Did a McDonalds run for Katy’s conservative corner who still has back issues thanks to a 2 x 4 to the back at a similar event where the AFL-CIO and the occupods decided to protest.

I was watching security and the actions of both hotel and city police and found it interesting.

The police are not only watching each other but watching people watching them. As I walked down the hill I noted a security man talking to police. I quietly took a shot from the waist as I walked.

The moment I took the shot a second police office watching me reported that I took that shot. When I came back up the hill with Katy’s food there were quite a few eyes on me.

I also noted several police cars at the bottom of the hill, many single officers nearby and there was a line of cars from various law enforcement groups parked all the way up the hill.

This is not a surprise, there is a large collection of pols on the state and federal level and three presidential candidates due to come.

I approached and asked the police if there had been any sign of protesters or anyone trying to make trouble, they acknowledged no such people and none were in sight. The question remains what will they try and when will try it?

Only time will tell