Occupy Denver vs Blogcon round 3. OccupyFail squared!

We were informed that on Saturday’s the Occupy Denver Crowd usually manages several thousand marchers so the Police wanted to avoid confrontation and the Hotel with a mission to protect guest informed us that anyone who left the Hotel during the time the Occupy movement came by would not be allowed in.

My original plan was to shoot from a doorway but I managed to discover a better location:

After about a half hour of waiting…

…I decided to run down and grab a bit of lunch since they already made me miss Captain Ed Morrissey. I took the food with me and got my space again and made it back just in time too.

Since I didn’t have my laptop with me I called up Smitty and narrated to him what I was seeing.

Occupy Denver cam in from 15th heading in the direction of traffic, it really didn’t seem like much of a crowd.

A generous estimate would be 500, more realistically we are talking 300-400 but you can judge for yourself

That’s what struck me more than anything. The hard socialist left in Boston for example draws more than these guys on Mayday and they aren’t much of a crowd.

That's it? You're kidding me?

The idea that this was the best this movement could do on a Saturday where the sun was shining and it was just a gorgeous day was beyond me.

I didn’t see the dog but I did see the same guy from yesterday barking orders, they used their normal chant “Our Democracy will not be bought. With the size of their crowd they couldn’t rent it.

One guy went on about socialism but their entire march ran into a problem when some fellow about 10 yards from the corner on 15 started to engage them. The occupods kept shouting at him and the “leader” was unable to get them to follow the Life of Brian instructions.

After a few minutes they went on, color me unimpressed.

UPDATE: As I was uploading I heard they were coming back , so I’m taking my laptop upstairs and will update as I can.

I’m sticking in the gallery from the first part, to get the post up, updates and cleanup as possible.

Update 2: A group of about 10 police in riot helmets but without shields are deployed at 15th and Glenarm, two on motorcycles just redeployed. I can hear the occupods but I can’t see them yet. I see police cars deployed at Court to keep the pods from flanking Police.

Riot police deployed for possible round 2

Update 3: Big tip to Smitty for putting up my updates when I didn’t have my machine handy.

Update 4: here is the riot squad being deployed:

After about 30 minutes they left, apparently the occupods have decided against coming down, two police are now stationed inside the hotel and plan on being here for a few hours.

I’m glad because that means I can see the panel I wanted to see the most

Talk about an A list panel! Lane, Hoff, Geller and Loesch

and might still make mass at 4:30.

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