There is all kinds of outrage from the feminist left concerning Susan Komen choosing to de-fund planned parenthood. In comments plenty of leftists are vowing to send their money to PP instead of Koren.

Hey it’s their money to spend but let’s remind all these leftists of some simple math.

250,000 to 500,000 people attended the March for life in Washington. This doesn’t include pro-life events all over the country.

Meanwhile abortion groups could not even muster 100,000 for an ONLINE march to support abortion.

I suspect that a lot of people in the walk for a cure found themselves surprised when religious folk, known for a willingness to give were unwilling to kick in or walk for them. I know I was unwilling to donate a thing. There are now tens of thousands of Catholic church bulletins that would not promote their walks are open to them.

Note to our friends in the left, when you kill off your children, they not only aren’t there to vote, they aren’t there to donate either.

Update: And da math don’t lie

Nevertheless, since cutting ties, Brinker announced that Komen’s donations have gone up in the last two days — by 100 percent.

And this money will keep coming too.

Read more:

It was not all that long ago that there was a big hubbub about president Obama speaking at Notre Dame University.

We were assured at the time by people like Fr. Jenkins president of ND and Douglas Kmiec that it wasn’t an issue. Even when the local Bishop corrected him and then declined to attend, they persisted, even when Mary Ann Glendon declined the Laetare Medal the Catholic left insisted that Obama was not a foe of the Catholic faith.

What a difference a few years makes

With the latest HHS release any pretense of “common ground” or a “sensible conscience clause“. He has given Catholics nationwide what Elizabeth Scalia calls a gift of clarity:

On one side, there is cheering. “Women’s groups” are happy. Anti-religionists, particularly those with an animus toward the Catholic church, are nearly delirious. On the other side, there is a grimness that is interesting in its unity, particularly as it is playing out in Catholic media. The furor of more conservative Catholics is unremarkable, but the reactions of the so-called “progressive” church may surprise some for the intensity of their disappointment. At the National Catholic Reporter Michael Sean Winters—furious on behalf of those Catholics who “took some punches” for the sake of President Obama—declares he cannot, in good conscience, cast another vote Obamaward. He now suggests that the bishops chain themselves to the White House fence in order to bring attention to the direct assault this administration is making against the church’s constitutional right to its own conscience—its right to be what it is.

As of this writing 115 Bishops (it was 109 when I started writing) including my own, have denounced it (and as Nice Deb points out, those guys are hard to rile up.)

Some bishops have openly declared they will defy it and the Pope himself has denounced it:

“It is imperative that the entire Catholic community in the United States come to realize the grave threats to the Church’s public moral witness presented by a radical secularism which finds increasing expression in the political and cultural spheres,” he said Jan. 19 in an address to a group of American bishops visiting the Vatican.

The Pope said he was particularly concerned with “certain attempts being made to limit that most cherished of American freedoms, the freedom of religion.”

The bishop of Peoria is enlisting St. Michael the Archangel in this fight:

Bishop Daniel Jenky of Peoria, Ill. has asked parishes, schools, hospitals and religious houses to insert the Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel into the intercessions at Sunday Mass to pray for Catholics’ freedom.

The move comes in response to a new federal requirement that will force many Catholic organizations to provide insurance coverage for sterilizations and contraceptives.

“It is God’s invincible Archangel who commands the heavenly host, and it is the enemies of God who will ultimately be defeated,” the bishop said in a Jan. 24 letter to the Catholics of his diocese.

The prayer should take place in the general intercessions before the concluding prayer, Bishop Jenky said. He asked that the intention of the prayer be announced as “for the freedom of the Catholic Church in America.”

this is the prayer for those unfamiliar with it:

Saint Michael the Archangel,
defend us in battle.
Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil.
May God rebuke him, we humbly pray;
and do Thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host –
by the Divine Power of God –
cast into hell, satan and all the evil spirits,
who roam throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls.

Our secular friend might laugh at this but to those who know their history they understand the meaning:

Why is that significant? Between 1930 and 1965, when it was last included in regular services, the prayer was recited for the benefit of believers trapped behind the Iron Curtain.

This isn’t just opposition; this is a declaration of war.

Meanwhile when it is reported at all it is reported with the kind of journalistic integrity we’ve come to expect from our American media.

But that really doesn’t matter any more than their ignoring the March for Life matters. Although our friends in the MSM and our friends on the left may promote their propaganda, they know how to count>

MONTAGNE: Well, Cokie, given all this division among Republicans, what about the Democrats? Should they feel as confident as some seem to be about next November’s elections?

ROBERTS: Well, the president is certainly out on the campaign trail himself and he knows that he has big problems ahead. The economy is still very shaky. You could have, at any moment, an enormous foreign policy crisis.

But also the administration is creating problems of their own. The health care law is, as you know, already unpopular in the polls, and the administration has issued regulations that now – that say that Catholic or religious institutions that hire and serve people outside of their own religion have to cover contraceptive services and sterilizations in the health care bill.

It’s got the Catholic bishops furious. There was a letter in church yesterday, calling this an attack on religious liberty, and that’s a problem for the president’s allies – the social justice Catholics – and it could be a problem with Catholic voters. And that becomes a huge issue if the president really starts to lose Catholic voters, because he can’t win without them.

Even E.J. Dione who never saw an Obama move he didn’t like is worried:

Speaking as a Catholic, I wish the Church would be more open on the contraception question. But speaking as an American liberal who believes that religious pluralism imposes certain obligations on government, I think the Church’s leaders had a right to ask for broader relief from a contraception mandate that would require it to act against its own teachings. The administration should have done more to balance the competing liberty interests here.

or in English: This is an election year what are you doing?

Cripes even Sr. Carol (I have $800,000 reasons to love Obamacare) Keehan, last seen on these pages defending a hospital that lost it’s “Catholic” designation over performing an abortion, found it necessary to object:

From President Thomas Jefferson to President Barack Obama, we have been promised a respect for appropriate religious freedom. The first amendment to our Constitution affirms it. We are a pluralistic country, and it takes respectful dialogue to sort this out fairly. This decision was a missed opportunity.

CHA has expressed concern and disappointment about this on behalf of the ministry. We have said the problem is not resolved, and we must have a national conversation on this. CHA is working closely with the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, Catholic Relief Services, Catholic Charities USA, the Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities and others to look at options to resolve this. We will be discussing it at the CHA board meeting on Feb. 8.

I assure you that we will use the time to pursue a correction during the one-year extension. We will give this issue priority and consult with members and experts as we evaluate options to deal with this. Any suggestions, comments or questions are welcome. I promise to keep the membership informed as we move along in this effort. Please keep this important effort in your prayers as well.

I expect to see a lot of face-saving gestures from Catholics who toed the Obama administration line on Obamacare in the past, meanwhile the best political advice I’ve seen on the subject comes from Pat Buchanan:

Not only should the bishops file suit in federal court against the president and Sebelius for violation of the constitutional principle of separation of church and state, they should inform the White House that no bishop will give an invocation at the Democratic Convention.

Then, they should inform the White House that in the last two weeks of the 2012 campaign, priests in every parish will read from the pulpit at Sunday mass a letter denouncing Obama as anti-Catholic for denying the Church its right to live according to its beliefs.

If Obama loses the Catholic vote, he loses the election.

The White House will come around, fast. Rely upon it.

That is the right secular move but I have a more spiritual suggestion to impart.

On Feb 18th at 1 p.m. I intend to go to St. Anthony of Padua Church in Fitchburg and pray a holy hour for religious freedom in America before the blessed sacrament.

I suggest my fellow Catholics do the same and/or encourage their pastors, bishops et/al to do the same.

I already know the power of prayer, I suspect the phenomenon of millions of Catholics at prayer nationally over this issue might also illustrate the power of mathematics.

When I saw this post at Stacy McCain’s site this morning I sighed:

Just ask yourselves, Perrybots, what might have been possible if some other candidate — any other candidate, perhaps one who could remember how to count to three – had an extra $20 million to spend here in Florida. But no, you spent months telling the rest of us that Rick Perry was The Only Conservative Who Could Beat Romney, an argument you didn’t hesitate to repeat as late as December, long after it was apparent that he wasn’t ready for prime time. And you still refuse to admit that you were misled, and helped mislead others, into jumping aboard that hopeless Bandwagon to Loserville.

I wondered if it was just frustration by what appears to be Romney’s entirely predictable win in Florida a state with early voting and multiple media markets where organization matters (I would be delighted to be wrong btw) but then I saw this at Memorandum:

Texas Gov. Rick Perry burned through the bulk of a once-sizable campaign war chest late last year in what became an increasingly desperate attempt to right his listing — and ultimately doomed — presidential campaign, federal financial disclosures released late Monday show.

Now one might think this would be an opportune time to mention a certain funding rant of mine but there is something I want to touch on a sec. This is Stacy again:

“What I fear will happen is that Perry will spend several months sucking up media oxygen and burning through GOP donor cash, only to collapse early next year. This will have the effect of suffocating other conservative candidates, and thereby lead to … Romney 2012.”

Wrote that August 9. Perry’s failure was entirely predictable. But you knew everything and wouldn’t listen to me.

“Howdy. Thank you, Erick.”

Yes, this was a big mistake, yes we’ve seen this before with Charlie Crist and Dede in NY, yes a lot of consultants told a lot of people things to keep getting paychecks and we should know better. All of that is true but none of it is important right now.

Right now we have to deal with beating Obama, I’m less concerned about the past as I am concerned about the idea that our nominee is to beat Obama. Yes I’m going to fight for Santorum and encourage others to join us, but when the convention is done I’m supporting the GOP and I’ve got 1000 reasons to do so and so do you.

Eyes on the prize people, eyes on the prize.

