Hate to do it but time for a post primary Bleg: Update: Thank you! 103%

Well our NH primary coverage has finally concluded with the exception of an Under the Fedora wrap-up and this week’s radio show.

I’ve covered over 600 miles in my 99 Buick been at events featuring Gingrich, Paul, Santorum, Buddy Roemer the Huntsman girls and more.

I’ve Interviewed Michael Steele, Joe and Mika, Senator Rand Paul and asked questions of Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich and numerous supporters of many candidates, including democrats and occupiers.

As you might guess this has been an expensive week for me. If you found my coverage worthwhile, I hope you will be receptive to the following bleg:

1. I need a new portable hard drive figure around $70-$100

2. I have 6 tanks of gas to pay for at say $40 each for $240

3. CPAC is coming, I have a place to stay and I will likely be credentialed so I won’t need admission but I will need air fare, food, taxi and subway money say $250.

So I’m hoping to raise about $600 to $700 by say January 20th to meet said expenses.

You can do a single tip jar hit, you can do a subscription and I’ll of course accept Gold (but not collectible sovereigns because I won’t have the heart to sell them for their value.)

I was going to suggest if the numbers could go high enough I would do SC or Fla but not only are there some local events I should consider covering, but it would be nice to kick in toward the property tax and mortgage and oil bills that might take priority, however if the numbers get high enough and my readership insists I’ll see what I can do

Any help you can give will be most appreciated. If you can’t, times are tough I understand.

Update: Thanks to Sue from Florida and Kenneth for covering the first 6%. $655 to go.

Update 2: Thanks to Bob in Maryland $645 to go, Andrea in SC says If I go there to cover the primary I have a place to stay, that’s kinda short notice and there is a big GOP event around the same time but if say an Extra grand comes in I might be able to swing it.

Update 3: Thanks to S. from near Boston and Bill from Rhode Island $595 to go.

Update 4: Thanks to Tom from NH $545 to go

Update 5: thanks charlie and Jeff $485 to go

Update 6: Thanks Steve $435 left

Update 7: Thanks to Bob in California and and Mike in Virginia. $390 to go

It’s worthy to note that Mike as a Raven’s fans has kicked in $25 and challenged patriots fans to match it. C’mon guys show him what you’ve got!

Update 8: Thanks to Mike in NH for not only getting me over the 50% hump but for helping out my friend Zilla in her time of need. left to cover and also thanks to Joel $330 left

Final update Ann in NY finishes me off and we are all set for CPAC at 103% of the goal. I’ll be purchasing my CPAC tickets today or tomorrow. Thanks to everybody who kicked in and made the trip possible. God willing next year the show etc will be doing well enough that I won’t have to put the hat out there.