The right’s potential worries vs the left’s stark reality

The Shadow had to cloud men’s minds to be in business. The Green Hornet had to go through the fetishist fol-de-rol of donning costume, floppy hat, black mask, gas gun, menacing automobile, and insect sound effects before he was even ready to go out in the street. The Lone Ranger needed an accoutremental white horse, an Indian, and an establishing cry of Hi-Yo Silver to separate him from all those other masked man running around the West in days of yesteryear.

But Superman had only to wake up in the morning to be Superman.

Jules Feiffer The Great Comic Book Heroes 1965

I was reading Neo-Neocon this morning (via live at five). She noted although Herman Cain withdrew 3 days ago he is still being hit by the Daily Beast:

a person can spout off to the press these days (the Daily Beast is operated by Tina Brown and owned by Newsweek) and say virtually anything without proof, and it will all be printed as long as it’s about a person the MSM wishes to eliminate. One would think that Cain had been destroyed enough already, but apparently the Beast desires to humiliate him still further

she also noted a distinct lack of curiosity concerning a key subject:

the Beast trots out the old “dozens of communications between her and Cain, including pre-dawn text messages” routine. Somehow no one’s ever managed to find out how many of them were from Cain, and no one ever seems to care.

I had that in my mind when I saw this tweet from Modern Comments:

I have been hearing this again and again ,in so many forms, about so many candidates. So lets answer this fear…

Yes we should assume the next election is not a done deal.

We all, as uber-political junkies know that because we know that a lot of effort is going to be done by the vast Left Wing / Union conspiracy in their GOTV (Get Out The Vote) efforts.

Yes, we know the left is not going to fight “fair

Make no mistake about it, folks, the next year is going to be tough on conservatives. Barack Obama has been one of the worst Presidents in American history, but he’s not just going to roll over and hand the presidency to the GOP. Since he has almost nothing positive to campaign on, he’s going to run an extremely negative campaign and the mainstream media will do everything in its power to help him. The attacks on the GOP nominee are going to come fast and furious for the better part of a year

Yes, this all sounds scary, but here is the reality:

They’ll spend hundreds of millions of dollars to define whoever the GOP nominee is….

They’ll have thousands of hours of airtime and column inches written by their MSM follows proclaiming it…

They’ll produce youtube videos by the hundreds, posts by the thousands and tweets by the millions from paid bloggers…

They’ll do all this in an attempt to create a negative image of the GOP nominee and place it before voters faces in the hope that it will settle on those voters minds…

…but all of that will be hard pressed to counter the image of Barack Obama in voters mind acquired simply by waking up each day and living the train wreck of last 3 years his presidency has been.

What a handicap the left is operating under! They have to manufacture and peddle a storyline and hope the voters buy it. All we have to do is remind people of what they’ve already lived and we’re supposed to be afraid of these guys?

That’s why I say, media dollars and attacks not withstanding:

Ride right through them, They’re demoralized as hell!

for every morning, from now to election day they will wake up and Barack Obama will still be Barack Obama.

Update: Roxeanne De Luca at her own blog notes something concerning the Cain attacks that I neglected:

Da TechGuy notes, almost with surprise, that Herman Cain is still being attacked by the lame stream media. The anti-Palin attacks didn’t stop when Obama won in November of 2008, nor when she went back to Alaska, nor when she resigned her governorship. The Cain attacks will continue for a long, long time – a Mob-like reminder to conservative women and minorities that there are penalties for not playing by the rules (i.e. allow the MSM to demonise the Right as being the party of rich, privileged middle-aged white men).

She’s right, Kevin Jackson made the same point on the show this week, I should have thought of it.