On Monday I marveled at the lack of coverage of the LA school sex abuse issue, well there is a bombshell:

Los Angeles schools Supt. John Deasy told parents Monday evening that the district is replacing the entire staff of Miramonte Elementary School in the wake of the arrests last week of two teachers on lewd conduct charges.

The unprecedented move is intended to build confidence among the many families who have lost faith in their neighborhood elementary school. More than a quarter of students did not show up for classes Monday.

Now you would think this would produce headlines and coverage all over the place. A sex scandal involving minors so bad that the entire staff of a school is replaced to restore confidence.

Yet I don’t see any TV coverage, I don’t see any Maureen Dowd columns, I don’t see anyone calling for a comprehensive examination of public schools and waving of statue of limitations for public school teachers. Until and unless the word “Priest” is involved for the story, as far as the MSM is concerned there IS no story.

I’ve said it before and say it again.

Media bias is not just about how things are reported but about what things people choose to report on.

The solution in LA by the way is clear, we must end Celibacy in the LA public school system and allow teachers to marry to nip this in the bud!

Update: The Washington Post has one story on it, lets see if there is follow up or TV coverage

Per Bob’s request I include this post as my final in the series on the candidates

President Barack Obama of Hawaii Former Senator from Illinois

The Case for:

1. incumbency: There is almost no substitute for the power of incumbency in terms of the strength of a candidate. It also means he has 4 years actually doing the job so he has a perspective no other candidate (with the possible exception of Mrs. Clinton does.

2. History: ?Barack Obama was the fist Black President of the US when elected and will be no less the first black president on election day 2012.

3. MSM: No president, not even Bill Clinton has had a media more in the tank for him. Nina Burleigh’s knee pads could be distributed to the entire press corps.

4. Immediate Family Obama’s has a beautiful wife (and yes she IS beautiful) and two nice kids and seriously you have to feel for a guy who has his mother-in-law living in the white house (I suspect SNL will wait until re-election to do skits on it).

5. Speaking: With a teleprompter this president can deliver a rousing speech, since most speeches will be made this way it is less of a handicap than you might think.

6. Looks: Your years in office have not stripped him of his appearance. Don’t underestimate what looks can do for a candidate..

7. Birth Certificate/Natural Born stuff: This White House would love to spend every day talking about his birth certificate and “natural-born” instead of the economy and there appears to be a cottage industry that wants to oblige them.

8. Bin Laden: The covert operations of this administration is a legitimate achievement. No matter what you think of Obama he will always be the President who got Bin Laden.

9. No successful attacks: It’s less of an achievement compared to the Bush administration post 9/11 but the first job of a president is to guard the Homeland and Obama has managed it.

10. Money and Campaign: Not only will Obama have one of the largest war chests in history but he has a campaign team that ran one of the best campaigns, primary and general election I’ve ever seen in 2008.

The Case Against:

1. Obamacare: This has been the single most unpopular program passed in my memory. Even with an overwhelming Democratic Majority it passed by the slimmest margins and inspired the right like nothing else.

2. Leadership: Obama has been a lead by the back president. He has not given congressional allies any cover or direction content to let democrats spin on their own.

3. Respect President Bush was not loved by many foreign leaders but he and the United States were respected and feared by them. I have never seen a president less feared or respected by foreign leaders

4. Economy: A president is judged by the economy he presides under. This president policies have not only failed to bring relief to the people but has even failed to meet its own goals.

5. Base: The president has disappointed his base over and over again to the point where finds himself doing stunts like the moves against the Catholic Church and Keystone in the hope of energizing them even as they alienate the swing voters that he has to have for re-election.

6. Hype: No leader every came into office with greater fanfare, expectations and hype. Even if had more solid achievements he still would not have risen to the level of near deity that the media held him to.

7. Gas Prices: This countries lives and dies by Gas Prices and they have doubled under Obama. If gas is over $3 a gallon on election day he will lose PERIOD.

8. Scandals: Fast and Furious though ignored by the media is a huge scandal and the green boondoggles such as Solyndra will hurt. With a media even slightly less in the tank these would be fatal as it is they will still hurt.

9. Deficit: Obama’s spending dwarfs every other American president, in fact his deficits might outdo all of them combined in the end.

10. Coat tails: I’ve never seen so many candidates from a sitting president party run away from a man as I’ve seen run from Obama’s

Exculpatory evidence: He did inherit a big mess and when the GOP was in power it wasn’t all that anxious to curb spending. The Iran issue was again one that the GOP didn’t solve they had the chance. Once he became aware of actual threats it was impossible to satisfy his base on Gitmo and although he bears some blame for the hype it was the media that turned him into a demigod.

Conclusion: For reasons I can’t understand the entire MSM and a big chunk of the GOP is afraid of this guy. I can’t see why. He has a lousy economy, he has gas prices through the roof and people still hate Obamacare. Just about every American has lived through three years of bad times and this more than anything else will be on their minds. You can’t sell hope with the same package twice in a row. His biggest asset is the timidity of the opposition against him and a GOP Establishment who would prefer to lose to him if it means the purse strings will still be loose for them to get their cut.

My Biggest fear: This whole American’s United stuff. I suspect it is all about allowing Obama fundraisers to funnel big money to make sure there are 3rd party challenges to face him.

My Hunch: I suspect Obama is going to do some short terms moves to try to depress Gas prices just long enough to make a difference. I also expect the Senate Democrats to try to pin the GOP house on the payroll tax again. They figure it’s Romney so it will be the full class warfare business.