Update: Smitty gets it:

Yesterday at the monthly Twin City Tea Party event Mary Z Connaughton (affectionately known around here as Mary Z) former candidate for State Auditor spoke about her work at the Pioneer institute.

After her speech Connaughton took questions from the audience for quite a while fielding inquiries on topics on spending and judicial conduct to casinos and healthcare when talking about business she stressed “You don’t cut the pie into smaller pieces you make a bigger pie”.

I interviewed Mary before her speech:

The Pioneer institute
is a good place but I’d like to see her on the trail sometime in the not so far future

Stacy McCain just called me from Page Field in Ft. Myers from a Gingrich event, here is a quick liveblog as I’m transcribing from his cell phone:

Here is a quick transcribing of what I’m hearing over Stacy’s Phone:

Herman Cain speaking 350 people

Warming up

On energy independence , rebuilding our military Newt and I are on the same page

We need bold fearless leadership in Washington DC

Look past the gutter politics and negativity and the side shows and look where newt Gingrich stands on solid stuff

We need a serious communicator and Newt Gingrich has demonstrated it


Michael Reagan in introduced:

If newt Gingrich is not a Reagan republican I wonder if they would thing Ronald Reagan was a Reagan republican

Have we been losing our freedoms every day every month and every year since Obama took the white house.

Reagan introduces Gingrich to cries of “Newt”

We have a lot to do in the next few hours,

Poll out showing closing within five, one two hours ago saying it’s now tied.

I don’t see how a Massachusetts liberal will do better than the moderates we nominated in 1996 and 2008

(Romney) Outspent us 4-1 and has this whole thing about if I’m really a Reaganite but he was voting for Paul Tsongas in 1992.

No clue what Reagan stood for or was fighting for in Washington.

Can’t do better than Herman Cain for grass roots conservatism. delighted for Michael Reagan to be here.

(Romney campaign is) 3 1/2 million dollars of ads per hour, the only way we can do this is to destroy Newt.

What a pathetic situation to run for president with nothing positive to say about yourself, that’s not my model.

I have an enormous advantage… I actually study these things I’m not a manager I’m a leader. We don’t’ need somebody to manage the decay, we need somebody to change the city

Quotes Soros saying Obama or Romney is fine, Newt would change things

Goldman Sacks is very uncomfortable with me

Those ads are your money recycled to attack me.

No American president has put more Americans on food stamps than Barack Obama

New high water mark with Keystone Pipeline

Imagine an American president cancelling a pipeline that would have put people to work for 30-40 years.

Cancels it to appease his San Francisco people

On the first day I become president I will issue an executive order so every Canadian will know it’s OK to build the (Keystone) pipeline.

Victory requires all of us to do all we can to turn the vote out

Biggest election of our lifetime

I don’t see how a Massachusetts liberal will do better than the moderates we nominated in 1996 and 2008

Newt Gingrich continues….

We want to run a team campaign this fall

I will ask the house and senate to come in on Jan 3rd and stay to
1.. repeal obamacare
2. to repeal Dodd Frank
3. Repeal Sarbains Oxly

We will liberate the American economy so that all three can be passed and be on my desk the day I’m sworn in.

Executive order all White House Czars go

Ex order to move embassy to Jerusalem.

Ex order blocking all support for agenda 21
Comments on Obama’s attack on Catholic church and pastoral letter of this Sunday.

One of the executive orders I will sign will repeal every anti religious act the Obama administration has passed. By the time the president has landed in Chicago we will have repealed about 40% of what he’s done.

I don’t think it is legit for the current establishment to preside over decay, we deserve to know the truth and what happened over the last 4 years.

Talk face to face and twitter with people to get the word out….

Stacy tells me this is pretty much a Newt crowed and this is a get the base out there and working speech. Seems pretty effective. Stacy will be up with a more detailed post once he gets to McDonalds the local Ray Kroc Memorial Media center Ft. Myers branch.

Update 2: Stacy’s base story is here. He doesn’t buy those new polls.

If you asked me even a couple of weeks ago whether the Republican Party could heal from the wounds of this election cycle in time to unite against Obama, I would have said ”Yes.”

I’m not so sure anymore.

Bill Jacobson: Romney is winning his battles, but losing our war Legal Insurrection

Its been 9 days since Barbara Espinosa and Dan Riehl went at it on DaTechGuy on DaRadio over what’s wrong with Newt vs what’s wrong with Mitt.

Both sites have been unrelenting in their attacks on their respective targets but in between throwing rights at Newt Barbara put up one of the most important posts on what this next election means.

GOVERNMENT FUNDING OF THE LEFT, Extensive List of +1,000 Groups and How You Pay for Them…

This is a remarkable site with an extensive database of groups, people, categories, and their sources of income which we pay for. It is a searchable site also. Highly recommend you save this most informative source on your hard drive or bookmark for ready reference.

Take a look at a single example from the list:

National Council of La Raza

• In 2009, their total assets were $54,380,430

• From October 2006 to September 2009, La Raza received $11,948,205 in federal grants.

The spreadsheet is more detailed, with nearly 1000 entries such as these winners:

Berkeley Organizing Congregations for Action ……………..$13,796
ACORN …………………………………………………………$571,409
Gay Men of African Descent ………………………………$1,004,568
Arab Com Center for Economic & Social Services …..$14,142,776
Planned Parenthood (including all affiliates)…………. $363,200,000

And each of those numbers and the 900+ other entries are all SINGLE YEAR NUMBERS.

The list in word format is here and the full spreadsheet is here

This is primary time and I expect supporters for each candidate to fight hard for their choice, but when the convention is over and a nominee is chosen if you feel tempted to sit this election out because your choice was not selected or disrespected, take a good look at this list and remind yourselves what 4 more years of Obama will mean.

Remember we always get the government we deserve and if you choose to give Obama four more years out of petulance, it’s on you.

As Stacy McCain puts it: “This is freaking HUGE.”:

He didn’t cave when Chicken Littles in Washington invoked a manufactured crisis in 2008. He didn’t follow the pro-bailout GOP crowd — including Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich — and he didn’t have to obfuscate or rationalize his position then or now, like Rick Perry and Herman Cain did. He also opposed the auto bailout, Freddie and Fannie bailout, and porkulus bills.

Santorum opposed individual health care mandates — clearly and forcefully — as far back as his 1994 U.S. Senate run. He has launched the most cogent, forceful fusillade against both Romney and Gingrich for their muddied, pro-individual health care mandate waters.

Malkin doesn’t sugar coat objections either:

Of course, Santorum is not perfect. As I’ve said all along, every election cycle is a Pageant of the Imperfects.

She then lists her objections but in the end after looking at each candidate, Santorum’s the man.

I’m pleased to have her join me on the Santorum express. Let’s hope that she helps pull us into the station.

If you caught DaTechGuy on DaRadio Saturday at 10 a.m. on WCRN you heard my interview with Mark Oxner candidate for congress in FL-27. During the interview commenting on his “Turn the Ship Around” ad I said this:

DaTechGuy: “Now it would seem to me Mark (Oxner) looking at this ad, and looking at that theme, that this is something that you could literally play in every single district, in every single senate race in every single state.”

John Weston (co-host): “Yeah I think you should come up with a format for that commercial and get it to us up here, and we can just plug in different people.”

And lo and behold less than 24 hours later a rather familiar looking ad is playing in the Senate Race in CT.

It’s PERFECT not only does it expand the attack nationwide, not only does it include Harry Reid as an Obama parrot but since the only changes are the head (and number) of parrots, a different voiceover and a different card, the cost of the ad for a rookie candidate with less funds is likely nominal.

Brian K. Hill gets 10 out of 10 for recognizing this and running with it and it looks like there is more to come from this press release (emphasis mine):

Continue reading “The ship turns around in CT for Brian K. Hill”

This morning I went with Da wife to Dunkin Donuts to get her the morning coffee that is required for the day to be pleasant.

She got her coffee while I ordered a dozen donuts to take home. As the young lady put on a pair of gloves before daring to lay hands on the donuts we would eat it occurred to me that for most of my life and for almost all my parents lives and for all of my grandparents lives (and yours) the people at the donuts shops handled our donuts barehanded. Yet they still managed to not only live full and happy lives, but managed to help win two world wars.

On the ride home she mentioned I needed to pick up some stickers for our trash barrels because of the new Recycling rules. When I asked why she mentioned a document from the city that came this week informing us of new rules and warning us that it is against the law in Massachusetts to throw away paper.

My jaw dropped a bit till I got home and took a look at the mailing from Fitchburg and sure enough:

“Did you know Massachusetts prohibits the disposal of the following items in household trash and first on the list is:

Paper and Cardboard, followed by bottles and cans.

In frustration I threw a cereal box shouting: FREEDOM!

They make search our trash but they'll never take away our illegals!
Think about this for a second, according to our Attorney General it’s not illegal to be an “illegal” in Massachusetts, in fact cities in the state boast of their sanctuary status, but this same state is passing laws forbidding you from throwing away a piece of paper and my city which is in such dire straights that we can’t even afford to keep our streetlights on is sending out mailings warning us against violating state law by throwing out paper.

Where’s William Wallace when you need him?

John F. Kennedy was president when I was born. When he was elected Massachusetts gave him 16 electoral votes. When Barack Obama was elected in 2008 Massachusetts gave him 12 electoral votes. In 2012 Massachusetts will only be worth 11. If you wonder why our state keeps losing reps in congress as our children head to New Hampshire or the south to raise their families, look at what party has controlled our state legislature my entire life and look in the mirror at the people who keep electing them.

I constantly tell my children to move out of this state as soon as they are able. Apparently I’m not alone.

