And a contrast…the lineup for Rick Santorum’s Conference call today

I mentioned Mitt’s surrogate Conference call in my last post. Today Rick Santorum had a conference call too. Unlike Mitt he took questions in person. We already know Mitt people answered questions from Time, CBS, The Washington Post, The Daily Beast, Mother Jones and Talking Points Memo.

None of these organizations will be supporting the GOP nominee in November and at least two (and most likely all of them) will be openly hostile to them. It is unlikely that GOP primary voters will be consulting any of them when they make their decision in the primaries.

Now lets look at who Senator Santorum took questions from:

Andrea Shea King: The Radio Patriot, Robert Stacy McCain: The Other McCain the American Spectator ,Maggie Thornton: Maggie’s Notebook, Steve Ertelt: Life News, Tina Korbe: Hotair, Pete I DaTechGuy Datechguy’s Blog WCRN Radio, Karen : Lonely Conservative: Lisa Graas: Catholic Bandita , Sissy Willis: SEIU and Riehl World View.

Every single person on this list will not only be voting in the GOP primaries in their relative states and thousands of GOP voters will be reading what they write concerning the candidates.

Question: Which group of people would an actual conservative who wants to attract conservative voters what to have on a conference call?

If you are snubbing conservatives before a GOP primary how will you treat them once elected?