One of the realities of a Romney Candidacy…

Played itself out yesterday as Andrew Sullivan went after his Mormonism talking about a Mormon “mask“.

Ann Althouse is unimpressed:

Imagine some friend of yours told you something like that about some other religious group. Test it with every religious group can think of, referring to political candidates that you like and dislike. Hold yourself to a neutral standard. Are you satisfied with what you’ve put out there?

Via Glenn who links to the South Park episode on Mormons and the end quote thereof,

As I said yesterday, our friends on the left who made a big fuss concerning how southern evangelicals will judge Mitt Romney over his religions will continue to hit Romney over it (if nominated) right up to election day.

This is one basic rule: It doesn’t matter how “moderate” any GOP candidate is, said candidate will be painted as a racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe, religious fanatic.

Since the same brush is going to be pained by the left and their allies in the MSM you might as well not worry about religious or social views, in fact I’d nominate someone who not only hold social conservative views but can articulate them. I wonder who that might be?