Thursday I went to the Twin City Mall pay my Comcast bill (I never pay a bill online that I can pay in person) and I noticed a poster on the wall advertising a new Showtime series, Homeland! The catch line is “They see a hero, she sees a threat”.

I instantly thought of the president’s SOTU and the whole question of Vets trying to find work and I thought: REALLY?

For decades, DECADES the left though the entertainment industry, has painted the American Vet as unstable, psychotic and unable to function in society and we don’t have to be talking about movies like The Deerhunter or Apocalypse Now, we’ve seen it in more subtle ways.

Let’s give a simple example of a movie you might not consider in this vein: For the Boys with James Caan and Bette Midler as a pair of performers who entertain the troops in three wars and the consequences thereof. The primary plot is the relationship between the two characters but the backdrop are the wars.

At the beginning of the movie they are entertaining the troops in World War 2, the theme is upbeat and while the jokes are a bit raw the troops are respectful and the only hint of the costs of war is a bombing raid that they dance to and the funeral of Dixie (Bette Midler’s) husband.

This is despite the fact that over 400,000 US soldiers were killed during WWII, only the Civil war killed more.

When we get to Korea, suddenly war become a story of mud and rain and wounds and the horrors of war. Somehow a war that with 54,000 US deaths (36k in theater) is magnitudes worse than a war that was fought all over the globe, resulted in the wholesale destruction of cities and mass murder.

And since the template had been set by MASH we had the stereotypical “bad” gossip columnist degrading the Koreans while supporting the war while George Segal is the smart witty writer who in full Alda mode speaks of the stupidity of the fight.

One only needs to take a look at the two Korea’s today to answer the question: Who would the South Koreans agree with. MASH not withstanding the answer would be the same in today as it would have been in 1991.

Once we get to Vietnam, our troops are boors who can’t keep their hands of the girl from the show and are incapable somehow of fighting back, they are just victims just like the rest of the 58,000 US troops who died.

And of course in the Vietnam scene Dixie son is killed but not before he gets the chance to say how BS everything is, not just the war but the philosophy of duty, honor etc.

Note the difference the most devastating war of the 20th century is clean (It would not be until Saving Private Ryan and Band of Brothers that WW 2 managed to catch up ) but the smaller wars that followed are a national trauma, why?

Well first you have to remember that it wasn’t until once the Germans invaded the USSR, that the American Left concluded that they were the enemies of the world and the fight was both noble and worthwhile.

But Korea and Vietnam; boat people, re-education camps and tens of millions slaughtered in China and the USSR not withstanding any fight against a foe from the left is pointless, destructive and soul scaring.

I remember for decades during the cold war pols of the left like Kennedy, Biden and others, some still in office fighting tooth and nail any attempt to restrain the Soviets or their allies. We saw the same fight against President Bush (Jr. & Sr.) with pols on the other side embracing not only the worst of the opponents of this country but embracing their propaganda against us.

And it still doesn’t end, It was just last week that the media hit the Marines over Haditha again while a former Kerry aide was charged with outing CIA operatives in the war on terror just didn’t produce the same outrage.

So when I see president Obama and his friends in the media beat their breast on military unemployment and ask why an employer might hesitate to hire a vet, I want to shout: “Because you’ve been telling people their dangerous for decades you phony two-faced &$##&@&s!”

It’s not often that this stuff gets me angry, but when I see this kind of stuff it makes my blood boil.

(Quick FYI. In fairness to Showtime the series Homeland it’s more of a “Manchurian Candidate” style plot rather than simply a standard “these vets are crazy” story, but the poster doesn’t convey that.)

Fr Apostoli greets people after mass but before his speech

Here is my interview with Fr Apostoli at St. Joseph’s church in Fitchburg mass:

Mike From Granite Grok was kind enough to do the shooting.

Here is a pan of the room before he spoke

and here is the first part of his speech

Here is the full gallery, I’ll have a proper writeup after a night’s sleep

Here are the last two videos, I didn’t have my PC with me as I usually do so I couldn’t record the entire speech.

and the last clip before my Camera ran out of memory

We are loaded for bear today

At 10:30 a.m. We start with Mark Oxner candidate in Florida 27 who will be taking on Alan Grayson for one of the new Florida districts.

At 11 a.m. we are joined by blogger BullMoose to talk about the sudden decision of Bev Perdue to jump off the sinking ship.

At 11:30 a.m. we will be talking to a representative from the 10th amendment center Jason Rink Executive Director of The Foundation for a Free Society about their movie on Nullification, that will premiere at CPAC

Join us today at 10 a.m on WCRN AM 830. Listen online at or tweet us at #wcrn

Today’s Diner is the Fitchburg Airport Restaurant located just below the control tower at Fitchburg Airport

tower and restaurant

If you’re not careful you might miss the restaurant part

As you might guess there is a definite airplane theme within

And the view attracts families who come to watch the planes takeoff and land

The view from a window seat

that would account for the amazing selection of Pancake combinations

Pancakes galore for the kids

But like any restaurant the star is the food

2 eggs sausage and toast for me, French Toast and Bacon for DaWife

And the verdict is good. One oddity they give three slightly smaller patties for sausage rather than two larger ones, but no matter how you like your sausage, you will like the Fitchburg Airport Restaurant.

For a Santorum supporter I haven’t put out too many huge blatant “Vote Santorum” posts but after last night debate how can one not see that Santorum is the guy?

Santorum handed it to Romney on Obamacare and Romney care:

And the CNN Panel figured it out.

He made the right argument on the Moonbase (can’t afford it) and most importantly on the question of “church and state” gave the classic answer that’s worth repeating:

Santorum noted that if rights come from the State, then the state can take them away, if rights come from God then the state can’t take them away.

And finally when is the last time somebody called the administration on its policy in central America:

Who is going to bring lay this on Obama? Romney? please. Paul? He’s on Obama’s side on this, Gingrich? Maybe, but why go with “maybe” when you can have the real thing?

Yeah, every one of these guys is better than Obama, but the best contrast AND the best candidate to get rid of Barack Obama is Rick Santorum.

You know I am really getting upset at the reaction to Newt Gingrich’s moonbase idea.

I would argue that we have to get our economy in order before we consider such a thing but for whatever reason this has all become a joke. On morning Joe they are laughing, on John Stewart they are laughing.

It’s an amazing thing to see for me. From the airplane to the Moon Landing to the PC Americans have a tradition of doing thing that people considered simply impossible just a few generations ago.

The idea of a moon base and the science behind it is a much smaller leap than the idea of going to the Moon in the first place, or the idea of maned flight, or the idea of organ transplants.

Does anyone remember the 6 million dollar man? Take a look at the artificial limbs that are out there today. They would have been the stuff of fantasy when I was a kid.

And consider this, when a country dreams big dreams it’s citizens do as well, in fact in these times people NEED to believe that they can achieve and do better for themselves.

A country and a people unwilling to dream big dreams or achieve big things, will not do either.

One of the first rules of politics is you don’t have to fight back against ineffective attacks. Well it looks like the Huffpo has decided that Mark Oxner’s attack in Florida 27 needs to be countered (all emphasis mine):

Mark Oxner, GOP Congressional Candidate, Releases Bizarre Ad /em>

We’ve seen a lot of weird ads this season, but nothing quite like this.

Mark Oxner, a Republican congressional candidate from Florida, released a 39-second spot this week depicting the Obama administration as a slave ship…

…The video also includes shots of children rowing the boat while a man holding a whip watches closely.

“Let’s not enslave our children with debt,” Oxner says, as the boat heads towards the edge of waterfall. “It’s time to turn this ship around.”

This is the ad that I’ve linked to here and here. I’ve already suggested it’s a great example of fighting back, but look the language Alana Horowitz uses to describe it:” Bizarre”, “weird”, “nothing like it”.

That’s no accident. It’s an attempt to suggest that the substance of the ad is other than mainstream. Yet also note that this “weird” ad has already generated 13 pages of comments at Huff-po.

Let’s look at this ad one more time:

Why is this “Bizarre” ad worth the Huff Po’s attention and scorn? Easy. It’s graphically illustrates the idea that Obama’s policies are benefiting his rich friends and leaving future generations to pay for it.

Remember it was just a week ago that this administration nixed the Keystone deal that would have produced a ton of jobs and revenue. A decision that has consequences bad for some:

Now, belatedly, we all begin to remember that his “no” won’t stop the transportation of oil across the country anyway. Keystone XL was designed to transport oil from the Canadian tar sands to the Gulf of Mexico, but it would apparently also have enabled oil producers in the booming oil fields of North Dakota to ship their product to the GOM more cheaply, as well.

Without the pipeline, oil producers will rely on an older method to ship the crude — low-speed rail transportation. That’s right — I’m talking about good old-fashioned trains. Not only is it more expensive to ship crude by rail, but it’s also — get this — more dangerous. Here’s a confirming quote from a Sierra Club spokesperson, via John Hayward of Human Events:

“There is no question that [transporting] oil by rail or truck is much more dangerous than a pipeline.”

So, great: In the environmentalists’ quest to preserve the environment from Keystone XL, they’ve effectively ensured the environment will be exposed to the risks associated with transporting crude by rail. (They also effectively imposed higher shipping prices and, presumably, higher gas prices for us all, but we’re not supposed to talk about that.)

But great for friends of Obama:

As it happens, 75 percent of the oil currently shipped by rail out of North Dakota is handled by Burlington Northern Santa Fe LLC… which just happens to be a unit of Warren Buffett’s company, Berkshire Hathaway Inc. What a coincidence!

For some reason, nobody from BNSF or Berkshire Hathaway would return the AP’s telephone calls, but oilman Harold Hamm told them he was sure this was just a wonderful “lucky break” for Barack Obama’s favorite billionaire, who is “certainly favored by this decision.”

