Day 1 of CPAC was full of activity but also full of issues as the wi-fi was iffy all day.

Marco Rubio brought the house down with a roaring speech that was well received. Rubio noted that many who live under poverty and oppression look at America and realize that there are people there who had come from the same background as they did gives them hope.

Michelle Bachmann also spoke, she deserved better luck in her campaign

Rick Perry also visited the bloggers lounge, it was the first time I met him and it was rather amazing that this poised and confident man in person just didn’t play on the air

And of course there are friends who stopped on by:

Dianna Peterson and Andrew Breitbart

Drawing three Aces, Stranahan Attila and Darby

O’Keefe & Co at Blogbash

Pam Geller

Nice Deb and Michelle Lancaster? It’s good to be da blogger

At least one game show host speaks the conservative LINGO

Weigel is a man of the left but he doesn’t look his nose down on his fellow bloggers

And if that doesn’t end all it turns out there is a separate pro-life/catholic convention here as well. I interviewed two priests when I returned from Blogbash

I have more video and photos than I have time to get them up and
I am already frankly overtired so tonight I absolutely need to make it to Smitty’s tonight so I am prepared to do the show live tomorrow morning.