I arrived in DC around 1:15 p.m. My flight arrived early and as Smitty was working I headed straight for the hotel.

On the way I met a young lady who was also heading to CPAC and she consented to an interview:

Once I got to the hotel the first thing I started checking out was security. I talked to several very visible and friendly people trying to get comment without success. Finally I was referred to a media spokesman who gave me the statement I’ve already posted.

I headed toward the bloggers lounge to see what had already been done. On the way I noticed Town Hall preparing a banner for their display. As they are replacing Freedomworks as the sponsor of the bloggers lounge I thought it appropriate to film the raising of their first banner.

As I headed upstairs toward the bloggers lounge I noticed Jenny Erickson as she is a blogger I offered the first cannoli, and filmed her eating it as my official start to CPAC

I then went in the bloggers lounger there was a lot of things left undone

And the screen are on test mode:

and did a small video tribute to the people doing all the heavy lifting

People forget how much work all of this is.

and finished with a photo or two:

Life is good at CPAC

Update: More CPAC fun photos:

Bloggers bloggers everywhere

Dunetz daughter and Father and Carol Greenberg

Kevin Jackson has a new book out.

Mark Oxner (fl-27) and Tom

With the start of CPAC a day away and Blogger/media registration just a few hours away I took the liberty of making inquiries of the Hotel concerning the threats against CPAC by the AFL-CIO and Occupy DC.

I talked to several security people and was referred back and forth until I was connected to a Gentleman named Mark Indre who was able to give me an official statement on behalf of Marriott:

The safety and security of our guests is our top priority and we have a wide array of security measures in place to ensure that safety.

It is our policy not to discuss those measures as to not compromise them

As they are reports that the AFL-CIO have already reserved rooms to give them legal access I asked if they have taken any steps to allow for this. Mr. Indre declined comment.

From my own observations there appears to be an awful lot of security all over the place, visible and “invisible”.

My opinion? I think the AFL-CIO isn’t going to any violence (though they will try to bait us into it) too many camera and too much danger of a lawsuit. My thought is that they might con some of those dumb occupod college kids to do something, that way they will not only have deniability, but it will be the kids who get in trouble, not them.

Update: Stacy McCain Opines:

Indeed, this is exactly what my friends and I have in mind when CPAC convenes Thursday. In between attending speeches, seminar panels and cocktail parties — where our “elite puppet masters” will exhort us to perpetuate their “imperialist ideologies” — we’ll make occasional visits to the Marriott lobby, hoping to catch an entertaining glimpse of the clashes between police and smelly hippies from the Occupy DC encampments. What could be more fun than watching left-wing scum getting tased, pepper-sprayed and hauled away in handcuffs by the Metropolitan Police?

Stacy says he will have lots of fun, but will he still have fun and be happy when he finds out Tabitha Hale has got a cannoli ahead of him?

Update 2:
Apparently there is a restriction on floors 8 & 9 with VERY heavy security.

I’ve been quoted on twitter saying that if there is one congressperson elected in 2010 that I want to see re-elected it is Ann Marie Buerkle and I stand by that.

But Renne Ellmers (NC-2) is as close a second and you can get, and if you want to know why, here is an example:

Anyone who stands up to Waxman is a winner in my book, and remember it was the tea party and not the GOP mainstream that backed her up

Let’s face it the overwhelming question on everyone’s mind about CPAC isn’t Sarah Palin’s speech, or the protests outside, or if the occupods have infiltrated the Hotel or even how the straw poll will go (particularly with Ron Paul not in town for once).

The real question everyone wants answer at CPAC is: ” How does DaTechGuy, founder of the Axis of Fedora, manage to include a Hatbox when he only packs a single bag? Doesn’t it fill up the suitcase on a 4 day trip?”

As you can see by the photo the hatbox does in fact take up an entire half of the full-sized suitcase, this doesn’t mean that the hats take up the entire space of the Hatbox:

Tea shirts and the skives on the sides, socks in the gap for the head and shirts to the right so the box doesn’t hit the shoes.

So if you are a member of the axis of fedora and thought it would be a problem to bring you hats with you, think again!

And of course there are the Cannoli:

These Cannoli are from Joyce’s Pie’s and Bakery and I picked them up on the way to the airport:

This will be the 2nd time I take Joyce’s Cannoli to CPAC but the first time they will be tasted as they were lost/stolen at Reagan Airport last year. I’ll do my best to do a better job watching them this year.

Two days ago I was pretty sure that Santourm was going to win Missouri and should do good in Minnesota. Last night was when I went to bed Santorum had not only won Missouri decisively but very decisively in Minnesota and was doing well i Colorado.

I listened to Rick’s Victory speech and it was first-rate and I went to bed with 11% of the vote in Colorado thinking he will do pretty good.

This morning I woke up to find he won Colorado.

This is even more amazing when you consider that the conservative vote is divided with Gingrich. Romney plan and best move is to keep the teaparty/conservative vote divided between Gingrich and Rick Santorum but Santorum won despite that division.

But the last week was a gift to Santorum. The Susan G. Komen stuff highlighted planned parenthood and abortion and the protection racket that abortion is. (Which Romney vowed to protect at one time) The totally expected 9th circuit ruling highlighted the issue of liberal courts and Gay Marriage (which Romney failed to fight in Massachusetts), And finally the administration’s attack on the Catholic church which has produced letters from 169 Bishops (only 8 have not issued such letters and one is very sick) via Obamacare (a law based on Romneycare).

Put simply this is a week that energized social conservatives and reminded them what side Romney was on when he actually held an executive position to make a difference.

Meanwhile, Santorum has not only been consistent but has been totally unafraid to engage even hostile crowds on these issues and defend these positions. Remember this video:

As Santorum said last night Romney will not have the most money and organization in the fall, so perhaps we want a candidate who has other attributes.

Update: Smitty gets it

This email just popped into my inbox:


Mitt and I have traveled thousands of miles on the road these last few months — and we’ve got a whole lot more to go. At every campaign stop, we are greeted by overwhelming crowds of wonderful supporters like you as we journey across this beautiful country.

We draw great motivation and energy from your support. Our day-to-day interactions with you at rallies, town halls, and other campaign events serve as a constant reminder of why Mitt is in this fight.

We wish we could spend more time with each and every one of you. And that’s why we’re inviting a supporter like you to spend a day on the road with Mitt.

One lucky supporter will get to join Mitt for a day as he makes stops on the campaign trail.  And by donating $5, you will automatically be entered for the chance to be Mitt’s special guest on the road – https://secure.mittromney.com/donate/day-on-the-road

The campaign trail is always full of surprises — and this day with Mitt will be no different. Some details are still being sorted out, but it is shaping up to be a really exciting day.

We recognize that many of you have already donated — and we can’t thank you enough. It’s because of you that we are able to share Mitt’s vision and fight for the America you and I love.

So make a donation of $5 today to be automatically entered for the chance to meet Mitt and spend the day with him on the road:


Thanks for all your support.

Ann Romney

(Boldface my own.) Dear Governor Romney: you are already attacked enough for being Obama lite, the guy who paved the way for ObamaCare, the guy whose state costs the federal government hundreds of millions per year in extra medical expenses.  Why on earth are you mimicking Obama’s famous $5 $3 campaign donation giveaway?  Sure, it’s probably to fend off criticism of your campaign as being funded by rich corporations and rich people, but that’s the same reason that Obama did it.