This memorable ad (gotta love that parrot) plays right into that.

Moreover the weakness of Obama’s coattails that the ad implies is being confirmed as we speak in NC:

North Carolina Gov. Bev Perdue, facing a hard fight for a second term, will not seek re-election, a Democratic official said today.

The first woman elected governor in North Carolina history, Perdue faced a potential rematch against former Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory, a Republican whom she narrowly defeated in 2008 in the state’s closest gubernatorial contest since 1972. Perdue’s win was partly attributed to Barack Obama’s surprise win in North Carolina.

How’s that? A democratic governor in the state where the Democratic national convention will take place this year has decided not to ride on Obama’s coattails? How can this be:

Democrats chose North Carolina as their host state for the 2012 election after delivering a surprisingly strong showing in 2008. Barack Obama became the first Democrats to win the state since Jimmy Carter, and Bev Purdue won the gubernatorial election in a narrow but significant 3-point victory.

I guess Claire McCaskill (D-Mo) was smart in ducking him and “lucky” the DNC didn’t choose her state for the convention.

And the idea of tying people to Obama and fighting back has benefits even in left leaning districts as Ladd Ehlinger notes:

You can effect change in your district’s election – even if you’re in the worst gerrymandered district in the Union, one that would gladly vote Karl Marx for Congress and Che Guevara for Senate.

You – yes, you! – can still help “pin down” your Congressman or Senator in a fight at home. Otherwise, if they run unchallenged, they are free to help their anti-freedom colleagues in other districts. Your inaction may result in your lousy Congresscritter exporting his or her stupidity to my district.

Make them spend their campaign money and their time in their own districts.

Like republicans in Massachusetts circa 2010 you can be the 300 Spartans who win the day, and you never know, a bad break, a miscue or a twitter photo (Hi Anthony) can change a district from D to R in no-time.

The lesson and the message is clear

Ride right through them, They’re demoralized as hell!

Let’s hope we’re smart enough to follow it.

Mr. Rickey, I thought when I signed the contract I signed for one thing. There is a ‘W’ column, and there is an ‘L’ column. I thought it was my obligation and duty to put as many as I could under that ‘W’ column.

Leo Durocher Nice Guys finish last.

A day or two ago I talked about Tim Thomas’ decision to skip the White House function for the Bruins. I thought it was a bad idea in the sense that this type of thing has become a traditional event and the President was acting in his function as Head of State vs the political head.

Michael Graham (who I still owe a dinner at Ken’s Steak House) is with me on this. It’s type of thing that leads to the Balkinization of society, and we both objected to it when the other side did it during the Bush years.

Bob Belvedere disagrees with us:

-Tim Thomas owes the Boston Bruins his skill, his effort, his concentration ― in other words, his all ― and he has delivered and, in fact, exceeded expectations.

-Mr. Thomas has the right not to attend any event that he does not approve of. His teammates are adults and know that he means no slight to them by this action. This incident will not hurt team cohesion in any appreciable or lasting way, if at all.

he links to Moonbattery who notes the media that was so approving of the Dixie Chicks et/al are getting creative in their attacks:

Other sportslibs were less sophisticated in their attacks. Here’s what TSN’s Dave Hodge had to tweet:

Apparently Hodge is suggesting that since Thomas wouldn’t kiss Obama’s ring, he must be a secret member of the KKK.

Apparently Hodge is singing a different tune today

Yup I always refer to people children names in Satire

I wonder how many emails and tweets it took for Hodge to decide he was writing “Satire”.

The Boston Globe however is much less susceptible to adverse opinion and in its sports section has decided to go the full “Dump the Goalie” business

Thomas’s decision, however, may be the first step in goalie and team parting ways. His no-movement clause expires at the conclusion of this season. Thomas has one more season remaining on his four-year, $20 million contract. Rask, a restricted free agent at year’s end, should be ready to assume the starting job in 2012-13.

If the 37-year-old Thomas (20-9-0, 2.12 goals-against average, .933 save percentage) maintains his current level of performance, the Bruins could reap a significant return from a club seeking a No. 1 goalie.

Never mind that Thomas lead the Bruins to their first Stanley Cup win since the early 70’s, never mind that Thomas apparently gave the Bruins notice months ago that he wasn’t going to show up for this event and the team didn’t find some face-saving way to explain his absence ( A trip etc).

Now don’t get me wrong, I think he should have shown up, but I think the idea that suddenly Thomas is a liability to be dealt away is not only nonsense but a bad case of the Globe’s editorial page bleeding into its sport page. If the Bruins forget Leo the Lip’s axiom at the start of this post, they will deserve the end result that follows.

While we rightly and justly celebrate the success of Seal Team 6 in the rescue of hostages in Somalia our jihadist friends have still been busy at home:

Item: Does this sound like the Godfather to you?

An affidavit unsealed in federal court Monday accuses Hysen Sherifi of plotting against the witnesses from his jail cell. Authorities say an FBI informant posing as a hit man met with Sherifi’s brother and a female friend and accepted $5,000 and a photo of an intended victim.

FBI agents have arrested the brother, Shkumbin Sherifi, and Nevine Aly Elshiekh, a school teacher. Now in federal custody at the New Hanover County Jail, each is charged with a felony count of use of interstate commerce facilities in the commission of murder-for-hire.

As Pam Geller notes the base plan was a suicide bombing vs the Marines at Quantico Bay but what struck me was the photo with the story. It seems to me you don’t get the mug shots in a lot of terror stories from the AP but this one was used. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact he could pass for a white supremacist when in fact this Muslim terrorist from Kosovo (Europe). You remember Kosovo the place where we went to war defending Muslims from the Serbs. As Pam Geller puts it:

Kosovo. The gift that keeps on giving.

Why do I suspect if the perp looked more Arabian and less European we wouldn’t see a photo with that story?

Item: I don’t know what a Scotsman has on under his kilt…
But apparently at least one little boy decided he wanted to know what was under a woman’s Abaya (Burka)

Kuwaiti police have reportedly arrested three women for not wearing any clothes underneath their abayas at a cafe in the Salmiya commercial complex, the al-Rai daily newspaper reported.

I must admit all I could think of was John Candy in Splash when I read this part:

Tarek said that she questions how the boy saw any of them naked, as the abaya usually covers the entirety of the body and is difficult to see through.

“The boy was probably peeking underneath and then told his mother. It is the boy who should be in trouble, not the three women who did nothing wrong except be in public. I know a lot of women who often wear nothing underneath their abaya because it is so hot and nobody can see,” she added.

but it’s hard to laugh when you read this:

“The crime and penalty for being gay is not a nice one here and they could be facing years in prison if the accusations they had consensual sex are proven true,”

You know I keep hearing about those intolerant Christians who want to stop homosexuals from getting married but somehow stuff like this doesn’t seem to excite those worried about Catholic adoption agencies.

Item: Egypt. Even liberal mags are getting it

Apparently some in the MSM have figured out the endgame for the revolt in Egypt and it ain’t pretty:

The reality of the past twelve months, however, has undone whatever high hopes one might have held. Egypt is now headed for radical theocratic, rather than liberal democratic, rule. And a befuddled Obama administration has failed to do anything to stop the coming disaster.

But it hasn’t stopped up from sending the country soon to be in the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood and worse from still getting 1.3 billion a year from us in aid.

Note to State Department paying the Danegeld never works.

Item: And for those still uninformed..

Via my friend Ray lets finish with this Frontpage mag interview with Bill Warner who has spent the last decade using his Trilogy project to explain Islam to those who only see the MSM version:

Mark Tapson: Pointing out the theological motivation of Islamic fundamentalists always brings the politically correct objection that they constitute a “tiny minority of extremists” who have “hijacked” a religion of peace and interfaith tolerance. How are we to answer that objection?

Bill Warner: The use of the term “extreme” implies that something is being measured, and it is off the chart. There is one and only one measure of Islam and that is its doctrine as found in the Trilogy. For example, Mohammed preached the religion of Islam for thirteen years and made only 150 converts. But when he turned to jihad, ten years later he died, he was the ruler of Arabia and every Arab was a Muslim. Conclusion: jihad is normal, not extreme. But notice that since Islam is dualistic, Muslims can claim that it is peaceful.

Read the whole thing, you ignore it at your own risk.

Update: Weasel Zippers reports the Obama administration is speeding up funds to Egypt, makes sense, they’ve only got 10 months of good stealing left.

This morning I talked about this video

It is a great example of fighting back and Candidate Mark Oxner in Fl 27 deserves a lot of credit for realizing you take ground by going on offense.

In the space of under 24 hours we’ve seen an excellent example of this on the presidential scale.

First we had Nancy Pelosi playing the “I know something you don’t know.” game:

Pelosi: “He’s not going to be President of the United States. That’s not going to happen. Let me just make my prediction and stand by it, it isn’t going to happen.”

King: “Why are you so sure?”

Pelosi: “There is something I know. The Republicans, if they choose to nominate him that’s their prerogative. I don’t even think that’s going to happen.”

Perhaps Nancy figured this CNN report that Byron York dug up was in the memory hole somewhere:

Newt Being Newt went went straight at em:

“There’s almost a level of hysteria about the prospect of somebody who really wants to change Washington,” said Mr. Gingrich to host John McCaslin.

“I have a simple challenge for Speaker Pelosi…you know, put up or shut up. I mean, I have no idea what she’s talking about. I don’t think she has any idea what she’s talking about, but bring it on,”

And under 12 hours later viola

Later the same day, Pelosi’s office said that Pelosi was referring to the likelihood that Gingrich would win the Republican presidential nomination and beat President Obama in the 2012 general election, as well as the entire Ethics Committee’s findings on Gingrich.

