While I was perusing Stacy McCain’s long post on what’s been going on while he’s been busy in Florida I noticed a particular headline that he highlighted:

Accused teacher’s behavior was reported decades ago, students say

School officials and Sheriff’s Department investigators have said they have no records of anyone complaining about former teacher Mark Berndt, 61, who is accused of gagging students with tape, blindfolding them and spoon-feeding his semen to them as part of a “tasting game.”

But two women came forward Wednesday to say that school officials had looked into a complaint made against Berndt in the 1990-91 school year.

Now one might think this story out of LA might be rather newsworthy nationally, but one would be wrong. This is very likely the first you’ve read about it beyond those initial days.

What is more amazing is this isn’t the first time we’ve seen a story of the Los Angelas School district being informed of teacher misconduct of that nature and it being ignored:

On May 1, 2008, police in South Gate California arrested Jesus I. Angulo, 35 and Maria Sotomayor , 36, the principal and vice-principal respectively, at South East High School. Months earlier, a 13-year-old-girl at the Los Angeles-area school came to them to report that the school’s girls’ soccer coach and substitute teacher, Jesus Salvador Saenz, had sex with her. By law the two administrators were required to immediately notify police or call the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services. They did neither.

And if you think those two lost their jobs, think again

Even after pleading “no contest” and guilty, the two administrators still enjoy full employment with LAUSA today, in fact, LAUSD has since given each administrator a promotion…and not a single journalist has taken note
Double Standard Abuse Scandals and the Attack on the Catholic Church; David F. Pierre, Jr. P 29

And I didn’t even mention the Steven Thomas Rooney case in the same district.

Now think for one moment if either of these teachers were priests, or if these administrators were Bishops would there be any other story in the media? Would not Maureen Dowd be writing story after story on the subject.

The church has cleaned up its act. If the public schools systems are ever investigated in the way the church was the public school systems in the big cities would be shut down for good and the major cities bankrupted.

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The final in my series on the GOP candidates for president

Congressman Ron Paul Congressman From Texas

The Case for:

1. Organization: Ron Paul has built one of the finest grass-roots organizations I’ve ever seen, it is national, it is organized and it is active.

2. MD: Ron Paul is a long practicing medical Doctor. That gives him a perspective different from the average pol and his long service in congress hasn’t changed it.

3. Sincere: A lot of things can be said about Ron Paul’s positions but even his staunchest foes do not dispute that Paul does not bend his beliefs to suit a donor or a fad. When Paul says something you know he believes it

4. Economics Ron Paul’s issue has been economics and spending for a decades and the countries crisis and problems have caught up with his issues.

5. Sitting Congressman: Paul is the only remaining candidate who is a sitting office holder that gives him an authority that others lack.

6. Military Service: Ron Paul is the only military vet remaining in the race.

7. Followers: No candidate has followers as loyal as Ron Paul. It is almost messianic in quality.

8. Constitution: Ron Paul stresses the Constitution a basic appeal to GOP and conservative supporters.

9. Crossover appeal: Ron Paul has a cross over appeal that is very appealing to many Obama supporters and many young libertarian voters as well.

The Case Against:

1. Foreign Policy: Ron Paul has the ideal foreign policy for the US…if it was 1897 or before. His insistence on isolation in a modern world is quaint at best and dangerous at worst.

2. Newsletters: Paul attempt to disavow his newsletters frankly are the only time I’ve ever seen him waffle. To insist that he either didn’t write or know the content of his own newsletters strains credulity.

3. Conspiracy Types They say you are known by the company you keep and the Alex Jones conspiracy types seem to flock to Paul like moths to a flame.

4. Tactics: Although this is often under the radar Paul’s tactics; from his supporters at other people’s events to some of his robocalls have been, shall we say less than by Hoyle.

5. Record: For a person in congress as long as he has been, Paul has one of the least distinguished records of actually accomplishing things. Appearing more of a gadfly you will not see many bills with Paul’s name in it.

6. Age: Although it gives him a fatherly image. Paul is a very old candidate and though he is fit, this is a large contrast not only to his GOP candidates but even more so against a youthful Obama.

Exculpatory evidence: As Paul is a man against government expansion it is natural that he would not be pushing bills, likewise his belief in isolationism naturally bring him support from US enemies but that doesn’t mean support for them. As for the Newsletters Paul is one of that last pols who came to manhood in a Jim Crow south and I suspect they are more a reflection of that time, but his position on the war on drugs and its disproportionate effect on the Black community is far more significant than opinions on the LA riots of decades ago.

Conclusion: Ron Paul is a unique candidate. Conservatives absolutely love his Economic small government positions but are horrified by his foreign policy. Liberals love his Foreign policy but are horrified by his demand for domestic cuts. It makes a tough road since it taxes a lot of voters off the table before the game even starts. However if there was ever a time for Paul’s ideas on spending it’s now. He’s has been ahead of the issue and the country has finally caught up with him. Paul needs to bring that message in a more concise way to the forefront, but a lot of the fringe elements in his camp makes it hard to mainstream a message that is actually important to spread. The real question in my mind is: Will Ron Paul use this showing as a stepping stone for his son Rand or will it be all in to either win the nomination or run 3rd party but a win in Virginia where he is head to head with Romney would change that perspective in a hurry.

My Biggest fear: A Paul 3rd party run. Although it would draw from both sides, Paul would draw from Obama in safe democratic states while he would draw from the GOP in swing states.

My Hunch: I think Paul is going to use his influence to make a big difference in the platform knowing the last thing the GOP needs is for Paul votes to stay home in November. I think his showing in Virginia is going to surprise an awful lot of people I think this is a dry run for Rand Paul in 2016 and even if not if his organization continues to play the long game they will be in a position to transform the country in a decade or less.

My advice to the Santorum Campaign: This all depends on his actual goal. If he truly wants the nomination he needs to use a combined strategy of contesting the small caucuses where his organization means a lot to going full blast in Virginia. If he can beat Romney straight up that will totally change the race. If his goal is more to advance the ideas and set the ground for Rand he needs to instead to hit every state make his case and push congressional candidates of a tea party bent. This would not only give him chits for Rand to cash in but might even give him a cadre in congress to push his ideas.

The ship turns around for the 3rd time and Glenn Morton does with a memorable line:

You might remember Glenn Morton. He has been a guest on my show (you can listen to that show here) I interviewed him at one of the St. Anselm’s debate

His book is”Passing Obamacare”. You can buy it at Amazon.com

And you can check out his campaign site here.

This makes candidates in Florida, Connecticut and Maryland all part of the “Turn the Ship Around Campaign. How many more states will it take before somebody in the MSM notices?