We’re expecting company at Blogcon today

I can’t describe them as “friends”:

No Cannoli for you!

Now I know that the occupy people have no sense of economics or obeying the law, but apparently they have no concept of how social media works as Tabitha Hale from Freedomworks explains:

While it’s hard to take seriously people who elect a dog their leader as we’ve already seen from DC these guys are not beyond violence and our friend Katy here is a physical reminder of this.

Occupy relies on the MSM not reporting anything unsavory but we’ve already done a segment on the upcoming march on WCRN and believe me there will be a bunch of new media ready to splash anything untoward out there, and of course I’ll spread the word with 50,000 watts throughout New England.

Of course they could just be coming for the Cannoli but alas it will likely be gone by 5 p.m.

Update: Oh for those who Maintain the occupy movement are just peaceful protesters here is their rap sheet so far.

Although I suspect they would love to create more Michelle Fields I suspect we bloggers are made of sterner stuff and will not shy away from chronicling today’s #occupyfail As was once said by a military man: “Cringing to these fellows will never do.”

Update 2: Now I know there is going to be trouble, we ran out of Cannoli

No Cannoli No Peace!