Saturday Diners: West End Diner Leominster Mass.

Today’s Saturday Diner is the West End Diner 247 West Street in Leominster mass.

I was unaware it was an award-winning location:

Best new restaurant 2006

The very first thing I noticed was the giant menu board

Forgot my glasses today but it didn't matter here

All of the specials are in large letters all over the walls, that’s very good since I forgot my glasses again today and must be very handy for any older customers.

Many places to eat have HD TV’s in their places but in a retro move the individual booths have small Monitors with their own controllers.

They are incredibly creative from the individually named stools to the ceiling tiles.

Oh and you’ve heard of “Hungry Man Specials”? Well they have a hungry man special to end all specials:

Now THAT'S a hungry man special!

Of course in the end, the way you judge a diner is the food…

#2 special Sans Watermelon slice $5.75

and the food was GREAT! The eggs were exactly how I like them and the pancakes were better than most. Lots of places tend to give you giant pancakes with a small taste, these are normal sized pancakes with an over-sized taste.

Without a question this place makes my top three Diners since I’ve began the feature. I very much recommend it.