Mr. DaTechGuy & Blogcon meets the Occupy Denver movement

Around 2 p.m. with my under the Fedora way behind I left the main room to sit in the hall, both to have some time to write but also because I was aware that the Occupy movement was planning to raid our area and I figured they would be coming early to say hello.

Sometime around 2:30 or so we noticed by sign and scent some people who looked very “occupyish” and started snapping pictures:

One couple didn’t like pictures being taken the women covered her face and they ran in the Elevator, I found it very funny as they pushed button after button without knowing that the elevator needed a key card.

Once it became clear that the target was the conference room the two Stephens took action Crowder was Horatius at the bridge and Kruiser who had just two hours earlier called him self the Gandalf of the Tea party positioned themselves in front of the door as to say; “You shall not pass!” At this point came the “engagement” if you can call it that:

Meanwhile Tony Katz in a side room was doing the Dana show as a guest host when a different Occupier came into the room and placed himself in the producers seat. it was a rather young kid and Tony tried to explain to him that the chair was not his and he just couldn’t get it. When things got loud over in my neck of the woods he left on his own accord but got into a scuffle with the police than ended in the only arrest that took place.

When the attempt to get in failing and the occupods looking foolish they continued outside. I tried to engage a few of them Jason consented to an interview and I convinced a second occupier named Tony to sit for a few minutes.

It is my opinion that this is the real danger for the occupods. If the people who are not hardcore professional activists are separated from the crew and can be reasoned with and engaged (on areas of agreement and disagreement) it humanizes us and shatters the illusion that has been cast. That more than any other reason should cause them pause.

I hear the Occupy folds will be back at 5. I will have more updates and video as bandwidth permits

I interviewed a 2nd member of the occupy movement:

And there was a civil conversation between Lisa of Freedomworks and Tad of the occupy movement:

Once they left the MSM came and interviewed people. I talked to a young lady from the Denver post and filmed the MSM interviewing Tabitha

and Tony Katz

all was then quiet…..until 5 p.m.

Update 2: somehow misspelled “Denver” too busy rushing to get it all up

Update 3: Yid with Lid’s take and now the sequel

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Update 4:

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