“Priest” vs “Teacher” the difference between a newsworthy story

While I was perusing Stacy McCain’s long post on what’s been going on while he’s been busy in Florida I noticed a particular headline that he highlighted:

Accused teacher’s behavior was reported decades ago, students say

School officials and Sheriff’s Department investigators have said they have no records of anyone complaining about former teacher Mark Berndt, 61, who is accused of gagging students with tape, blindfolding them and spoon-feeding his semen to them as part of a “tasting game.”

But two women came forward Wednesday to say that school officials had looked into a complaint made against Berndt in the 1990-91 school year.

Now one might think this story out of LA might be rather newsworthy nationally, but one would be wrong. This is very likely the first you’ve read about it beyond those initial days.

What is more amazing is this isn’t the first time we’ve seen a story of the Los Angelas School district being informed of teacher misconduct of that nature and it being ignored:

On May 1, 2008, police in South Gate California arrested Jesus I. Angulo, 35 and Maria Sotomayor , 36, the principal and vice-principal respectively, at South East High School. Months earlier, a 13-year-old-girl at the Los Angeles-area school came to them to report that the school’s girls’ soccer coach and substitute teacher, Jesus Salvador Saenz, had sex with her. By law the two administrators were required to immediately notify police or call the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services. They did neither.

And if you think those two lost their jobs, think again

Even after pleading “no contest” and guilty, the two administrators still enjoy full employment with LAUSA today, in fact, LAUSD has since given each administrator a promotion…and not a single journalist has taken note
Double Standard Abuse Scandals and the Attack on the Catholic Church; David F. Pierre, Jr. P 29

And I didn’t even mention the Steven Thomas Rooney case in the same district.

Now think for one moment if either of these teachers were priests, or if these administrators were Bishops would there be any other story in the media? Would not Maureen Dowd be writing story after story on the subject.

The church has cleaned up its act. If the public schools systems are ever investigated in the way the church was the public school systems in the big cities would be shut down for good and the major cities bankrupted.

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