MSNBC reveals the great abortion lie

This story at MSNBC has generated a ton of comments:

Kale pointed to research in Canada and the United States indicating that immigrants in certain ethnic groups, including people from China, Korea and India, selectively abort female fetuses: couples who have two daughters are more likely to have a son as their third child than would be expected if left to chance.

Two large organizations of doctors — the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada, and the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists — agree that sex selection is unethical.

Why is it unethical? If a woman has a right to an abortion and the unborn are just a clump of cells then it doesn’t matter if the woman aborts due to economics, sex, sexual orientation or because the wind is blowing 5 mph from the NNE.

The very debate and the 10 pages of it gives lie to it all. In fact the unborn is fully human, fully unique and fully innocent human child…

…and abortion kills him or her.

This is the truth that those who support abortion do their best to deny to each other and to themselves, because if they don’t then they have to deal with the implications of such a decision.

Even the ancients who first took the Hippocratic oath understood it that’s why even this oath, without a hint of Christianity, had to go, after all those who make their living off such things need to sleep at night.

Update: Missed link, inserted.