“The ‘something’ Leader Pelosi knows is that Newt Gingrich will not be President of the United States. She made that clear last night,” Pelosi spokesman Drew Hammill said in a statement. “Leader Pelosi previously made a reference to the extensive amount of information that is in the public record, including the comprehensive committee report with which the public may not be fully aware.”

As Weasel Zippers put it:

“Nancy folds like a cheap suit.”

Meanwhile while Newt was hitting back against Pelosi, contrast this to Mitt:

CARLSON: Mr. Romney, what does Nancy Pelosi know if it would be such a bombshell as to why Newt Gingrich couldn’t be president?

ROMNEY: I wish I knew what that was [laughter]. I’d tell people what it is right now.

But that’s one of the reasons why I’m saying that all of the records that were part of the ethics investigation, all of the transcripts, all of the records have to be made public.

Apparently he thought the CNN piece was in a memory hole too, Never mind that William Jacobson knew the score on Nancy:

Would Nancy Pelosi lie for political gain? You betcha. She accused the CIA of lying to Congress about waterboarding, even though the records showed she was briefed and her prior public statements contradicted her. She also is a malicious person who led the charge to demean the Tea Party movement as un-American.

That didn’t matter. Romney’s increasingly desperate campaign raced toward the charge like a man in a desert running toward a mirage…

with the same result.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s office on Wednesday said the minority leader doesn’t have any dirt on Newt Gingrich.

So bottom line, while the MSM tells us that Newt is unelectable, the GOP is heading toward defeat and Obama’s SOTU speech will cement election 2012 that same Newt, in less that a full news cycle, Turned the Pelosi attack pushed by the MSM into an embarrassing defeat for Pelosi AND Romney.

How can this be? Simple. It’s because like candidate Oxner in FL-27, Gingrich refused to empower the MSM narrative and instead fought back on his own terms exposing the weakness and irrelevance of the MSM and Pelosi.

In other words…

He Rode Right Through them, ’cause they’re demoralized as Hell!

It’s that simple.

Update: The fact that Newt fights doesn’t mean he fights according to Hoyle

So now Newt’s defenders will have to explain to us once more why Gingrich is a trustworthy conservative, after his campaign aired Spanish-language radio advertisements accusing Mitt Romney of being “anti-immigrant”:

and it looks like the he is subject to the same rules of attack and retreat:

“We respect Senator Rubio tremendously and will remove the ad from the rotation. We will replace it with a positive message that will continue to focus on drawing contrast between our clear vision on the issues important to the hispanic community and our oponnents lack thereof,” Gingrich’s Florida campaign chairman, Jose Mallea, said.

Exit question: Why is the GOP establishment less shy about counter-attacking when the target is a member of the GOP than it is about attacking democrats? Inquiring minds want to know!

This week on DaTechguy on DaRadio I was in a heated argument with Dan Riehl and Pundette that no matter how bad the baggage for individual candidates might be President Obama’s baggage is worse.

Republican Mark Oxner running in Florida’s 27th district proves he gets it with his first ad of the election season:

Now granted that Alan Grayson is one of the few Democrats who have been proud to stand beside Obama so this is an easier connection than most, but this is EXACTLY what every GOP candidate for office should be doing. They should all be linking their opponents to Obama.

I submit that no person not in the bluest of blue districts will want to be linked to the president in this economy with Gas prices nearly double what they were when he was elected, and with people fleeing from the workforce in droves.

Mark Oxner deserves your support because he will keep Alan Grayson from returning from congress but he should be complemented further for providing the blueprint for the entire GOP for election 2012. If the GOP is smart there will be a whole lot of different faces on that parrot before this year is over.

Or as I would put it:

Ride Right Through them, they’re demoralized as Hell!


Although you might have found yesterday’s presidential debate a tad dry, the debates on DaTechGuy on DaRadio featuring Dan Riehl vs Barbara Espinosa on Newt vs Mitt, Dan Riehl and Pundette against me vs Obama’s electability and Dan Riehl vs Bob Hokinson on Bain was anything but dry.

You can listen to the show here.

In between the debate you can also hear Ed Morrissey of Hotair on South Carolina and Mary Ann Harold on the upcoming visit this Saturday of Fr Apostoli of ETWN in Medford and Fitchburg MA

If you are interested in seeing Fr. Apostoli will be at the following locations on Saturday:

Mass – 9:00 am
St. Joseph’s Church • 118 High Street • Medford
Brunch to follow at:
Anthony’s of Malden • 105 Canal Street • Malden (Tickets $25)

Mass – 4:00 pm
Spaghetti Supper to follow at:
St. Joseph Parish • 49 Woodland Street • Fitchburg (Tickets $20)

All proceeds to help WQPH Catholic Radio.

I have tickets for the Fitchburg event, if you wish to purchase them e-mail me, or you can call 781 391 1396 or 781 218 2834

“Work hard, then, on the disappointment or anticlimax which is certainly coming to the patient during his first few weeks as a churchman. The Enemy allows this disappointment to occur on the threshold of every human endeavour. It occurs when the boy who has been enchanted in the nursery by Stories from the Odyssey buckles down to really learning Greek. It occurs when lovers have got married and begin the real task of learning to live together. In every department of life it marks the transition from dreaming aspiration to laborious doing.”

C.S. Lewis, The Screwtape Letters #2

One of the things I noticed watching tweets and on post’s on yesterday’s debate was stuff like this:

At the second break:


At the third break:

Another really boring segment….

At the fourth break:

Again, boring.

Michael Steele on MSNBC: “The zzzzz’s were all over the place last night”

and that’s just a small sample.

Now while the first segment Mitt and Newt were going at each other, people weren’t shouting: borrrrrring, but when they were asking question of substance (albeit with a spin to favor the left) everyone started falling asleep.

Over and over we hear people talk about how they want substance, but substance is by nature boring and dry.  The details of bills are very boring, it takes a long time and a lot of eyes (thus group-sourcing) to find the key phrases that are the difference between serving the public interest and supporting a crony.

Now for the bias in the debates, I’ve already proposed the solution of the HotAir debate with Ed Morrissey as moderator, but for the dryness and the boring, there is no cure. If you are going to write about these things, if you are going to cover these things, part of the job is to not worry about if the answer is dull, you are obliged to worry about, is it right, is it wrong, is it biased and how does that answer and position play if you are writing about political effect that is.

If that means that we watch a debate and there are no laugh lines, or cool attacks or rounds of applause, so be it.

Just watched yet another GOP debate and was totally unamazed by the lack of questions on fast and furious and BS questions such as: “Why did the Bush Tax Cuts fail?”. I think political types are sick of questions from people who want the GOP to fail.

I have a solution:

I suggest Hotair send an invitation to each candidate for a 2 hour debate moderated by Ed Morrissey.

The panel can be 4 bloggers the rule being each blogger has to be a known supporter of a different candidate (for example Bill Jacobson for Gingrich, Powerline for Romney, Stacy McCain for Santorum and a Ron Paul blogger for Ron Paul (Tom Woods?) )

I would suggest prospective bloggers could submit requests to be on the panel and the Hot Air Staff would vote. (That might be bad news for Stacy, oh well.)

I think Ed Morrissey should contact each campaign and see if they are willing. I guarantee it would be more interesting that what we’ve seen already.

Go for it Ed!

Update: Instalanche, thanks Glenn. I’d dead serious about this. The new media should demonstrate that it knows how to run a credible and substantive debate.

Update 2: Ed’s willing and we already know he is able.

Well, never let it be said that I would disappoint my friends. I hereby offer an invitation to the remaining four major Republican candidates to hold an on-line debate sponsored and webcast by Hot Air/Townhall, moderated by myself and a small panel of conservative and center-right bloggers. The most convenient place to conduct this would be at or around CPAC, which takes place in two weeks or so, and fortunately hits around the middle of a four-week lull in media debates. I believe all four candidates will be appearing at CPAC, which should make this convenient for them as well. However, I’m certain that we could schedule this at any other time and place where we could have all four on stage at the same time.

The candidates would be wise to jump on board.

There were two stories in the news from Boston concerning Sport figures, and their proper behavior.

First championships already won and Bruins Goalie Tim Thomas.

The Stanley Cup champion Boston Bruins visited the White House today to be honored by President Barack Obama, but the team’s star goaltender declined to attend for poltical reasons.

I too am a staunch conservative and have very little respect for the job president Obama has done but since the Carter years when he first appeared with the Pittsburgh Pirates in the most awkward moment I’ve ever seen president have appeared off and on with championship teams to the point where it is now considered tradition.

And while I think he is frankly a sorry example for a president, President Obama is still president, I think that to skip the meeting for political reasons is just not proper.

Now if Thomas would have been unable to restrain himself and act with decorum that might be a mitigating factor but this would be a moment when president Obama would be acting in his capacity as head of state and I would hope Americans should be willing to give the head of state of our system respect in a ceremonial situation.

Next we have potential championships. Yesterday the Patriots defeated the Baltimore Ravens 23-20 in a game where Tom Brady rushed for 1 touchdown but not only failed to pass for a touchdown but threw two interceptions

“Well, I sucked pretty bad today, but our defense saved us,” Brady said as the team was accepting its conference championship trophy on the field.

He has a point, his Quarterback rating for that game was 57.5, he elaborated:

“As a quarterback, you never want to turn the ball over,” Brady said. “You want to hit the open guys; you want to capitalize when you have open receivers. I wish I had done a better job of that today. In some ways, you always beat yourself up. I’ve been doing this for quite a while. I’m glad we won, I’m glad we’re moving on. Hopefully I can go out there and do better in a few weeks. I think offensively, we can do better, and that’s what it’s going to take.”

It’s a fair assessment but Brady has gotten some grief for using the word “sucked”. It was the talk of radio shows in the area today.

