and he responded with his famous wit a woman from the group charged him. He instantly raised his hands over his head taking the charge (since the NBS is on strike no free throws were awarded) and the woman literally had to be dragged away by her fellows while the MSM watch and filmed.

One woman stayed behind and has a civil conversation with Moses, Moses Moses who attempted to persuade her that the occupy movement was a poor choices for her activism.

At this point Tabitha Hale asked us to go inside, we did and I briefly talked to Steven Crowder about his run in with the Occupy crowd.

From that point all left, the police remained on duty and were as you might guess warmly received by the Blogcon crowed, I asked one officer about the occupy movement and he noted that they tended to eat up resources better deployed elsewhere.

It’s now 7 p.m. Mountain time and the reception with Michelle Malkin is still in full swing. Will the occupy movement return, word is they plan on visiting again tomorrow and the police and we bloggers will be ready.

Update: Both the local Fox and CBS networks covered the confrontation and talked about it on their evening news

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