My advice to the Obama Campaign: The best thing he can do is to have a national parade and celebration of the troops return home. He should do it but that to be as invisible about it as possible. Let your presence be incidental. That will remind everyone of your successes without you pushing it. Also consider a school choice bill on a temporary basis say 2 years. That will make a huge difference in a black community that feels betrayed and a temp measure will be tolerated by the teachers union. These are your best chance to energize the people you need without reminding them of why they can’t stand you.

It’s a bit rude to blog on the same subject as the Sicilian gentleman who is kind enough to let you write a few posts at his place, so I hope he’ll forgive me.  In his great post about Obama’s new love of SuperPACs, Peter doesn’t mention that this is 2008 all over again.

Back when Obama was running on a platform of “Hope and Change,” he pledged to take public financing for his campaign.  Then, in June of 2008, he opted to forgo public financing and its associated spending limits, as the first candidate to do so since 1976.  McCain kept his pledge to take public financing and thus limit the spending on his own election, although the mainstream media painted him as the big-money spender.

For those of you who are saying, “Oh, 2008, I remember that,” please remember that Barack Obama spent seven hundred forty-five million dollars on his election. John McCain’s campaign cost half that.  The “public financing” charade was meant to give him political cover to raise money from big corporations, foreign donors,  and questionable donor sources.

This “SuperPAC” bull is 2008 all over again.  Obama hopes that the media will give him political cover; if he is criticised for using SuperPACs and spending gobs of corporate money, he’ll point to his broken pledge as “proof” of his high-mindedness, in the belief that a synoptic media will try to sell the American public on the NewSpeak notion of “self-serving broken promises = integrity.”  And why not?  It worked in 2008.

The Foundry reports that there is more to worry about than just the Occupods and AFL-CIO deciding to protest outside of CPAC and maybe roughing up people there:

During a Thursday meeting at McPherson Square, until Saturday the epicenter of the protests, Occupiers brainstormed tactics for shutting down or disrupting the conference, according to a source who was present at the meeting.

The protesters suggested pulling fire alarms in the hotel where the conference will take place, screaming “fire” during conference activities, “glitter-bombing” participants, cutting electrical power, and barricading entrances to the hotel, according to the source, who requested anonymity.

“Speakers will be physically assaulted, not just verbally confronted,” the source told Scribe in an email. Two Occupiers, who the source also identified as members of the New Black Panther Party, “said they would be disappointed if they didn’t get arrested and planned to ‘make it count.’”

And it looks like they learned from the mistakes of their compatriots in Denver:

An attendee of the Thursday meeting, who claimed to handle relations with labor organizations, said the AFL-CIO had booked rooms for Occupiers at the Marriott hotel, with the intention of allowing them to bypass security measures at the door. Contacted by Scribe, an AFL-CIO spokesman insisted the Occupiers’ claims were untrue. The AFL-CIO has aided Occupy DC before, most recently in storing Occupiers’ belongings at its headquarters in advance of the National Park Service’s enforcement actions.

But Occupiers are apparently planning other means of infiltration. Representatives from the American University and George Washington University “Occupy” groups said they intended to actually register their members for CPAC. Student passes are heavily discounted, and allow full access to the conference.

As I recall in Denver the Hotel was well prepared and worked with police to minimize trouble. It will be interesting to see what kind of steps they take this time.

I know what I would do if I was the occupods, but I’ll let them figure out their own strategy

I don’t often agree with Barack Obama but he is exactly right about this:

The President opposed the Citizens United decision. He understood that with the dramatic growth in opportunities to raise and spend unlimited special-interest money, we would see new strategies to hide it from public view. He continues to support a law to force full disclosure of all funding intended to influence our elections, a reform that was blocked in 2010 by a unanimous Republican filibuster in the U.S. Senate. And the President favors action—by constitutional amendment, if necessary—to place reasonable limits on all such spending.

But this cycle, our campaign has to face the reality of the law as it currently stands.

Just because you disagree with the DH doesn’t mean an American League manager should make his pitcher bat.

The NYT uses an interesting turn of phrase:

President Obama is signaling to wealthy Democratic donors that he wants them to start contributing to an outside group supporting his re-election, reversing a long-held position as he confronts a deep financial disadvantage on a vital front in the campaign.

The Billion Dollar Man has a financial disadvantage? Say it isn’t so.

Now I don’t have a problem with the president playing by the current law even as he claims he wants it changed. I’ve always thought it was disingenuous when the left attacked Social security and Medicare recipients who supported the tea party for taking the payments allowed them by law.

The real story here isn’t that he is taking the money, but they whys and wherefores listed by Politico (emphasis mine)

But that wasn’t enough, sources say, to pull in major players such as George Soros, Peter Lewis, Steve Bing and others into the game. And many top Democratic donors were afraid of giving to Priorities USA until Obama made clear he wouldn’t stand on the sidelines and criticize their efforts

And THAT is the bottom line. All of those who say that this president doesn’t run to the voice of Soros & co will either be spinning or ignoring this.

And politico story has this interesting line too:

Obama’s top campaign staff and even some Cabinet members will appear at super PAC events.

I’m sure Chuck Schumer will be all over this in his hearings over coordination between Super Pacs and campaigns, as he put it:

“It doesn’t pass the smell test to say some of these groups aren’t coordinated”.

Hey you have to replace that Mexican Drug money somehow, but then again Obama has a history of taking untraceable and illegal funds so I don’t see why this is so odd. Continue reading “Obama runs to the sound of Soros voice on SuperPacs”