My thought is this, he could have used “stunk” and I would have preferred that he used that word but how refreshing is it for a high paid athlete to come out and admit that he failed to perform in a key game. Such an admission is a sign of character akin to Ted Williams insisting on a pay cut due to poor performance in his final season.

More please.

Is there any point to which you would wish to draw my attention?”

“To the curious incident of the dog in the night-time.”

“The dog did nothing in the night-time.”

“That was the curious incident,”

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Sherlock Holmes Sliverblaze

While writing my Mitt Romney post this morning I did a search for Nikki Haley on google where I noticed this at the Huffington Post:

Civil rights leaders bothered by South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley’s stance on issues like requiring voters to show their IDs at the polls are reminding the governor that she is a minority, too.

“She couldn’t vote before 1965, just as I couldn’t,” said the Rev. Jesse Jackson, referring to the Voting Rights Act that abolished poll taxes, literacy tests and other ways whites across the Deep South kept minorities from voting.

Jackson and other critics have said the law is merely a new, covert effort to take away the right to vote from older blacks and poor people, groups who historically tend to vote for Democrats and are less likely to have a driver’s license or other government-issued ID.

Now I have a friend who moved to SC last year and noted that many elderly poor blacks do not have such ID’s (I think a problem easily solved by grandfathering people into such a law) but what strikes me about this argument is the dog that didn’t bark.

Yesterday I was picking up in the Kitchen when I noticed a form that came a few weeks ago that I forgot about.  It was concerning a class action suit against WalMart and NetFlix concerning price-fixing on DVDs.  Depending on what I do I can apply for a gift card as part of a settlement against the companies or retain my right to sue them. 

Nothing better illustrates the lie behind Jackson’s words, other than the fact he said them, than that letter on my table.

We live in the most litigious society that has ever existed, you can’t watch TV for more than a few minutes without seeing an ad for some lawyer promising you a large settlement if you are injured.  Jackson himself knows that discrimination suits of all types, have proven successful and profitable for lawyers and political action groups alike.

Now imagine the banks, the supermarkets the liqueur stores that all require ID to buy, or use a credit card, or to cash a check, or make a withdrawal. Imagine the amounts of money these companies are worth and think of all the lawyers who might want the piece of a suit against them.

Yet nowhere do I see such a suit on the Federal or the state level, a small lawyer might make their druthers launching a suit like this against a small supermarket chain, such a settlement could cement the reputation of a young energetic lawyer…

…yet we don’t see it, not a one.

Why, because those lawyers know such a suit would be tossed out faster than a freeloading relative at a miser’s house.

The lawyers who launched the suit against WalMart and NetFlix are not acting out of altruism, they are going to get a very good payday out of their suit, yet those same lawyers don’t see a payday in suing Market Basket on my behalf for making me show an ID or Bank of America for making those on assistance show ID before cash their government provided checks or they withdraw their government direct deposit checks. Even as the federal government cries discrimination at the voting booth, somehow the same act at a bank fails to tempt our legal class into action.

That’s why I think Jessie Jackson and every democratic pols who cries “discrimination” is full of it. There is only one reason to oppose a voter ID law (particularly one that provides ID for those who can’t afford it), it’s to preserve the ability to steal an election.

When I see Jessie Jackson and the democrats launch a suit against banks who require ID or for supermarkets et/al then I’ll believe them, otherwise don’t waste my time.

One of the appeals (especially of the US version) of Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares is watching chef Gordon Ramsey bring reality to clueless restaurant owners whose paid staff either can not or will not speak up for themselves.

The result, at least for that week. is the owner turning things around. Sometimes Ramsey’s advice takes root after he leaves, sometimes it doesn’t, but for at least that small window people see things as they are.

And that brings us to South Carolina and Mitt Romney.

One of the themes of the Romney campaign has been a sense of inevitability. Romney was going to be the nominee so you’d better d— well get on board because once he IS the nominee it would be remembered what side you were on.

It was a powerful argument, and people from Senator Kelly Ayotte to Governor Nikki Haley bought it.

What a difference a week makes, Newt Gingrich has made the lie out of that argument in a single election and everybody has noticed it:

Newt Gingrich’s victory Saturday took away what was always Romney’s strongest argument: That the former Massachusetts governor’s well-funded campaign machinery made him the odds-on favorite in the Republican field, capable of clinching the nomination early in the primary process, thus uniting the party for the battle to defeat President Obama. The perception of Romney’s inevitability — as the “It’s His Turn” candidate whom GOP voters have so often chosen as their presidential nominee — helped him pile up a huge fundraising advantage over his rivals. Inevitability also helped Romney garner endorsements from eminent pundits like Ann Coulter and popular politicians like South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley. Despite his relatively moderate record, Romney was endorsed by the conservative editors of National Review, who last month mocked Gingrich with a cover story illustrated by a cartoon depicting the former Georgia congressman as a ludicrous space alien.

And he has done it in the South where being a Catholic could be considered as big a liability as being a Mormon. (It’s worth noting that the only mainline protestant left in the GOP race finished last.)

The question is why? While Ann Coulter remains in denial but Byron York get it.

Romney stages perfect events. For example, on the eve of the primary, Romney’s rally in North Charleston was perfect from a production point of view: stage just right, big flags, big Romney signs, smooth introductions from South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley and Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell, all topped off by a showy entrance by Romney, who arrived in his big campaign bus that drove right into the room.

It was perfect in every sense but engaging with the voters. Romney’s stump speech was a clipped — some would say dumbed down — list of generalities, concluding with this: “I love this land, I love its Constitution, I revere its founders, I will restore those principles, I will get America back to work, and I’ll make sure that we remain the shining city on the hill.” Romney offered his supporters very little to chew on. In this primary race, voters are hungry for substance, and Romney didn’t give them much.

This is exactly right, there is a reason why I wrote the following the at the Scott Brown victory party

8:59 p.m. I asked Gov Romney if the republicans can exploit the victory tonight, he didn’t like the word exploit but said that republicans can win if they support lower taxes, less government blah blah blah… Re-asked the question saying how do we make this Berlin 1991 instead of Hungary 1958, same generic answer, before I could press on how to recruit candidates etc the national media started to swarm.

I asked Joe Malone later that night if he would work to elect more republicans in the state, he said “Yes.” That why I wrote the next day:

If you want to get real answers to real questions ask Joe Malone, not Mitt Romney.

This could just be temperament, and Jay Nordlinger comments:

I keep reading that Romney is complacent, or was complacent: a “complacent frontrunner.” This strikes me as untrue, because Romney has been campaigning his butt off, night and day, for many months, pressing the case for his candidacy. I think what people mean, when they say “complacent,” is — he doesn’t emote, doesn’t beat his breast, doesn’t melt down. He is, for the most part, polite. He has an even temperament. He doesn’t make his campaign a personal melodrama.

Therefore: “complacent.”

What I think is that each candidate should be himself — his essential, straightforward self — whatever that may be. And then the people take their choice, as at an ice-cream parlor. (Some nights, it’s true, you want fudge ripple, and other nights you want raspberry swirl.) (Fred Sanford wanted just plain ripple.)

That may be true and perhaps his temperament would be very good in the job but part of the job is salesmanship and inspiration. You have to sell yourself to the American People to be elected and you have to sell your policies to them so they will support you afterwards.

It doesn’t matter how qualified you are, it doesn’t matter how content you are, if you can’t sell yourself you can’t win…PERIOD!

Newt Gingrich has played the Gordon Ramsey for him and made it plain. Romney should send him a “thank you” card. Mitt Romney and the GOP needed to learn this lesson BEFORE the convention. It remains to be seen if Mitt has learned this lesson or if his likely victory in Florida (due to organization and early voting before the Newt surge) will cause him to ignore this problem.

This will be the best test of both the Romney organization and of Mitt Romney himself. Let’s see if he can pass it.

While everyone is paying attention to the results in South Carolina the final tally is done in Egypt and the results are just what you might expect?

In the vote for the lower house of parliament, a coalition led by the fundamentalist Muslim Brotherhood won 47 percent, or 235 seats in the 498-seat parliament. The ultraconservative Al-Nour Party was second with 25 percent, or 125 seats.

The Salafi Al-Nour, which was initially the biggest surprise of the vote, wants to impose strict Islamic law in Egypt, while the more moderate Brotherhood, the country’s best-known and organized party, has said publicly that it does not seek to force its views about an appropriate Islamic lifestyle on Egyptians.

The biggest oddity is the reaction of Human Rights Watch:

Western democracies should overcome their aversion to Islamist groups that enjoy popular support in North Africa and the Middle East and encourage them to respect basic rights, Human Rights Watch said in a report on Sunday.

HRW executive director Kenneth Roth said in the group’s annual report that the past year’s Arab Spring pro-democracy uprisings across the region have shown it is vital for the West to end its policy of backing “an array of Arab autocrats” in exchange for supporting Western interests.

Considering the well known proclivity of Islamic groups support of gay rights this seems a strange reaction. However there is one important point worth making concerning these Islamic groups:

..both (Muslim Brotherhood and Salafi Al-Nour) have a long history of charity work in Egypt’s vast poverty-stricken neighborhoods and villages, giving them a degree of legitimacy and popularity across the country in areas where newer liberal parties have yet to get a foothold.

Your enemies always grow strong on what you leave behind.

A year and a half ago I went to a Blockbuster video to rent a game for my youngest. There was a lady coming out so naturally I took off my hat and held the door open for her.

There was a girl maybe 19 maybe 22 at the counter and as I walked in her mouth was opened wide saying: “Wow!”

I turned around to see what she was looking at and discovered it was me, she said: “You took off your hat and held the door open for that woman, that is so cool!”

