The ship turns around in CT for Brian K. Hill

If you caught DaTechGuy on DaRadio Saturday at 10 a.m. on WCRN you heard my interview with Mark Oxner candidate for congress in FL-27. During the interview commenting on his “Turn the Ship Around” ad I said this:

DaTechGuy: “Now it would seem to me Mark (Oxner) looking at this ad, and looking at that theme, that this is something that you could literally play in every single district, in every single senate race in every single state.”

John Weston (co-host): “Yeah I think you should come up with a format for that commercial and get it to us up here, and we can just plug in different people.”

And lo and behold less than 24 hours later a rather familiar looking ad is playing in the Senate Race in CT.

It’s PERFECT not only does it expand the attack nationwide, not only does it include Harry Reid as an Obama parrot but since the only changes are the head (and number) of parrots, a different voiceover and a different card, the cost of the ad for a rookie candidate with less funds is likely nominal.

Brian K. Hill gets 10 out of 10 for recognizing this and running with it and it looks like there is more to come from this press release (emphasis mine):

The Ship of Political Advertising to Come?
Monday, January 30th, 2012

With over 90,000 views in four days, the controversial viral political campaign ad “Turn This Ship Around” is about to generate even more waves, perhaps a tsunami.

The ad, which depicts Obama as the captain of a ship of fools steering towards the end of the world, was created originally for Florida Republican Congressional candidate Mark Oxner in his bid to beat bellicose Alan Grayson for the new 27th District in Florida. Now, suddenly, it has now been re-purposed for use by Brian K. Hill, Republican, running for Senate in Connecticut – with more candidates to use the ad in the days to come.

“It’s all part of a new strategy to make it easier and more cost-effective for grass-roots Republican candidates to gain national attention,” said Vernon Furniss, the producer of the ad. “It’s also part of a strategy to directly counter Obama’s one billion campaign dollars on a nationwide scale for every candidate opposed to his policies. We call it asymmetrical campaigning.”

“A candidate has to have the name id to raise money and put up a good fight,” said Ladd Ehlinger, the director of the ad. “The game is tilted towards the super-rich self-financing candidate or the famous. It should instead be about political philosophy.”

Chip Jones, political consultant and Political Director for the Brian K. Hill for U.S. Senate campaign, agrees. “It’s a completely new concept in grassroots campaigning – “reverse bundling.” In the past, major national candidates employed ‘bundlers’ who put numbers of donors together to maximize return in fundraising. Those candidates were, in reality, the most highly capitalized to start with, often backed by their own money. Grassroots candidates, most often those who owe no favors and can bring forth the freshest ideas, are at a competitive disadvantage behind the fundraising ability of the ‘status quo.’ Yet the voters yearn for fresh unencumbered faces to support. This is a means of highlighting them to larger donors who want to support their particular platform.”

“This should go a long way towards leveling the playing field,” chimed in Ehlinger, “and help drive Obama’s numbers down to boot.”

The first in a series of ads, “Turn This Ship Around” pulls no punches in lampooning the President as the arrogant captain of a cruel ship. It treats Obama as the main opponent, no matter which candidate the ad is purposed for.

“Some establishment pundits say Republicans shouldn’t go after Obama because he has personal favorability in some polls,” says Brad Marston, co-founder of the political strategy firm FourTier Strategies, one of the participating vendors in the concept. “Hogwash. Our job is to change the polls, not cower in fear from them. Don’t just take a poll and then throw up your hands. Polling is just part of the initial research. Then you devise a strategy to win.”
“This is what the RNC, NRCC, and the NRSC should be doing,” said Furniss. “They should be experimenting, helping to figure out ways for their candidates to advertise more cost-effectively against Obama and George Soros and other rich Democrats.”

“Why aren’t the guys in D.C. offering asymmetrical advertising for their candidates?” asked Ehlinger. “Most GOP marketers couldn’t promote their way out of a wet paper bag.”

What does Mark Oxner, the candidate who fired the first volley of “Turn This Ship Around,” think about all the controversy and attention the asymmetric campaign has caused for him? “It’s a brilliant idea. I’m running for Congress to help save the country. Everyone is focused on the GOP Presidential primaries, but we need a conservative, freedom-loving Congress and Senate to protect us from whoever wins the White House. I’m proud to be a part of something that might help other candidates across the country roll back the Obama progressives.”

Brian K. Hill agrees. “The policies of Obama and the progressive wing of the Democrat party are promoting dependency upon government and destroying the American Spirit that makes this country great. In America today, success and independence is penalized, and failure and dependency is rewarded. The solution is simple: if you change the people, you change the policies. Thus, our objective is to get as many like minded fiscally conservative candidates elected as possible and turn this debt ridden country around.”


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Now I think this campaign will be very telling, if President Obama is as personally popular as the media assures us he is then our democratic friends will be delighted with this ad as it will link candidate after candidate with a popular president.

However if we see blowback, if we see attacks and objections then it not only paints a different picture but it says one things to every prospective GOP candidate nationwide:

Ride Sail right through them, They’re demoralized as hell!