Why the Super Bowl?

As the latest edition of the Superbowl gets ready to begin I marvel at the marketing wisdom of the NFL. When it comes down to it football has a lot going against it. 1. Unlike Baseball, Basketball or Hockey It is a "team" sport with two separate components (offense, defense) and even special teams an … Continue reading Why the Super Bowl?

Woman’s health my a…..

There is a basic principle that needs to be said aloud concerning the Susan G. Komen business. For Roman Catholics and Believing Protestants Abortion is an intrinsic evil. It is impossible for a person who opposes abortion to give to a private organization funding it without sin. So one might understand their reluctance to donate … Continue reading Woman’s health my a…..

The GOP field, Pros and Cons Today: Rick Santorum

The third in my series of the GOP candidates for president Rick Santourm Former Congressman & Senator from Pennsylvania The Case for: 1. Social Conservatism: Rick Santorum is and has been one of the firmest social conservatives in the field. Even to the point of being named one of the top Evangelical Leaders in the … Continue reading The GOP field, Pros and Cons Today: Rick Santorum