I thought it was an incredible shame that for this young woman such a simply act would be so extraordinary. Perhaps she was expecting more of what Mark Steyn describes here:

Today there is no social norm, so it’s every man for himself – operative word “man,” although not many of the chaps on the Titanic would recognize those on the Costa Concordia as “men.” From a grandmother on the latter: “I was standing by the lifeboats and men, big men, were banging into me and knocking the girls.”

Whenever I write about these subjects, I receive a lot of mail from men along the lines of this correspondent:

“The feminists wanted a gender-neutral society. Now they’ve got it. So what are you complaining about?”

And so the manly virtues (if you’ll forgive a quaint phrase) shrivel away to the so-called “man caves,” those sad little redoubts of beer and premium cable sports networks.

We are beyond social norms these days. A woman can be a soldier. A man can be a woman. A 7-year-old cross-dressing boy can join the Girl Scouts in Colorado because he “identifies” as a girl. It all adds to life’s rich tapestry, no doubt. But I can’t help wondering, when the ship hits the fan, how many of us will still be willing to identify as a man.

That’s the whole point, we often here about Men as predators as violent etc, yet civilization’s checks that existed to restrain men are gone, Steyn notes an old story:

On Feb. 26, 1852, HMS Birkenhead was wrecked off the coast of Cape Town while transporting British troops to South Africa. There were, as on the Titanic, insufficient lifeboats. The women and children were escorted to the ship’s cutter. The men mustered on deck. They were ordered not to dive in the water lest they risk endangering the ladies and their young charges by swamping the boats. So they stood stiffly at their posts as the ship disappeared beneath the waves. As Kipling wrote:

“We’re most of us liars, we’re ‘arf of us thieves, an’ the rest of us rank as can be,

But once in a while we can finish in style (which I ‘ope it won’t ‘appen to me).”

This is the tragedy of modern feminism and the culture that the media embraces. We expect very little from men today and we guys, who basically want in life a place to relax, and the occasional company of a nice lady, rise exactly to the level that is expected of us. Steyn again:

Abe Greenwald isn’t thinking big enough. The Costa Concordia isn’t merely a metaphor for EU collapse but – here it comes down the slipway – the fragility of civilization. Like every ship, the Concordia had its emergency procedures – the lifeboat drills that all crew and passengers are obliged to go through before sailing. As with the security theater at airports, the rituals give the illusion of security – and then, as the ship tips and the lights fail and the icy black water rushes in, we discover we’re on our own: from dancing and dining, showgirls and saunas, to the inky depths in a matter of moments.

There are two civilizations currently in the United States, only one of them calls upon men to act like men. I’d like to think that in that situation I would act like a man.

Everybody dies, not everybody dies well.

Todd is a member of the MSM and as an MSNBC guy tends to go left but there are apparently bridges too far even for him:

“Is it fair to the process? Yes, the process is a mess, but he’s doing it in a way that it feels as if he’s trying to influence it with his own agenda, that may be anti-Republican. And we in the media are covering it as a schtick and a satire, but it’s like, ‘Well wait a minute here…’ he’s also trying to do his best to marginalize the candidates, and we’re participating in that marginalization.”

Todd is taking a page from Robert Stacy McCain calling BS instead of playing along. Good for him and good for Mediaite for pushing it.

Good form Mr. Todd, Good form indeed!

Here is the video via Big Journalism:

Update: As Chuck Todd shines ABC doesn’t

Once their work on the hill was done, these pols were no strangers to controversy. We take a look at some of the most tawdry affairs and public scandals that rocked the lives of these politicians, and how each one weathered the storm.

Guess what former president doesn’t make the list. HINT he was in office the same time as Newt and is known as “slick willie.”

Worse than the bias is the assumption of stupidity of the part of the reader.

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The Anchoress reports on a disturbing omission in the MSM coverage of Thursday’s debate:

I came to the debate a few minutes late so I didn’t see it live. At the end of the debate, when CNN replayed “highlights” the standing-O wasn’t included (it certainly seemed like a “highlight” whether one liked it or not), so I only became aware of it thanks to the internet, and social media.

This morning I got an email from a friend who scours the papers, and he wrote:

AP and others did not even mention the standing O

I took a quick look around at various mainstream reports and discovered that my friend was correct. Even pieces identifying themselves as analysis of “winners and losers” or “views from the bleachers” made no mention of the standing ovation that accompanied Newt’s smackdown of King.

I also barely got to the TV for the first question after covering Scott Brown’s announcement in Worcester. I saw the standing O that Gingrich got.

Now let’s be clear, I’m a Santorum man and that’s it, but this is really more about the stereotype that the left has about the right than anything else.

To our friends on the left, the Christian is an intolerant bigot, extremely judgmental who only lives for their own self-righteous. It is a caricature of actual Christianity which is not only based on the concept of forgiveness but demands it of any who would follow Christ. In fact every time the Lord’s Prayer or as we Catholics would say the Our Father is prayed we are reminded of it:

Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us

For our own sakes we have to forgive

Of course one is required to avoid and turn away from sin, but Gingrich has confessed his sin and asked forgiveness. We must avoid the trap of the elder brother in the story of the prodigal son.

But to our friends on the left that’s a story they are not familiar with.

Meanwhile in South Carolina Stacy McCain does some practical shoe leather reporting on concerning a false flyer and Will “hot stuff” Folks and a flyer targeted at Rick Santorum:

this flyer was surreptitiously distributed on the windshields of cars at a pro-life event where the Paulistas were out in force.

So I come out to the parking lot, get the flyer, drive to a McDonald’s to file my American Spectator column and, while I’m at it, decide to Google this “Elizabeth Reichert” to see if such a person exists. And the only reference to her online as of 10 p.m. Wednesday was … Will Folks at FITS News, who had managed not only to transcribe the 388-word flyer, but also to write a 475-word “news” story about it, in which he said, “Allegations are flying among the rival 2012 camps, but at the moment a majority of fingers are being pointed at Perry’s campaign.”

Because why would you stop a dirty tricks campaign when you are pulling out of a race and trying to mend fences. Stacy continues

So: How did Folks get hold of the flyer? Was he in Greenville that night? Three presidential candidates — Santorum, Rick Perry and Newt Gingrich — spoke in person at the pro-life forum, while Ron Paul appeared via satellite TV hookup. If Folks was in Greenville to cover that event, where are his reports of those candidates’ appearances? Did he decide that what the candidates said at the forum was less newsworthy than this flyer distributed in the parking lot of the Hilton?

You see what I mean by “suspicious”? One suspects that, unless Folks himself wrote this flyer, it was written by one of his fellow Ron Paul supporters, who informed him in advance and provided him with the text of the flyer by e-mail, so that all he had to do was to cut and paste it and hit the “publish” button the minute his fellow Paulista informed him that the flyer had, in fact, been distributed.

Read the whole thing and you can see why lover-boy is so anxious to hit Stacy. When you are a shoe leather reporter used to using sources you know how much time it takes to transcribe a flyer, you notice a lack of sources and the improbability of certain “facts”.

This would be consistent with Robocalls that took place in Iowa falsely questioning Santorum pro-life and pro-gun stance and the false flag operation at the Gingrich/Huntsman debate that I covered in Goffstown NH..

Paul’s people seem to take a page out of the Lyndon Johnson school of tactics. Politics isn’t beanbag and a presidential campaign even less so but my advice to the Ron Paul folks is this: If you expect Rand Paul to be a serious contender in 2016 (and you do) I strongly suggest cleaning up your act. The press might not be all that interested in the tactics and the players while the targets are fellow republicans or conservatives, but once the target is a democrat in 2016 or Obama if somehow Paul gets the nomination, all of this stuff is going to come out in the wash and a lot of members of the GOP who stayed silent because they didn’t want to alienate the Paul folks will be happy to confirm and cooperate in bringing you down.

Now it’s true that “liars and disgraceful cowards” votes count the same as everyone else, but I would remind every one of an old poem that I enjoy quoting:

One night in late October,
when I was far from sober,
Returning with my load, with manly pride;
My feet began to stutter,
So I lay down in the gutter,
And a pig came up an’ lay down by my side;
A lady passing by was heard to say:
‘You can tell a man who “boozes”
by the company he chooses’
And the pig got up and slowly walked away.

And this doesn’t even take into account this interesting piece of work:

In what appears to be a last ditch attempt to halt Newt Gingrich’s late momentum in South Carolina, a fake CNN Breaking News alert was emailed to state Republican activists early Thursday morning claiming that the former House Speaker pressured his ex-wife to have an abortion.

CNN did not send out the email alert.

I don’t know who sent out this blast, but as it says above “you can tell a man who boozes…”

I took a lot of photos from the Scott Brown event yesterday, I’m including them in this post as a gallery.

If you want my video reports on the event you can find it here.

My story for the Examiner Scott Brown and the ‘Pods that didn’t bark is here, an excerpt:

All in all any experienced political operator looking from the outside would, from what they saw, find the whole event quite unremarkable, but the real story of the night was outside the hall in what could be seen, or rather couldn’t.

I came to the hall expecting protestors, when I entered I saw none. During the event I asked a police officer of rank about organized protest, he reported none. I spoke to Brown team members during the week, they expected protests and made a note of their absence and as I left the hall I saw but a single woman holding a sign across the street.

The most significant story of the upcoming campaign nationally will be the democrats trying to distance themselves from the occupy movement and will be the occupy movement doing its best to facilitate that image.

anyway the photos are below the fold
Continue reading “Photos from yesterday’s Scott Brown event in Worcester”

I’m sitting on the floor of the entrance way to mechanic Hall in Worcester as we prepare for the official announcement from the Scott Brown campaign for his re-election.

I will be setup in the print media section

Brown will be here:

the crew are checking people in

And the final pep-talk has been given.

I’ll update as time permits.

Update: Talked to state committee candidate Janet Leombruno about the event

WCRN is well represented:

Kalya Berube of the Brown Campaign talks to John Weston of WCRN

and will be broadcasting live from the hall

I took a Pan as we entered

And interviewed a brown supporter named Nancy

Our morning team Sherman Whitman , engineer Derek Drowne and Hank Stoltz

Update: Former congressman and WCRN Morning Host Peter Blute talks to me

Update another pan 15 min to go:

Just before the start

Update: Excerpts of speeches from Gail Huff the Senator’s wife

And from the Senator:

He is announced

Clip 1

Clip 2

Clip 3

The end of the speech

The start of the Rope line

And Sen Brown answers a question from me on the “Cease Fire”

Update: My collected photos are here.

It took four months for “Howdy thank you Eric” to become “A pundit sitting behind a desk.”

It took 24 hours for Erick Erickson to go from “A pundit sitting behind a desk.” to Erick the prophet.

Rick Perry is telling supporters that he will drop his bid Thursday for the Republican presidential nomination, two sources familiar with his plans told CNN.

I’m watching it live now, this is really killing him. I guess giving up is different for a Texan, the Alamo instinct dies hard for someone from the lone star state.

Ransom Stoddard: You’re not going to use the story, Mr. Scott?

Maxwell Scott: No, sir. This is the West, sir. When the legend becomes fact, print the legend.

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance 1962

A Democratic Thief is as bad as a republican one

President Grover Cleveland 1962

In 1992 Senator Paul Tsongas of Massachusetts defeated Bill Clinton in the New Hampshire primary by 8 1/2 points, however the media despite Clinton losing an early lead accepted the Clinton Narrative of “the comeback kid” ending in his eventual nomination, election and re-election as president (with a lot of help from Ross Perot).

One of the worst kept secrets of this presidential primary season is that the Establishment really wants Mitt Romney as the nominee for president. Not so much because they are in love with Romney, but because above all else they wish to stop any possible tea party victor.

People tend to forget that there is a difference between a conservative and a republican and a huge difference between a tea party republican and a generic republican.

A tea party/conservative Republican really means it. The reason why these spending bills are being held up, why subsidies are expiring is solely because of the Tea Party GOP. Never forget that senate minority leader McConnell didn’t want the tea party guys, that Trent Lott wants to co-op them at once.

Don’t get me wrong, there are difference between the parties, the life issue alone is a reason to vote GOP, but lobbyists who fund the parties understand that the tea party mood has to be stopped because a level playing field for small business is not what they are paid for.

Which brings us to the news from Iowa that the winner was actually a fellow by the name of Rick Santorum:

THE RESULTS: Santorum finished ahead by 34 votes
MISSING DATA: 8 precincts’ numbers will never be certified
PARTY VERDICT: GOP official says, ‘It’s a split decision’

Rick Santorum – Final total: 29,839 Change: -168
Mitt Romney – Final total: 29,805 Change: -210

Note that GOP officials didn’t have a problem naming Romney the victor with an 8 vote lead, but now it’s a tie, not a Santorum win?

Iowa-based operative Nick Ryan, who heads the pro-Santorum super PAC, the Red White & Blue Fund, questioned why Santorum’s 34-vote lead today is being treated differently than Mitt Romney’s 8-vote lead on caucus night.

“They look like the keystone cops– my god,” Ryan wrote in an email to POLITICO. “Romney wins by 8 and nothing will change. Final count shows santorum wins by 34 and it’s a tie?”

I’m with Byron York

I suggest that if those 8 precincts had gone for Romney, they would not be lost but it matters little, Romney has already won the narrative, but will that win hold up past SC? That’s up to you.

Sgt. Matthew Luke Skidmore: Now listen to me Braks and hear me well. You told me yourself that you did that awful thing I wouldn’t believe it, but Braks, why did you run away?

Sgt. Braxton Rutledge: Because I walked into something none of us can fight…White woman business!

Sgt. Rutledge 1960

The Waco Kid: Hey Boys, look what I got here

Sheriff Bart: Hey where are the White Women at?

Blazing Saddles 1974

Today on Granite Grok there is a story on the occupod smoke bomb that was thrown at the White house. This quote caught my eye:

You know, I think this might be racism? Attacking the home of a black man and his family. Where’s Bill Mahr, Janeane Garofalo, hell the entire stenographer media, (and the NH Dead People Party) to disavow this uncivil act of racial prejudice?

Wait. My bad. They can’t feign outrage because they are probably all too busy holding a moment of silence like the one in honor of the guy who may have shot at the White house.

I found this an interesting because the NYT and Jessie Jackson are going on about racist republicans again.

Note that politically opposing this president is racism, but throwing smoke bombs or shooting at a White House occupied by a black president, no worries.

Of course when it comes to racial double standards all of this is small potatoes next to the events of October past.

You might remember a time when a black fellow by the name of Herman Cain was not only leading the field, but was driving the debate in a direction of a simplified transparent tax plan.

That could not be. If the GOP frontrunner is a black man who grew up in the segregated south the entire narrative is threatened.

People wonder why Herman Cain dropped out of the presidential race. Why didn’t he stand and fight? I wondered it myself. It wasn’t until I watched Sgt. Rutledge and remembered the generation that Mr. Cain was born into that I really understood.

1st Sgt. Braxton Rutledge: Anyone come, you ain’t gonna be in here with me.

Mary Beecher: What are you talking about?

1st Sgt. Braxton Rutledge: I’m talking about you. A white woman. White women only spell trouble for any of us.

Mary Beecher: That’s nonsense. We’re just two people trying to stay alive.

1st Sgt. Braxton Rutledge: Lady, you don’t know how hard I’m trying to stay alive.

Hopefully to a person born in the 80’s such talk might sound like nonsense, to a person born when I was (1963) it might bring thoughts of Blazing Saddles:

But to a person born before that time, a black man born in 1945. It’s something completely different. Look at this scene from Sgt. Rutledge, pay particularly attention from 2:36-3:47.

There is no single racist stereotype more pronounced than the black man threatening a white woman. It was the classic racial image invoked by those who wanted to maintain white supremacy. It’s been a club used against the black race for longer than I can remember. It cost Emmett Till (Cain was 10 at the time) and many others like him their lives. In cinema you saw it in Birth of a Nation and you saw the consequences in To Kill a Mockingbird. It is classic racism on a grand scale.

Yet not once while the Politico ran dozens of stories on the flimsiest of evidence, not once while Gloria Allred was fishing for accusers, not once when the entire liberal news media proclaimed him guilty and the late night comics made jokes did anyone look at what was happening and say:

Doesn’t anybody see a bit of Jim Crow here?

Of course they didn’t! Herman Cain is a conservative, he is a republican and when you accept liberalism as your religion and you make your living off of that meme not only do you stay silent in the face of that meme, you embrace it.

And that more than anything else is why Herman Cain, in my opinion, did not stand and fight, he saw the enlightened and tolerant media, to their disgrace, return to the worst days of his youth and saw a fight he believed instinctively, he could not win.

If they left is not ashamed of themselves they ought to be.

Update: I think Smitty misunderstands me. I don’t suggest that Herman Cain should play the race card, I’m suggesting a race card was played on Herman Cain, an old fashioned race card one liberally used against blacks.

Seven days ago Stacy McCain asked this question:

Maybe Erick Erickson can explain what purpose is served by Perry’s continued candidacy, other than spending the rest of the millions the Perry campaign collected in August and early September, before the wheels fell off that bandwagon.

Apparently he can’t

Barring a miracle, this is Rick Perry’s final act in the 2012 elections. On Saturday, he will come in last in South Carolina. It will be only the third time in a generation Rick Perry has lost an election, with the only other two times being Iowa and New Hampshire this year.

For a generation, Rick Perry was undefeated. Now he will go back to Texas and everyone who ever lost to Rick Perry will seek to settle old scores. It will be a tough, bloody fight. He will have to be ready for it.

At Hotair they note the change from Howdy thank you Erick to well

“The governor’s focused on the people of South Carolina and their votes, not a pundit sitting behind a computer somewhere.”

Remember Erick is not dependent on the millions Gov Perry has raised for his pay but those consultants determined to keep him in the race should remember this as well:

I think Perry’s decision to stay in and his likely spectacular rejection by southern voters will not only be the final nail in the coffin for a Perry 2012 run, but will preclude any chance of a successful Perry 2016 run.

Now as a Santorum man I’m not in favor of the whole “Endorse Newt” business, but just as Perry is higher on my voting order than Newt (2nd & 3rd behind Santorum) so is Newt higher on my order than Romney.

I don’t fault those who like Gov Perry for sticking with him, he would make a fine president, but with almost certain humiliation in the cards for him ask yourself this question: Do you want him to stay in for his sake or for yours?

First of all I want to thank my readers for coming through. Finished my fundraiser this morning two days early and will be buy my tickets to fly to CPAC in the next day or so.

But beyond that I’d really like to thank Glenn Reynolds, Andrea Shea King and all my friends who via either cash or promotion or both helped out my friend Zilla of the Resistance. I was absolutely delighted to go to her site today and see this:

I am overwhelmed with gratitude and relief and am struggling to find words to express how amazing I think you all are. THANK YOU from the very depths of my soul, it looks like we are going to be OK! The electric bill isn’t just paid, but paid off, meaning that I was able to pay the whole thing so that next month we will just have a normal bill like everybody else without that snowballing “past due amount” adding so much extra burden to the thing and it is all because of you beautiful kind people.

Zilla is a really good blogger, she has and will continue to pay it forward with solid blogging on the side of the angels.

I look forward to reading her has a report from CPAC next month.